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Artful Shoes AP Studio Art 3D Teacher – Jeannette Clawson.

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1 Artful Shoes AP Studio Art 3D Teacher – Jeannette Clawson

2 Whats the Idea? Use the shoe form as a structure to convey an idea. Cut away, add-on, manipulate the original shoe. Stay with a main idea, theme, or concept. The goal is to transform the shoe in three-dimensional space. Consider painting the shoe. Acrylics would work great. You might need a primer coat of acrylic or Gesso first. Remember that just changing the surface design is considered work in 2D – like youre wrapping a flat design around the shoe. Thats not enough. You must change the overall form. Create at least 5 sketches before beginning the project. Push yourself. Take chances. Craftsmanship will be very important to a successful design. We should not see glue or tape. Give yourself enough time to play around with your selected materials so that your concept can evolve. You will probably need to work in stages to allow dry time for paint and glue.

3 Ladys Shoe Car Perhaps a bit smaller, dahling?

4 Penny Woofer Jesse Draper Watercolor on Arches Paper 2008 What a great idea. What materials could you combine or repurpose to create a similar idea in sculpture?

5 Hedgeclog Jesse Draper Watercolor on Arches 2004

6 Flower Shoe Michel Tcherevkoff What principles of design do you see? Look at how the parts are fully integrated with the shoe form? Silk flowers, a stripped down pump, a great eye for detail and… Wah-Lah!

7 Okay. The idea of wearing an actual fish on my foot gives me a scaly tingle. However, what a brilliant idea in terms of merging two unlikely forms together in a way that looks so unified.

8 House Boot by the Pendragon Boot Company This screams of the Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe. Could you turn a boot into a building? Could you select a fairy tale or other literary work as a source inspiration? Of course, you couldnt sew leather together as seen here. However, you could achieve great craftsmanship with planning and an eye for detail.


10 High Tide Heels Paul Schietekat Consider merging the unusual, creating hidden seems with paper mache or Crayola air dry modeling clay. Sand, prime, then spray paint to unify.

11 Art Shoe Cheryl Riello Consider repurposing an existing textile. This reminds me of a little cradle. Make a paper pattern first to ensure the overall design works.

12 Diego Dolcini

13 Michel Tcherevkoff Joanns Fabrics has an excellent selection of fat quarter quilting squares. A stroll passed the display wall would yield endless possibilities. The trick here is to wrap the cloth around thin cardboard. The raw edges can be glued down and hidden from the viewer.

14 Pendragon Boot Company Notice how a traditional boot form is altered sculpturally.

15 Kathryn Meyers Gilbert What could you do with a limited color choice, some tissue paper, and a little glue?

16 A great example of what I am NOT looking for. Please completely avoid the supreme tacky quality resulting from gluing on a bunch of glittery junk. Yes, this piece screams of childhood dress-up days when everyone could be of royal stature. Theres definitely a place out in the creative world for this shoe, but steer away from this look for your portfolio.

17 Just for fun… Here are a few other shoe related images.

18 Shoe Dog Vinti Andrews

19 Alexander McQueen High style design. Theres a waiting list for some of these shoe designs. His designs sell for hundreds of dollars; some even over $1500.00.

20 Pinch yourself as this is possible. The pricey artistic cutting-edge street wear demands a whooping sum of $27,945. Crafted by Mai Lamore, dont degrade them by tagging them as mere shoes as they are no less than a work of art. The 18 karat gold heels are quite sensuous when complemented with the hand dyed silk petals. Well, considering the price tag and beauty attached to it, I would love to buy this pair and wont dare to carry it. It would be my luxurious installed masterpiece. If this precious gold heel gets success in winning your heart then try saving some bucks right away. Of course, it is far cheaper than the worlds most expensive sandals. Via Luxury PortfolioLuxury Portfolio

21 I had to include this image for the pure cringe effect. Someone got a little carried away in Photoshop.

22 Altered Shoe Sculpture Cut shoe Plaster wrap around wooden figure

23 Materials: boot, acrylic paint, cellophane, chain, wire, felt, nails, and round cardboard base Altered Shoe Sculpture

24 You can use your own old shoes or visit a thrift store. I am not asking you to destroy a good pair of your own shoes. I know it could be a bit unsettling to work with someone elses shoes, but youd be surprised how many thrift store shoes are almost brand new. Im not asking you to wear them, just sculpt with them. -- So dont go for the yucky ones or wear gloves when designing. Really. Strongly consider removing the heel and replacing it with one that you make. Study the design and make a plan to separate it from the shoe so that you wont pull apart the entire shoe. If something doesnt work out the first time, get out your sketchbook and try again. You will present one shoe, so you have a back up if you need it. Most of all, have fun with it. Think conceptually. Take a risk.

25 Resources diego-dolcini.html diego-dolcini.html andrews.html andrews.html designs/ designs/

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