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Make It Happen Understand the Program Through education and activities the program will teach K-4 th grades: Encourage exercise and good nutrition. Encourage.

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2 Make It Happen Understand the Program Through education and activities the program will teach K-4 th grades: Encourage exercise and good nutrition. Encourage positive hygiene practices. Assist needy youth in receiving new tennis shoes for physical education. Decrease childhood obesity. Provide an educational and meaningful Service Learning Program for teens.

3 Make It Happen The Role of Participants Community donors, elementary schools, and youth serving organizations will partner to provide tennis shoes for needy children and promote educational efforts related to physical education, nutrition and good hygiene for grades K-4.

4 Make It Happen Role of Youth Organization This program is to be promoted and used by any youth serving organization – Scouts, 4-H, etc. Accepts the responsibility to plan, conduct and evaluate Kicks4Kids. Contacts donors, secures school support, conducts programming with children. Secures shoes and delivers them to the school upon request. Collects, compiles and reports evaluation material.

5 Make It Happen Role of Donors and School Donor Community donors provide the shoes or funds for purchasing shoes. School Provides time and opportunities for the youth group to conduct the six lessons. Identifies youth in need of shoes for physical education. Provides the youth organization with a request for shoes.

6 Make It Happen Strong Youth-Adult Partnership The youth will develop leadership and citizenship skills by planning, conducting, and evaluating the project. Adults will serve as educators and mentors to the youth.

7 Make It Happen Securing Donors Before you begin Kicks4Kids, secure donors for shoes, and make sure you are capable of providing the shoes upon request. Youth of participating organizations are responsible for securing donors for tennis shoes. Donors may be local shoe distributors, retailers, or anyone who feels they would like to donate funds to purchase tennis shoes. Make sure potential donors know what you are asking for and why you are asking for it. Practice your request a few times before talking to a potential donor.

8 Make It Happen School Involvement Once donors are secured, contact local elementary schools. Make an appointment to meet with the superintendent, principal, counselor, and/or physical education instructor(s). Explain the program in detail and inform them that you have donor support in place. Ask for their support and permission to conduct the program.

9 Make It Happen School Involvement When a school chooses to participate, set dates and times to meet with the children. Keep in mind these times are at the discretion of the school. Three meeting dates, approximately 30 to 45 minutes each, will be needed. When a child is identified as needing tennis shoes, the counselor, P.E. instructor, or principal will need to speak to the childs parents or guardians to make them aware of the Kicks4Kids project. It will be the parent/guardians choice as to whether or not to allow the child to receive donated shoes.

10 Make It Happen School Involvement The school will prepare a request for physical education tennis shoes. This list should be made available at the time of the first lesson. This will allow the service group time to collect shoes and deliver them before the final lesson is presented. It is imperative that everything be kept confidential when getting shoe sizes, collecting shoes, and delivering shoes. Only school representatives will have the name(s) of recipients and deliver the shoes in the manner requested by the participating family.

11 Make It Happen Curriculum Three parts: 1.Hygiene – Being Clean and Cool 2.Physical Fitness – Feeling Fit 3.Nutrition – Eating Smart from the Start There are two activities in each of these three sections.

12 Make It Happen Curriculum Format Overview - Familiarizes the volunteer/teacher with what is to be taught. Key Concepts – Volunteer/teacher needs to make sure each concept is addressed and explained during the lesson. Supplies – Things needed. Suggested Activities - Fun hands-on activities for reinforcing and teaching the key concepts. After you have done the activity, review the Key Concepts one more time! Evaluation - Complete the appropriate section of the evaluation form following each lesson.

13 Make It Happen Teaching Lessons In preparation for teaching a lesson, teens are responsible for thoroughly reading and reviewing the lessons. They should gather supplies and prepare materials in advance. To further enhance knowledge, additional research on the subject is suggested. As a simple rule – it takes a minimum of two hours of preparation and planning for every half hour of teaching.

14 Make It Happen Teaching Lessons Be creative when presenting the information. Think about what makes learning fun and what makes it boring. A good teacher presents the same information in a variety of ways for different learning styles. There are three types of learners: –auditory (hearing), –visual (seeing), and –kinesthetic (touching/action). Design a program for all three types of learners.

15 Make It Happen Teaching Lessons A good teacher does not do all the talking. A good teacher asks questions and gets the students to think and apply the information. This method lets the teacher know what the student is learning and if they are catching on to what is being said.

16 Make It Happen Evaluation Evaluation is very important to the continued support and funding of this project. Please be very conscientious about collecting, completing, and turning in the requested information. The report forms are attached. Complete and return the forms to your county Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service (OCES) office by the necessary date.

17 Make It Happen Evaluation Data being collected: Information about the participating school. Number of youth reached through lessons presented. Number of shoes requested and placed with youth. Change in participants behavior with regard to hygiene, physical education, and nutrition. County OCES offices will compile the information and turn it in to the state 4-H office.

18 News Release ready for you to fill in the blanks and send to local newspapers for publicity. Make It Happen Media Information

19 Being Clean and Cool Lessons One Overview Teach children what hygiene is and why it is important. Children will learn how to properly brush and floss their teeth, effectively wash their bodies, and take care of their physical appearance. They should know why it is important to visit the dentist and bathe regularly after physical activity. Teach them why it is important to be clean for their health and from a social stand point.

20 Being Clean and Cool Activities See Those Germs Dental Tag Game

21 Feeling Fit Lessons Two Overview Introduce the five components of fitness: muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, body composition, and cardio-respiratory endurance. Introduce physical activities and the benefits of maintaining fitness. Identify proper and improper stretching exercises, demonstrating proper technique. Demonstrate that exercise causes an increase in heart rate and why that is important to good health. Locate various pulse points, and explain what they mean.

22 Feeling Fit Activities Pulse Points Fitness Busters

23 Eating Smart from the Start Lessons Three Overview Teach children the six food groups - grain, vegetable, fruit, dairy, meat, and other (sweet, fats, etc.). Describe serving sizes, and explain how much to eat from each food group. Teach preventing and killing harmful bacteria and germs for food safety.

24 Food Group Flash Serving Fun Eating Smart from the Start Activities

25 Evaluation Part One Name of Organization/School: Kennedy Elementary Address: 33 West MainCity: GreenvilleState: OKZip: 44444 Contact/Teachers Name: Mark MillerWk Phone: 405-321-4444 Date Program Started: 3/1/03Date Program Ended: 4/1/03 Youth group responsible for the program: Campfire Boys and Girls Number of teen/adults leading the programming: 4 Please break down total number of participants by ethnicity and then by males and females. Write the number in the highlighted boxes below. Total Number Participants: 26 African American Asian/Pacific Islander CaucasianHispanicNative American Indian or Alaskan Native MFMFMFMFMF Number of shoes collected 6 pairNumber of shoes distributed 5 pair Names of Organizations/Businesses/Individuals providing shoes or monetary donations: Browns Shoes, Lions Club, Maysville Cheerleader Comments/Questions regarding the program My students really enjoyed the activities. I would suggest that you provide additional classroom lessons and activities for teachers. Kids had fun. 37673

26 Ask the children the following questions following the series of lessons. Briefly highlight their comments below or on a separate piece of paper. What two things will you do to keep your body and teeth cleaner? What two things will you do to stay more physically fit? How many servings of fruits and vegetables should you eat every day? Which food group should you limit what is eaten? Evaluation Part Two

27 Making a Difference in Our Communities

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