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Health Jobs For Me A board game full of jobs that keep kids healthy!

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1 Health Jobs For Me A board game full of jobs that keep kids healthy!

2 Instructions: Hand out board, die, and tokens. Students decide who will have what token. Go in order of token (person with token 1 goes first). Teacher shows question for token 1 players. Tell your answer to your group. If you get the question right, roll the die and move the number of spaces rolled. If you land on a square with directions (ex. Go back 2 spaces), follow them. Person who lands on Strong Kid first, wins!

3 Which of these is NOT used on your teeth? A. Toothpaste B. Floss C. Comb D. Toothbrush

4 Answer: C.Comb The dentist recommends that you use a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss to keep your teeth healthy and pearly white.

5 Why does an radiology technician (x-ray technologist) wear a lead vest? A. To look good B. To stay warm C. To keep clothes clean D. To protect from radiation

6 Answer: D.To protect from radiation X-ray technologists are exposed to harmful radiation every time they take an x-ray. The vest blocks the rays from entering the body.

7 Which does NOT belong? A. C. B. D.

8 Answer: The foot does not belong because it is not on your face. Podiatrists treat feet problems like heel spurs and ingrown toe nails. A.

9 What does a nurse use to hear your heartbeat? A. Hearing aid B. Stethoscope C. Telephone D. Thermometer

10 Answer: B.Stethoscope A stethoscope is a tool that makes the heartbeat sound louder. A nurse listens to the heart to make sure it is healthy.

11 Which order shows how people grow? 1 23 A. 2 – 3 – 1 B. 3 – 2 – 1 C. 1 – 2 – 3 D. 2 – 1 – 3

12 Answer: D. 2 – 1 – 3 A pediatrician follows a persons growth from when they are a baby until the late teens. They make sure children are growing at the right speed and are able to help them if they are not.

13 Joes prescription had 12 pills in the bottle. Joes mother gave him 3 pills. How many pills are left in the bottle? A. 15 pills B. 9 pills C. 10 pills D. 8 pills

14 Answer: B.9 pills; 12 – 3 = 9 Joes mother bought his pills from the pharmacist. A pharmacist measures the correct number of pills for people when they need medicine.

15 What does NOT belong in the group? A. D. B. C.

16 Answer: Eye charts, eye drops, and glasses are used by optometrists. Optometrists study the eye, but they do not use the eye as a tool. B.

17 Fill in the blank. An occupational therapist helps you relearn to __________ A. flip the light switch. B. dress yourself. C. comb your hair. D. All of the above.

18 Answer: D. All of the above. Occupational therapists help patients relearn daily tasks after they are sick with an injury or disease. The tasks include brushing your teeth, climbing stairs, cooking, or driving.

19 Which sense will tell you how sweet an apple is? A. Hearing B. Smell C. Taste D. Sight

20 Answer: C.Taste A dietitian studies all the foods that are good for you. They make plans to help you eat healthy. They promote eating fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and protein every day.

21 What vehicle do paramedics drive? A. D. C. B.

22 Answer: An ambulance is ready to handle emergencies. If you get hurt, a paramedic drives you to a hospital in an ambulance. B.

23 Solve the riddle. I create your pulse. I hide behind your rib cage. I help your blood move in your body. What am I? A. Your finger B. Your tongue C. Your lungs D. Your heart

24 Answer: D. Your heart The heart is in charge of pumping blood through the body. A cardiologist makes sure the heart works correctly.

25 How many 5 of hearts are there? How many 2 of hearts are there?

26 Answer: There are eight 2 of hearts and six 5 of hearts. Recreational therapists find activities for people to enjoy. The activity could be card games, basketball, sewing, or crafts.

27 Which career and tool are NOT correctly matched? A. Surgeon and scalpel B. Dentist and floss C. Athletic Trainer and hammer D. Dietician and food pyramid

28 Answer: C. Athletic Trainer and hammer Athletic trainers help protect athletes from getting hurt and help athletes get better if they are hurt. They use athletic tape to wrap ankles to prevent them from moving.

29 Which of the following is a trait that you get from your parents without having to learn it? A. Riding a bicycle B. Swimming C. Brushing your hair D. Eye color

30 Answer: D.Eye color Moms and dads pass down many traits to their children like eye color. Genetic counselors study traits and illnesses that are passed from a parent to their child.

31 Which health career matches this group? Blood Microscope Lab Coat Test Tube A. Laboratory Technician B. Surgeon C. Lawyer D. Nurse

32 Answer: A.Laboratory Technician Laboratory technicians test blood and other body substances in test tubes. They wear lab coats and use microscopes.

33 What would a music therapist use during a session? A. D.C. B.

34 Answer: Music therapists use music as a way to counsel people with disabilities or illnesses. They use guitars, drums, and their voices to help people. C.

35 How many syllables are in word swallowing? A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5

36 Answer: B.3 Speech-language pathologists treat people with speech, language, and voice disorders. They also help people who have trouble swallowing and eating.

37 When an epidemiologist studies disease, what should he/she see in the microscope? A. D. C. B.

38 Answer: Bacteria causes sickness in people. An epidemiologist wants to know why and how a disease spreads to stop people from getting sick. B.

39 My muscles are sore from moving furniture, who should I visit to relieve the tension? A. Athletic Trainer B. Radiology Technician C. Nurse D. Massage Therapist

40 Answer: D. Massage Therapist If you have tired muscles, you should visit a massage therapist. Massage therapists ease muscle pain and help muscles relax by rubbing them.

41 Which is NOT a vital sign? A. Weight B. Temperature C. Pulse D. Breathing rate

42 Answer: A. Weight Medical assistants help care for patients by checking their vital signs such as breathing rate, pulse, and temperature. They carry out routine treatments, do lab tests, and keep office records.

43 What instrument does a surgeon use? A. C. B. D.

44 Answer: A scalpel is a small, sharp blade used in surgery. Surgeons use many different instruments during surgery to help them finish operations. D.

45 The respiratory therapist visits 4 patients in the morning, 10 in the afternoon, and 3 at night. How many does she visit in all? A. 20 patients B. 17 patients C. 14 patients D. 7 patients

46 Answer: B.17 patients; 4 + 10 + 3 = 17 Respiratory therapists help people with breathing problems. They are interested in knowing the amount of oxygen a patient is inhaling.

47 Which of these treatments is NOT used for cancer? A. Sun tanning B. Radiation C. Chemotherapy D. Bone marrow transplants

48 Answer: A. Sun tanning A variety of different treatments are used to battle cancer like radiation, chemotherapy, and bone marrow transplants. Oncologists decide which treatment will work best for the patient.

49 Which jump rope should a tall person use? A. C.D. B.

50 Answer: A tall person needs a longer jump rope. Physical therapists use jump ropes to help people become strong if they are ill or injured. C.

51 Fill in the sentence with the correct NOUN. Sdfsdfsdf The ______ ordered lotion for her patients skin problem. A. Chiropractor B. Teacher C. Calculator D. Dermatologist

52 Answer: D. Dermatologist If you have a rash, you should visit the dermatologist. Dermatologists treat the skin which is the largest organ in the human body.

53 The dental hygienist has 21 toothbrushes. She gives 8 to her patients. How many does she have left? A. 13 toothbrushes B. 14 toothbrushes C. 21 toothbrushes D. 29 toothbrushes

54 Answer: A. 13 toothbrushes Did you know that dental hygienists clean your teeth? They also teach you how to brush and floss correctly. At the end of your dental visit, they send you home with a brand new toothbrush.

55 Which does NOT have a brain? A. D. B. C.

56 Answer: Neurologists study the human brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles. They make sure the brain is sending and receiving messages quickly. A.

57 Which activity will increase your heart rate? A. Playing video games B. Coloring C. Playing at recess D. Chewing gum

58 Answer: C.Playing at recess Health educators want kids to exercise (increasing your heart rate) in order to be healthy. They teach kids different ways to stay active.

59 Doctor, Doctor! My eyes are itchy and nose is runny. I keep sneezing when Im around flowers. What is wrong with me? A. You broke your arm. B. You have allergies. C. Youre having a temper tantrum. D. You have a cold.

60 Answer: B.You have allergies. People can be allergic to many different things like animals or plants. Allergists find out what you are allergic to so they can give you medicine to stop your sneezing.

61 Which x-ray shows a broken bone? A. D. C. B.

62 Answer: Radiologists are doctors who study the inside of your body. They can look at an x-ray and find breaks in bones. They also see tissues and tendons in your body. D.

63 What does a chiropractor study? A. Bones B. Muscles C. Nerves D. All of the above

64 Answer: D. All of the above Bones, muscles, and nerves make up your body. If your back hurts, it could be because one these is not in the correct place. A chiropractor can help line everything up.

65 Jan gets medicine to make her sleep trough surgery at 8:00 AM. She wakes up at 10:47 AM. How long did she sleep? A.2 hours and 47 minutes B.2 hours and 18 minutes C.1 hour and 47 minutes D.47 minutes

66 Answer: A. 2 hours and 47 minutes To make sure you sleep through surgery, an anesthesiologist gives you special medicine. They also check your heart rate and breathing throughout surgery.

67 Who took your first picture? A.Your mom B.A nurse C.An ultrasound technician D.A laboratory technician

68 Answer: C. An ultrasound technician Before you were born, an ultrasound technician took a picture of you. They use sound waves and echoes to take pictures through the skin.

69 What is one way hospitals gain money from the government? A. Bake sale B. Grants C. Lemonade stand D. Loans

70 Answer: B. Grants Grants are given to hospitals to help pay for projects. Hospital administrators are in charge of getting grant money for their hospital. They have to have good people skills and be able to write well.

71 Which face is different? A. D. B. C.

72 Answer: If a person in an accident gets injured, they might have to visit a plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeons perform reconstructive or rebuilding surgery to help patients look better.. B.

73 What is the medical term for a man-made limb? A. A super-duper-helper B. An attachment C. A pogo stick D. An orthoses or prostheses

74 Answer: D. An orthoses or prostheses Orthotic and prosthetic specialists design, build, and fit orthopedic braces, surgical supports, and artificial limbs like a leg or arm.

75 What is the average temperature of the human body? A.98.6 degrees Fahrenheit B.98.9 degrees Fahrenheit C.99.7 degrees Fahenheit D.100.1 degrees Fahrenheit

76 Answer: A.98.6 degrees Fahrenheit The nurse takes your temperature. If your temperature is over 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, you have a fever. A fever is the bodys way of telling you that you are sick.

77 What is the fraction for perfect vision? A.20/40 B.20/20 C.40/60 D.20/500

78 Answer: B. 20/20 When you visit a optometrist, you stand 20 feet away from the eye chart (top number). The bottom number is determined by how far down you can read on the chart. The optometrist uses glasses and/or contacts to make your vision 20/20.

79 Which one should a massage therapist use on a client? A. D. B. C.

80 Answer: Massage oil and rollers help the massage therapist ease body tension. Sometimes massage therapists use lights and music to relax their client. B.

81 How many bones do you have when you are first born? A. 15 bones B. 100 bones C. 206 bones D. 350 bones

82 Answer: D.350 bones When you are bone, you have 350 bones in your body. As you grow up, your bones fuse together. Radiology technicians use x-rays to view your bones.

83 On average, how many times does a childs (age 6-8) heart beat a minute? A. 5 beats per minute (bpm) B. 50 beats per minute (bpm) C. 100 beats per minute (bpm) D. 1,000 beats per minute (bpm)

84 Answer: C. 100 beats per minute (bpm) A cardiologist wants your heart rate to stay within the average for your age group. If your heart rate is too low or too high, you might be sick.

85 Which is NOT a vegetable? A. D. B. C.

86 Answer: Carrots, broccoli, and eggplant are vegetables, but tomatoes are a fruit. Dietitians want you to eat as many different colored vegetables as possible. C.

87 What kind of tape is used to prevent and protect injuries during sports? A. Scotch tape B. Duct tape C. Masking tape D. Athletic tape

88 Answer: D.Athletic tape Athletic trainers have different techniques (ways) to wrap injuries depending on the body part. They can wrap ankles, wrists, fingers, knees, and other body parts.

89 Bobbi Rae has an appointment with an occupational therapist at 9:15 AM. The appointment should last one hour and ten minutes. What time will she be done? A. 10:00 AM B. 10:25 AM C. 11:25 AM D. 10:25 PM

90 Answer: B. 10:25 AM Occupational therapists meet with patients to help them relearn everyday tasks. Can you imagine not being able to brush your own teeth? An occupational therapists teaches people this task.

91 Which tooth has a cavity? A. D.C. B.

92 Answer: Plaque is tiny bacteria that attaches to your teeth and causes cavities. The dental hygienist will remove the plaque by cleaning your teeth. B.

93 Chuck had a picnic in the park. All of his guests had tummy aches the next day. Who should Chuck call to investigate the outbreak? A. Epidemiologist B. Physician C. Medical Assistant D. Pediatrician

94 Answer: A. Epidemiologist Epidemiologists want to know if the community is healthy. If an outbreak occurs, they want to know who, what, where, when, and why so they can prevent another outbreak.

95 What is the maximum age to see a pediatrician? A. 5 years old B. 12 years old C. 18 years old D. 21 years old

96 Answer: D. 21 years old Pediatricians have enough training to help people until they are 21 years old. When people are older than 21, they need to visit a physician who treats adults.

97 Fill in the blank. gddfgdg Robert needs to buy shoes that are bigger because his _____ have grown. A. foot B. ears C. legs D. feet

98 Answer: D. feet Podiatrists want people to wear shoes that are big enough and provide good support. The wrong size shoe can cause major feet problems.

99 When you breathe, what do you exhale? A. Carbon Dioxide B. Oxygen C. Gasoline D. Fire

100 Answer: A. Carbon Dioxide Oxygen and sugar combine in the body to form energy. When you use your energy (burn energy), carbon dioxide is formed. Your body does not need carbon dioxide, so you exhale it. Respiratory therapists make sure that people exhale carbon dioxide.

101 What is added to the community water system that helps your teeth? A. Milk B. Toothpaste C. Fluoride D. Jell-O

102 Answer: C. Fluoride In the 20 th century, communities started adding fluoride to their water system. Now, every time you drink a glass of water from your sink youre drinking fluoride. Fluoride helps your teeth become and stay strong which makes your dentist happy.

103 Which would a health educator NOT teach you? A. D.C. B.

104 Answer: Health educators teach clients about health issues like smoking, exercise, and eating healthy. If you want to learn about frogs, talk to your science teacher. D.

105 Fill in the blank. cdfg A pharmacist recommends that you take _____ of your medicine. A. some B. none C. all D. most

106 Answer: C. all Pharmacists want you to take all of your medicine. If you dont, you could build up an immunity to the medicine. So next time you take the medicine, it wont heal you.

107 What number should you call if you need a paramedic? A. 511 B. 919 C. 111 D. 911

108 Answer: D. 911 Paramedics are dispatched after someone calls 911 with an emergency. It is very important that you only call 911 if it is an emergency.

109 Which syringe is the fullest? A. D. B. C.

110 Answer: Anesthesiologists give medication that makes patients sleep through surgery. They use syringes and gas masks to get the medicine into the blood stream. C.

111 The first week of therapy Jack does 5 knee exercises. Week two he does 10 and week three he does 15. How many exercises should he do week four? A. 15 exercises B. 20 exercises C. 25 exercises D. 50 exercises

112 Answer: B. 20 exercises Physical therapists help patients build endurance and strong muscles by slowing increasing the number of exercises. They recommend that their clients stretch to avoid injury.

113 What is the most important thing surgeons need to do before going into surgery? A. Wash their hands B. Call their mom C. Tie their shoes D. Eat an apple

114 Answer: A. Wash their hands Surgeons need to scrub their hands with warm water and soap to remove bacteria and germs. If they do not scrub, the patient could become sick with an infection.

115 What instrument does a laboratory technician NOT use? A. D. B. C.

116 Answer: Laboratory technicians use a variety of instruments to conduct experiments and lab tests. They use microscopes, test tubes, and beakers. Lab techs wear shoes, but the shoes do not change test results! A.

117 What is the most common allergy? A. Food B. Plants and animals C. Sunlight D. Soap

118 Answer: B. Plants and animals Most allergies are caused by plants and animals, but people can be allergic to almost anything. Pollen and animal fur can cause respiratory (lung) allergies. Allergists conduct tests to find out what you are allergic to.

119 Beth weighed 142 pounds (lbs). She lost 7 lbs. How much does she weigh now? A. 130 lbs B. 135 lbs C. 140 lbs D. Not enough information

120 Answer: B. 135 lbs; 142 – 7 = 135 Weight is on a patients chart. Medical assistants weigh patients when they visit the doctor. It is important to know weight gain or loss because it can affect a persons health.

121 Which body part do you use to hear? A. C.D. B.

122 Answer: An audiologist is a doctor who studies ear problems. They test how well a person can hear using sounds. A.

123 Key: Quarter Note = 1 count Half Note = 2 countsWhole Note = 4 counts Add the counts! + + + = ? A. 6 counts B. 8 counts C. 10 counts D. 12 counts

124 Answer: B.8 counts; 4 + 1 + 2 + 1 = 8 counts Music therapists teach their clients about music so that the client can write their own songs. This type of therapy is very relaxing and fun.

125 What kind of waves do ultrasound technicians use to take pictures of the inside of the body? A. Ocean waves B. Slinky waves C. Sound waves D. Microwaves

126 Answer: C. Sound waves Ultrasound technicians use sound waves and echoes to take pictures of the inside of your body. They can look and see if you have problems with your organs.

127 Which set of words rhyme? A. Word, heard, tongue B. Lip, teeth, sip C. Speech, teach, reach D. Tree, cheek, beak

128 Answer: C. Speech, teach, reach Did you know that English is the most widely spoken language in the world? Speech-language pathologists help clients learn to speak understandably.

129 Fill in the blank. Fdgd A living things baby _______. A. looks like its parents B. is always male C. cannot have its own babies D. will be bigger than its parents

130 Answer: A. looks like its parents Parents pass their traits onto their children through genes. Genetic counselors study the pattern of genes between parents and children.

131 Which of these would you enjoy for recreational activity? A. D. All of the above C. B.

132 Answer: D. All of the above Cooking, coloring, and hop-scotch are great recreational activities. Recreational therapists try to find activities for clients to enjoy.

133 Thomas needs to buy 3 pens at $1.00 a piece. He also needs 2 erasers at $.50 a piece. How much money does he need? A. $1.50 B. $3.00 C. $3.50 D. $4.00

134 Answer: D. $4.00; $1 + $1 + $1 + $.50 + $.50 = $4.00 Hospital administrators work to fund hospitals. They also help the hospital run smoothly. They are organizers, leaders, and good communicators.

135 What is the largest bone in the body? A. Femur (thigh bone) B. Radius (arm bone) C. Pelvic (hip bone) D. Skull (head bones)

136 Answer: A. Femur (thigh bone) Your femur is the longest, strongest, and heaviest bone in your body. A radiologist must know every bone in the body and how they are connected. Femur

137 Which does a dermatologist treat? A. Hair B. Skin C. Nails D. All of the above

138 Answer: D. All of the above Dermatologists help people who have hair, skin, or nail problems. They can prescribe medication to help the conditions.

139 Fill in the blank. Lkj The left brain controls ______ while the right brain controls _______. A. creativity; logic B. chores; fun C. logic; creativity D. hunger; thirst

140 Answer: C. logic; creativity The brain is split into two hemispheres. Your left hemisphere controls logic like math and science. Your right hemisphere controls creativity like music and art. Neurologists study how the two hemispheres work together.

141 What comes next in the pattern? ? A. D. None of the above C. B.

142 Answer: Plastic surgeons can do reconstructive surgery on lips, noses, ears, and many other body parts. They usually do reconstructive surgery after someone gets hurt. B.

143 If a tumor is not cancerous, it is known as what? A. Benign B. Fast C. Hungry D. Tall

144 Answer: A. Benign A benign tumor means that there is no cancer. If the tumor is malignant, it has cancer. Oncologists study tumors to tell if they are cancerous or not.

145 Which of these does a chiropractor adjust? A. C. B. D.

146 Answer: Chiropractors adjust a patients spine by applying pressure with their hands. They want to make sure your body is in line. A.

147 Health Jobs For Me A board game full of jobs that keep kids healthy!

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