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FOOTWEAR --a primer Supervisory Import Specialist (440)

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1 FOOTWEAR --a primer Supervisory Import Specialist (440) 891-3817
Presented by: Lenore Ort Supervisory Import Specialist (440)

2 Two Basics External Surface Area of the Upper (ESAU) Outer Sole

3 ESAU – External Surface Area of Upper
Disregard: Accessories or Reinforcements Removable Shoelaces Tongue of shoe – unless on same plane as shoe

4 Account for 100% of Upper Material must be: Visible Plausible

5 Outer Sole The material having the greatest surface area in contact with the ground

6 When Determining Outer Sole, Disregard:
Separately applied heel Accessories or reinforcements (spikes, bars, nails, protectors, etc.) Textile materials which are not durable or strong enough for normal use (U.S. Note 5)

7 U.S. Note 1(a) Welt Footwear = Goodyear Welt

8 U.S. Note 1 (b) Footwear for Men, Youths & Boys = Youths’ Sizes 11 ½ and Larger for Males If worn by both sexes, it is classified as women’s

9 Other Terms You’ll Want to Know

10 Other Terms: Covering the Ankle – Must reach at least midpoint of outside ankle bone Made on a Base or Platform of Wood – Wood portion must encompass the entire under foot area

11 Other Terms: Foxing – Strip of material, separate from sole and upper, that secures the joint where the sole and upper meet Usually attached by vulcanization, cementing or stitching Applied or molded at sole, overlaps the upper and substantially encircles the entire shoe

12 Other Terms: Foxing-like Band (FLB) – Has the same appearance, qualities or characteristics of a foxing Applied or molded at sole, overlaps upper, and substantially encircles the entire shoe Overlap must be ¼ inch or more on adult shoes

13 Substantial Encirclement (FLB)
60/40 Rule – >60% Encirclement = FLB <40% Encirclement does not = FLB 40% - 60% Encirclement – Judgment Call Toe and Heel Bumpers and Stabilizers are included in FLB encirclement measurements

14 Other Terms: Affixed to Upper Exclusively with an Adhesive – No stitches, staples, nails, etc. Functional Stitching – If stitching is cut the pieces fall apart

15 Other Terms: Open Toe – If you can see any part of the toe, the shoe has an open toe Open Heel – Has a hole in the back of the shoe; the entire heel doesn’t need to be exposed

16 Other Terms: Turned Footwear – Constructed inside-out on the last, then turned right side out so that seams aren’t exposed Slip-on Footwear – Has no closures (laces, buckles, hook & loop, snaps, etc. Designed to be worn without any further securing to the foot. Includes footwear with elastic gores or elastic material at top edge of the upper Includes footwear with non-functional laces

17 Other Terms: Sports Footwear
Designed for sporting activity – has provision for attaching spikes, cleats, clips, etc. Skating boots, ski-boots, cross-country ski footwear, snowboard boots, wrestling boots, boxing boots, cycling shoes

18 Other Terms: Zoris – Wholly of rubber or plastics
Upper is a single molded piece of rubber or plastic Sole is foam rubber or plastic and approximately uniform in thickness Thickest part of sole is neither more than 3/8” thicker than thinnest part nor more than 35% thicker than thinnest part At sole’s thickest point, it is less than 2” thick Upper has straps which form a “V”, “Y”, or “X”

19 6401 Rubber or plastics waterproof footwear of molded or cement construction

20 6402 Footwear with uppers and outer soles of predominantly rubber or plastics

21 6403 Footwear with predominantly leather uppers and outer soles of rubber, plastics, leather or composition leather

22 6404 Footwear with uppers of predominantly textile materials and outer soles of rubber, plastics, leather or composition leather

23 6405 Other footwear not classified in heading

24 Marking of Country of Origin
Both shoes must be marked. Marking must be: Conspicuous Legible Permanent

25 Invoice Description Must be detailed enough for the reviewer to verify classification See 19 CFR

26 Parts of Footwear, HTS 6406 6406.10 – Uppers and Parts of Uppers
Note: Formed uppers must be marked with country of origin – Outer Soles & Heels, R or P – Other (mid-soles, insoles, etc.)

27 Also Includes: Leg Warmers

28 For Additional Information:
Informed Compliance Publication CROSS Commodity Team 315:

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