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Processes for ABB Projects 24-Jun-2004 From Hats to Shoes! (Six Thinking Hats to Six Action Shoes ) Pooja Rajanikant.

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1 Processes for ABB Projects 24-Jun-2004 From Hats to Shoes! (Six Thinking Hats to Six Action Shoes ) Pooja Rajanikant

2 Just Do it.

3 Agenda n What's this all about? n A small revisit to Six Thinking Hats n Six Action Shoes n Navy Formal n Grey Sneakers n Brown Brogues n Orange Gumboots n Pink Slippers n Purple Riding Boots n Pairs n Q & A n Exercise

4 What's this all about? n Identifying the type of situation and respond accordingly n Shoes imply action n Thinking and Planning is only one side of things.The other side is Action n Sequel to Six Thinking Hats

5 A small revisit to Six Thinking Hats Objective look at data, collection of information Hunches,Feelings,Intuitions Logical negative,caution,what can go wrong Logical positive,benefits,feasibility New ideas,creative and innovative approachFacilitation,Thinking Process,MOM-Vote of Thanks

6 Six Action Shoes n Navy Formal – Routines,Procedural approach n Grey Sneakers – Investigation,Exploration n Brown Brogues – Practicality,Sensible n Orange Gumboots – Danger,Emergency,Warning n Pink Slippers – Warmth,Care,Sensitive n Purple Boots– Official role, Authority,Leadership,

7 Navy Formal n Freedom from ambiguity-go by routine n Adhering to formality and procedure n Step by step approach n Acknowledge that it is the best action plan of the moment n Its the crystallization of the best way of doing something-its evolving every time you use

8 Routine

9 Navy Formal -Routine building guidelines n Should apply to a specific situation and do away with doubt and confusion n Application should be straightforward and stepwise n Flexible to cope with special circumstances n Easy to learn and remember

10 Grey Sneakers n Sneaking around quietly, listening and exploring n Casual and relaxed : no desire to be noticed or obvious..just collect information n Investigate when you are clueless n To build a case n Helps making a choice n For deciding the future n To know what you dont know!

11 Seek Information

12 Grey Sneakers- Characteristics n Information may suggest ideas,trigger thinking n Neat and defined data,unbiased in nature but at times purporting the hunch n Launch pad for action n Persistence,full concentration

13 Brown Brogues n Nothing exotic about it : Basic and earthy n Practical,Simple, Effective n Flexibility : Outside established routine n Combination of good values,sense and principles n Clear sense of objectives and priorities which determines action

14 Practical Usage

15 Brown Brogues- How to n Follows simple analysis,understanding,appreciation n How is it likely to develop? n What are the needs? n Doable? n Dont try to be clever.Prefer to be practical

16 Orange Gumboots n If its emergency-Priorities change, new set of rules apply n Danger to human life n Events happen quickly n Unstable and unpredictable situation n Quick action n Focus on danger and ways of reducing

17 Fire fighting (In its original sense!)

18 Orange Gumboots- Guidelines for action n Assess the situation accurately and strategize n Potential development n Assess existing and potential danger to people:involved and bystanders n Communication between parties involved n Change if plans are not working, avoid over reacting.Always good to have backup n Never panic, courage is required all the time

19 Pink Slippers n Human feelings, compassion, care, tender, loving n Medicine and nursing n Its not just about feeling, its about doing something about it n Motivating employees is a key element and so is HR department Putting people first n Its a modifier : adds humane and caring manner to whatever is being done

20 Epitome of Love and Caring

21 Pink Slippers -Levels of caring n Intention : Desire n Empathy,Sympathy,Listening n Gesture : Visible actions n Actual help and care

22 Purple Riding Boots n Pomp and position,indicates authority n Consultation with doctor, lawyer because of their expertise in that area n Exercise your power, dont be apologetic n Do whats expected

23 Police aur Bhai!!

24 Purple Riding Boots -Carrying Out n Clearly signaled and consistent n Protocol n Civilized : No role takes a person above law n Firm,Neutral,Fair n Make it clear that you are acting in your capacity.

25 Pairs NavyGreyBrownOrangePinkPurple NavyFormal inquiries Flexible Routine Emergency pre-decided reaction Routine handled gently Official procedures to be carried out GreyInvestigate using checklists Find out based on ad hoc situation Spying, undercover assignments Ask with caution and care Official inquiries BrownPractical action that uses routine Practical action to get information to decide on next step Practical action in emergency situations Do it with a soft touch Official practical action OrangeStandard procedures in emergency Collect expert opinion during emergency Moment to moment sensible actions Dealing with human suffering in calamities Deciding who is inn charge in emergency situations PinkDealing with delicate situations using a routine way Listening and noting revelations, confessions Hand the practical news tenderly People firstUse official channels to help people PurpleDecorum, drills Use Official statistics Practical action as an authority Leadership in crisis,giving orders Modifying impersonal behavior

26 Q & A

27 EXERCISE-PAIRS NavyGreyBrownOrangePinkPurple Navy Grey Brown Orange Pink Purple

28 1. System crashes prior to the testing phase 2. Bug fixing 3. Working as a News Reporter 4. Interviewing someone for a job 5. Letting younger one have his/her way 6. Befriending a new joinee 7. Performing surgery 8. Appraisal of your team 9. Reviewing code/documents 10. On a construction site, eating fruits as meals EXERCISE-IDENTIFY

29 References n Six Action Shoes by Edward De Bono n n

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