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Establishing Business Relations An Overview Main points: It aims to contact a perspective trader by opening up channels available: 1)Advertisement from.

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2 Establishing Business Relations An Overview Main points: It aims to contact a perspective trader by opening up channels available: 1)Advertisement from broadcast, TV, and internet 2)Marketing survey 3)The commercial Counselor's office 4)The chambers of commerce at home at abroad

3 Establishing Business Relations An Overview Methodology Convey positive message Structure 1)Thank you for your correspondent dated… 2)We have done something as you told us… 3)We wish further cooperation would go on…

4 Establishing Business Relations An Overview Key Terms deal with handle deal in trade in be in the line (We express our desire to trade with you in this line ). fall within the scope of our business activities be within(lie within, come under ) the scope of our trade activities be within(lie within, fall within) our business scope(sphere) in line( Textiles are our line )

5 Unit 3 Establishing Business Relations Lesson Establishing Business Relations August 1,2007 Dear Sirs, Your company has kindly been introduced to us by Messrs Freeman & Co., Ltd., Lagos, Nigeria, as prospective buyers of Chinese Cotton Piece goods. As this item falls within the scope of our business activities, we shall be pleased to enter into direct business relations with you at an early date. To give you a general idea of the various kind cotton piece goods now available for export, we enclose a brochure and a price list. Quotations and sample books will be airmailed to you upon receipt of your specific inquiry. We look forward to your favorable reply. Yours faithfully,

6 Unit 3 Establishing Business Relations Lesson 6 Promoting Business Relationship (A) Dear Sirs, Inquiry for Man-made Leather Bags Your name and address have been given to us by the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a large exporter of Cosmetics and Leather Bags. For your information, cosmetics are our main imports, but now we are especially interested in importing man-made Leather Bags from your country. If you can assure us of workable prices, excellent quality and prompt delivery, we shall be able to deal in these goods on a substantial scale. We, therefore, request you to furnish us with a full range of samples in assorted colors together with your lowest quotations and other terms and conditions. As to our credit standing, please refer to the following bank: The Bank of Tokyo, Osaka Branch (address)… Your immediate reply would be highly appreciated. Yours truly

7 Unit 3 Establishing Business Relations Promoting Business Relationship (B) Gentleman: With many thanks for your inquiry of June 15, 2007, we are very glad to send you separately the samples of man-made Leather Bags together with the respective price-list. Our quotation for cosmetics will follow in a couple of days. Please note that Item No. L-116 and No. EP-27 can be certainly promised for immediate shipment upon receipt of your order, subject to the establishment of an Irrevocable and Confirmed Letter of Credit for the corresponding amount of order, valid for a period of 60 days. We wish to invite your special attention to the fact that the increasing cost of raw materials for these articles will compel us to raise their selling prices, and that the present prices can no longer be guaranteed, if orders are not placed forthwith. We trust that your initial order will be placed with us without delay. Yours very truly,

8 Unit 3 Establishing Business Relations Lesson 7 Sales Promotion Dear Sirs, We are sure that you would be interested in the new White Cloud Vacuum Cleaner which is to be placed on the market soon. Most of the good points of the earlier types have been incorporated into this machine which possesses, beside, several novel features having been perfected by years of scientific research. You will find that a special contrivance enables it to run on slightly more than half the current required by machines of equal capability. Further, most of the working parts are readily interchangeable and, in the event of their being damaged, they are thus easy to be replaced. The special advantages it offers will make it a quick-selling line, and we are ready also to co-operate with you by launching a national advertising campaign. Moreover, we are ready to assist to the extent of half the cost of any local advertising. Bearing in mind the rapid turnover which is likely to result, you will agree that the five percent commission we are prepared to offer you is extremely generous. You will find enclosed leaflets describing this Vacuum Cleaner and we look forward to your agreement to handle our product as the sole agent in your district. Sincerely yours.

9 Unit 3 Establishing Business Relations Lesson 8 Letter of Invitation Gentlemen: We are pleased to invite representatives of China National Native Produce & Animal By-Products Import & Export Corporation, shanghai Animal By-products Branch, to visit the United States during July and August, 2007. We suggest that the delegation include representatives from the Shanghai Animal By-products Branch, factory managers, shoe and leather factory technicians and quality control personnel. We would be pleased to welcome, as well, representatives from your office in Beijing. We would be prepared to meet the group at the start of the trip, to accompany them throughout their entire stay, to make hotel and travel arrangements and to do whatever else necessary to ensure an organized and well-planned visit. A minimum stay of 2-3 weeks is suggested. We believe a visit will benefit your developing footwear business with the United States for following reasons: 1. Shanghai Animal By-Products Branch will have shipped 60.000 pairs of shoes, which will enable the Delegation to measure customer acceptance, make comparison with competitive footwear, and have face-to-face discussion regarding improvements for the future. 2. The Delegation will have opportunity to meet and talk, not only to present, but to potential customers as well. 3. The Delegation will be able to observe and study the United States footwear market in a general way, in addition to specifics. 4. The Delegation will, through its presence at a National Shoe Fair, help increase future sales. 5. The Delegation will visit stores, factories, and other allied industries. We suggest that the Delegation be in attendance in New York City at the National Shoe Fair from August 4 to August 7, 2007 and that the trip be arranged around these dates, The following itinerary is for your consideration:

10 Unit 3 Establishing Business Relations 1. The Boston area staring with a visit to our offices in Boston and including subsequent visits to shoe factories, tanneries, shoe and leather machinery factories and last making factories. Visits to factories in other parts of the country will also be arranged. 2. New York city attendance at the National Shoe Fair from August 4 to August 7. The total New York visit should probably last 7 to 10 days. We would be pleased to host a reception for the delegation in New York during the time of the Fair, in order that the Delegation might meet and talk informally with important shoe company buyers and officials; many are from parts of the country the Delegation might not be visiting. 3. New York area, Detroit and other Midwestern cities visits to customers offices and stores. We will define with you specific locations in advance of the visit. We shall be at the National Shoe Fair in New York from February 10-13, 2007 and have requested space 20×20 on the fourth floor of the Coliseum. For your guidance, we have enclosed a copy of the floor plan. We shall make an important display featured as Mens Quality Footwear Made in Shanghai, China. We will take additional space for another Fair in August, 2007, if you are in attendance. You may, if you wish, use this space to display footwear products other than our mens shoes. May I say that if representatives from your Corporation visit during the coming February Fair, we welcome them to join us at the Coliseum. Also we would be pleased to make the same arrangements for them in February as outlined for the August trip. We await your response. We are prepared to do all that is necessary to insure the complete success of the visit. Very sincerely (Sighed)… Robert S. Green RSG/ms Encl Cc: shanghai Animal By-Products Branch

11 Unit 3 Establishing Business Relations Lesson 9 Advice of Itinerary Gentlemen: As you are well aware, I shall be arriving in Beijing along with my buyer, Ms. Joyce Fogel, on September 12th. Both Ms. Fogel and myself shall travel via Europe. Mr. Raymond Mundt, the President of Alco Standard Co. of which we are a division, will leave here for Beijing via Tokyo. I shall indicate flight numbers and arrival times below. Our passports are currently at the Chinese Embassy in Washington and I assume that they will be returned within the next few days along with the appropriate visas. Although you have known me for many years, and met Ms. Fogel for the first time at the last Guangzhou Fair, I would like you to be well informed of our parent corporation and its President, Mr. Mundt, and for this reason I am enclosing the 1999 Annual Report. Since this will be Mr. and Mrs. Mundts first visit to China, and Ms. Fogel s first outside of Guangzhou, I hope you will be able to arrange visits to: Great Wall, Ming Tombs, the Forbidden City, and Summer Palace, if possible, during our visit. I have visited these places of interest previously, however, I think it would be nice to make the other peoples first visit extremely pleasant. With regard to the itinerary, I trust we shall be able to spend a minimum of two days in Dalian, including a visit to the glass factory. Thus if we leave early on one day, we should plan to return late the following day. If the facilities still exist and it is possible to visit Tianjing again, we should plan the following program: leaving by train early one morning, spending one night there and returning to Beijing the following night. Here again I should like to visit the glass factory that is producing so much merchandise for us. I have not so far visited any glass factories in either Shanghai or Guangzhou. I am not certain whether these factories are close to these cities. If possible, I would be interested in making such visits.

12 Unit 3 Establishing Business Relations I except that the entire trip should take approximately two weeks. During our stay, we intend to also visit the Arts and Crafts Section in Dalian, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. We will fax you once again to confirm the exact arrival time of the flight, Ms.Fogel and I have booked on: Swissair Flight No.316 Departure from Geneva on September 11th, and scheduled to arrive in Beijing on September 12th at 19:00 hours. Mr. and Mrs.Mundt will arrive on September 12th from Tokyo. Their flight is on: Japan Airlines Flight No.783 Scheduled to arrive at 15:25 hours. I am terribly sorry that this may put you to some inconvenience, since you will probably have to make two trips to the airports. However, since Ms.Forgel and I will be in Europe, it is more convenient for us to fly directly from Europe. Furthermore, Mr and Mrs. Mundt will be leaving directly from New York via Tokyo. I trust that our visit will be a satisfactory one for all parties concerned and look forward to an ever increasing volume of business with your glass factories. Thank you very much indeed. Very truly yours,

13 Enquiry An Overview Main Points General Enquiry requires general message, including a catalogue, a price list, a sample or sample brochure, etc. Specific Enquiry is in particular. The trade may ask for a catalogue, a price list, samples, etc. or ask for an offer Prompt and courteous reply is appreciated

14 Enquiry An Overview Methodology Convey positive message Structure 1)Thank you for your correspondent dated… 2)We have done something as you told us… 3)We wish further cooperation would go on…

15 Enquiry An Overview Key Terms standing standing cost standing order credit standing financial (or: business, commercial)standing enjoy great popularity command a good market sell fast(enjoy fast sales) be most popular with be universally acknowledged be unanimously acclaimed by ready seller quick seller quick-selling product a ready market be value for money worthy of money good value for money better value for money more value for money excellent value for money

16 Unit 4 Enquiry Lesson 11 First Enquiry (A) Dear Sirs, The overseas Trading Co., Ltd., Manchester informs us that you are exporters of hand-made gloves in a variety of artificial leathers. Would you please send us details of your various ranges, including sizes, colors and prices, and also samples of different qualities of material used. We are one of the largest department stores here and believe there is promising market in our area for moderately priced goods of the kind mentioned. When replying, please states terms of payment and discounts you allow on purchase of quantities of not less than five gross of individual items. Yours faithfully,

17 Unit 4 Enquiry First Enquiry (B) Dear Sirs, We welcome your enquiry of 14th May and thank you for your interest in our hand-made artificial leather gloves. We are enclosing our illustrated catalogue and price-list giving the details you ask for. Also under separate cover we are sending you a full range of samples and, when you have a chance to examine them, we feel confident that you will agree that the goods are both excellent in quality and very reasonable in price. On regular purchase in quantities of not less than five gross of individual items we would allow you a trade discount of 3%. We also export a wide range of hand-made leather shoes in which we think you may be interested. They are fully illustrated in the catalogue and are of the same high quality as our gloves. We hope the samples will reach you in good time and look forward to your order. Yours faithfully,

18 Unit 4 Enquiry Lesson 13 Credit Enquiry (A) Dear Sirs, Credit Inquiry on the Maryland, Inc. Towson9, Maryland, U,S,A The subject company is now offering to represent us in the sale of our Sewing Machine, and has referred us to your bank for detailed information about its credit standing, business capacity and character. We shall highly appreciate it if you will give us your frank opinion on these points regarding the company. Any information you may give us will be treated strictly in confidence. We assure you of our reciprocating your courtesy at any time. Yours respectfully,

19 Unit 4 Enquiry Credit Enquiry (B) Gentlemen: The Maryland Inc. The captioned company you inquired about by your letter of September 15, 2007, has been maintaining an account with us for the past 20 years, during which they have never failed to meet their obligations. Their balance sheets of recent years enclosed will show you that their import business in Sewing Machines has been managed and operated under a satisfactory condition. We believe that they owe their reputable position among the local wholesalers in our district to their steady and sincere way of conducting business. Please note that this information is furnished without any responsibility on our part and should be held strictly confidential.

20 Unit 4 Enquiry Lesson 13 Sending catalogue Gentleman: Thank you for your interest in our Seagull Cameras displayed at the Guangzhou Trade Fair. The enclosed price list and illustrated catalogue will give you details of the model in which you are especially interested. The illustrations will also give you information about other items we are exporting. As to our terms and conditions, please see Page 10 of the catalogue. Our products, especially our cameras, enjoy a high reputation in your area. Because of their excellent quality and low prices, you can be sure our products will no doubt help you expand your market. We are looking forward to the pleasure of hearing from you again soon. Yours truly

21 Unit 4 Enquiry Lesson 14 Specific Enquiry Dear Sirs, We acknowledge with thanks receipt of your letter of March 11 enquiring about the possibility of selling your Mens Shirts, Tianwan Brand in your market. In reply, we wish to inform you that we are well connected with major dealers in the line of textiles. There is always a ready market here for men shirts, provided they are of good quality and competitive in price. Therefore, it will be appreciated if you will let us have your best firm offer, preferably by fax, and rush us samples by airmail. If your shirts agree with the taste of our market, we feel confident of placing a trial order with you. Please give this enquiry your prompt attention. Yours faithfully,

22 Thank you for listening

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