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Nike: IMC Advertising Campaign

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1 Nike: IMC Advertising Campaign
Melissa Chism Chris Benitez Brian Kersey Brittany Roos


3 History Nike Inc. is an American multinational corporation that is involved in the design, development, and marketing of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services Blue Ribbon Sports was founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in 1964 (later became Nike Inc. in 1978)

4 History Phil Knight was a track athlete at the University of Oregon and Bill Bowerman was his coach Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight each invested $500 to launch an athletic shoe company

5 History The Nike “Swoosh” was designed by Carolyn Davidson and was first introduced in 1971 In 1976, Nike hired John Brown and Partners as its first advertising agency By 1980, Nike had attained 50% of the market share in the U.S. athletic shoe market

6 History In 1977 Nike used its first brand ad called “There is no finish line” Wieden+Kennedy became Nike’s primary ad agency in 1980 Co-founder Dan Weiden was the one who coined the famous slogan “Just do it” in 1988. His inspiration came from the last words spoken by Gary Gilmore, “Let’s do it”, before he was executed

7 Slogan Gary Gilmore, January 17, 1977

8 Culture Nike’s wants an open and creative culture that harnesses diversity They also want their culture to inspire ideas and ignite innovation Team composition, manager excellence, and team culture are all critical to Nike’s success Nike has three main priorities

9 Culture The first priority is to focus on the fundamentals
They offer a resource center with various tools and exercises to help teams discover how diversity drives creativity and innovations Nike offers team experiences and exercises to help promote diversity To date, Nike has facilitated more than 200 sessions in 30 countries

10 Culture The second priority is to empower inclusive cultures
In 2009 Nike invited a panel of young employees to share their perspectives and experiences with senior leadership This event inspired more meetings in 20 other locations worldwide

11 Culture The third priority is to inspire ideas and innovations
More ideas lead to better ideas, and better ideas lead to innovation Nike’s focus on culture has been recognized by colleges such as Georgetown University

12 Marketing Strategy Nike Swoosh Logo Celebrity Endorsements
Sponsorships Word-of-Mouth & Buzz Marketing

13 Distribution Strategy
Focus on more interactive, digital marketing elements 2010: $800 million on non-traditional advertising Decreasing reliance on TV and print advertisements Spending ↓40% in past 3 years

14 Competitors Nike competes in the following:
Athletic apparel/footwear industries Sports equipment manufacturing industry Main direct competitors include: Adidas UnderArmour Reebok Puma

15 4 P’s: Product Wide range of sports equipment
First product: Track Running Shoes Currently also make shoes, jerseys, shorts, base layers etc. Nike recently teamed up with Apple, Inc. to produce Nike+

16 4 P’s: Price Nike uses a vertical integration in pricing wherein they own participants at differing channel levels or engage in more than one channel level operations. Attempt to control costs and influencing pricing practices The pricing is based on the basis of premium segment as target customers.

17 4 P’s: Placement Carried by multi-brand stores and the exclusive Nike stores across the globe. Sells its product to about 20,000 retail accounts in the U.S. and in almost 200 countries around the world. Internationally, Nike sells its products through independent distributors, licensees, and subsidiaries.

18 4 P’s: Promotion Athletes:
Ronaldino, Renaldo, and Roberto Carlos (soccer) Lebron James, and Jermane O'Neal (basketball) Tiger Woods (Golf)

19 4 P’s: Promotion Sponsoring for Events Websites Hoop it up
The Golden West Invitational

20 Social Media Numerous different account types: Sport City Product
Nike Co. Social Media Campaigns

21 Social Media

22 Social Media

23 Celebrity Endorsements

24 Celebrity Endorsements

25 TV Commercials? Nike has the ability to reach their target markets without relying heavily on commercial advertisements due to their use of celebrity endorsements.

26 Ads: Then & Now 2010 2013

27 Internet Buzz Cleverly develops controversial ads
Generate media frenzy via word of mouth “Free” advertising

28 Future Campaigns & Promotions
Nike will continue to use celebrity endorsements Nike will try to market to new sports With the growth of social media, Nike will continue to advertise its products on Facebook and Twitter

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