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…is a society with a future A society with some values...

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1 …is a society with a future A society with some values...

2 NETWORK OF NETWORKS At the service of the most in need CÁRITAS INTERNACIONALIS 162 national Cáritas 68 Diocesan Cáritas 5.600 CÁRITAS IN PARISH CHURCHES Cáritas in Spain

3 Human Team of more than 61.000 people: 56.998 volunteers (93 %) 4.621 staff Who we are More than 145.000 donors and colaborators: Private people, companies, institutions and religious associations

4 1.Promoting and coordinating solidarity 2.Working for the integration and promotion of excluded groups 3.Training and raising awareness in society 4.Analizing the reasons of poverty in order to eradicate it How we work

5 Vulnerable people Beneficiaries 281.030 people Elderly23.963 Immigrants146.277 Childhood35.908 Women15.026 Families31.012 Youth22.718 Disabled649 Other actions5.477 Vulnerable people

6 Excluded people BENEFICIARIES 89.603 people Homeless77.001 Drug addicts 6.158 AIDS 514 Gipsy community 2.428 Prisoners and exprisoners 3.502

7 INTERNATIONAL COOPERATIONBENEFICIARIES 7.820.239 people Latin America and the Caribbean1.900.000 Africa2.568.439 Asia3.100.000 Europe150.000 Middle East and North Africa 101.800 INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION

8 SOCIAL RIGHTS BENEFICIARIES 91.906 people Work and work placement74.677 Housing2.869 Health14.360 SOCIAL RIGHTS

9 Private funding: 133 MM (61,7%) 160.447 members and donors Companies and Institutions Public funding: 83 MM (38,3 %): Local administration Regional administration State administration European Union Where do our resources come from? OUR RESOURCES TOTAL RESOURCES: 216 MM

10 IMPACT ON HELP DEMAND Cáritas is the social organisation with the highest number of people asking for help and providing the best response Type of aid asked forIncrease over 2007 (*) Transportation87,3% Food89,6% Housing65,2% Education-Training40,7% Work14 % Clothes and shoes10,1% Health care expenses32,0% Other31,5% (*) Porcentaje de aumento del primer semestre del 2008 respecto del promedio del 2007.

11 IMPACT ON THE PROFILE OF THE PEOPLE IN NEED Two clear effects of the recesion on the increase of new poverties: -Many people come to Cáritas for the first time -Many others come back to Cáritas after having accomplished processes of social insertion MAIN SOCIAL-DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILES YOUNG FAMILIES (20 to 40 years of age) with small children. Recently UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE from low-qualification jobs such as the building sector, hotel industry and, lately, industrial estates. WOMEN, especially, those who are alone with family burden, and with problems reconciling family and professional life. HOMELESS MEN, separated or divorced, who are unemployed and can´t afford renting a place to live in. ELDERLY WOMEN with low retirement pensions that won´t cover their basic needs and IMMIGRANTS IN IRREGULAR SITUATIONS (young or under legal age) who face harder living conditions.

12 AIMS OF THE ACTION PLAN Aim: Develop, together with the public Administrations, a policy of intervention to support people and families in need: Promote the use of their rights as citizens Offer basic help Offer help to avoid losing the housing Offer vocational training and employment Offer guarantee on rents.

13 Provide information: Listen, inform and establish a personalized action plan with some steps to follow ACTIONS CARRIED OUT THROUGH CÁRITAS DIOCESAN Support to avoid losing the housing: three lines of intervention in this sense: 1.Accompanying and counselling 2.Financial support 3.Information and awareness- raising Basic help: Help in kind or cash, in case of an urgent situation. Help to get involved in a process seeking personal and family autonomy Support to promote training and employment Support to guarantee the rents

14 CÁRITAS IN 2010 AIMS Eradicate children´s poverty in Europe Assure a minimum social protection for every person Increase social and health services Assure a respectable job for everybody

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