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Christmas Around the World. Created by: Brittany Richied and Brittany Bugary ED 417 Winter 2008.

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1 Christmas Around the World

2 Created by: Brittany Richied and Brittany Bugary ED 417 Winter 2008

3 Christmas Around the World 3 rd Grade

4 Objective #1 Gain knowledge of the different geographic locations around the world.

5 Objective #2 Gain an understanding of foods eaten during Christmas in diverse cultures.

6 Objective #3 Gain knowledge of various Christmas customs around the world

7 Books that can be used: My Christmas Book of Stories and Carols by: Linda Jennings Christmas Around the World by: Emily Kelley Christmas Around the World a Pop-up book by: Chuck Fischer Putumayo World Christmas New Orleans Christmas

8 Materials Needed: Map of the World Passport Picture Stamp and Stamp pad Recipe ingredients Different color paper for Chinese Decorations Lyrics to Here Comes Santa Claus Lyrics to Here Comes St. Nicholas Shoe (brought in previous week for South America) Paper for cards Poster Board for Venn diagram Books

9 Websites: http://www.the-north- htmlhttp://www.the-north- html ays/chinese_new_year.html ays/chinese_new_year.html http://www.worldofchristmas. net/christmas-world/south- america.htmlhttp://www.worldofchristmas. net/christmas-world/south- america.html

10 Introduction Activity: Learn how to use a passport to get into different countries. Create your own passport with your picture. Receive a stamp from each country as it is being introduced each day. Add a thumb tack on the map to each country visited. Read a picture book or create a discussion with the information about the specific country of the day.

11 Day 1: United States Compare the various traditions celebrated in America according to different states. Break into small groups and create a Venn diagram on a poster board of the similarities and differences of customs between two states. Children will have books and internet in order to use research to find their information. Hang the poster on the wall and discuss what customs the children have in common with the ones on the poster.

12 Day 2: South America Have children bring in one shoe by the day before South America is introduced. Have each shoe sitting in the window sill filled with a surprise for each child as they come in. Talk about how in Ecuador the children leave their shoes on the window sill for the Christ Child to fill. Learn about Papa Noel and how to say Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad. Returning to their seats have the children write a Feliz Navidad card.

13 Day 3: Holland Pass out lyrics to the song Here Comes Santa Claus and talk about who is familiar with this this song and who knows of a song that is similar. Pass out lyrics to the song Here Comes St. Nicholas and talk about who is familiar with it and who knows of a song that is similar. Talk about the differences and similarities of the song!

14 Day 4: China Talk about Tree of Lights and Spring Festival Make Christmas Chinese art decorations (chains, lanterns, flowers) Santa Claus is called Dun Che Lao Ren which means, Christmas Old Man.

15 Day 5: Australia Christmas is celebrated with a lot of food. It is very hot on Christmas in Australia so often have their feast on a beach. Gathering together with family and friends to enjoy a big meal is important to Australians. One dish they like to make is called, Billy Can Pudding. Today we are going to learn how to make Billy Can Pudding.

16 Which Country??? Which country uses the term Papa Noel? South America Australia United States China Holland

17 What does that mean? What do the words Feliz Navidad stand for? Santa Claus Merry Christmas Happy Feast Tree of Lights Spring Festival

18 Which country? Which country has a song that is considered similar to the song, Here Comes Santa Claus? Australia South America United States Holland China

19 Which country? Which country uses bright colored paper decorations? China United States South America Holland Australia

20 Which country? In which country do the people usually go Christmas shopping in their shorts and sandals? United States South America Holland China Australia

21 Christmas Around the World Now that you know a little bit about Christmas around the world, you could share a lot with this Multi- cultural Social Studies lesson with your class!

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