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2 To inform you of your schools participation in Title I To explain the requirements of Title I To explain your rights as parents to be involved

3 School Title I contact: Bahati Ansari (505)243-1118x61313 School Title I contact: Robert Baade, Director (505)243-1118 Parent Organization contact: (505)243-1118 Parent Organization contact: PTSCA Ben McCracken (505)243-1118

4 2011-2012AYP results Math2% Reading9.09% Attendance A letter is sent home explaining AYP status in all schools NOT meeting their AYP goal and explaining parent rights regarding school choice.

5 Right to request teacher qualifications Use of long term substitutes If a teacher is not highly qualified in a subject area

6 Title I is a federally funded program that offers additional federal dollars to support schools in areas with high free-reduced lunch percentages. This is determined by the school lunch forms (Program Eligibility Forms) that you fill out and turn in to the school. This is one of the reasons the school asks you to fill out the free and reduced lunch forms. This years lunch forms provide funds for next year

7 Presently APS schools qualify at 50% Q - What if everyone at our school eats for free? Are we 100%? A - If a school has a very high FRMP percentage, it might select this special lunch program (Provision II), however the school still qualifies on the actual percentage. Charter schools qualify for Title I funds the same as public schools.

8 The schools Title I plan will determine how students will be served. That plan is based on state and short cycle testing, the Educational Plan for Student Success (EPSS), and parent and staff input. This plan is developed each spring for the next school year.

9 School-wide programs provide supplemental funds to upgrade instruction in a high poverty school, without identifying eligible or ineligible students, however low-achieving students must receive additional service.

10 Extra teachers to lower pupil teacher ratio Educational assistants to provide language help for non-English speaking students Computer software Pearson –Success Maker, Waterford, etc. Parent Liaison A reading or math specialist to help students at greatest risk of failing (could be a pull out program or teacher could work in many classrooms with at risk students) Books and supplies not provided by state or district

11 Salary + benefits $48,754.00 Small equipment Textbooks Supplies Other $9,536.00 Parent Involvement $911.00

12 Each Title I school receives funds for parent involvement. These funds come from the 1% set-aside from the APS Title I District budget. 95% of these funds are distributed to schools for their parent involvement programs. Parents must be involved in how these funds are used to support academic achievement of our students.

13 Workshops/Classes for parents* Communication Supplies and equipment for a parent center Childcare for meetings Snacks for parent meetings Materials and books for workshops Meals for parent meetings/workshops that occur during mealtime. * http://robertfkennedycharterhighscho php http://robertfkennedycharterhighscho php

14 Some parent involvement opportunities will require a background check. See principal for initial forms (if you cannot afford the $18 dollars, our school Title I funds may be able to cover some volunteers) Working with: classroom teachers office staff nurse supply room clerk librarian custodians cafeteria staff school leadership teams

15 Greeters Working with local businesses to get them to contribute talent and materials Organizing parent activities Giving school tours to new parents Participating with staff and administration to create the Title I plan, School Parent Involvement Policy and the Educational Plan for Student Success (EPSS) Writing for the school newsletter

16 Parents are invited to be involved in developing or revising the APS Title I District Parent Involvement Procedural Directives.

17 What questions would you like to ask about Title I and how the funds are used ? Do you have any questions about opportunities to volunteer ? Other questions about Title I or parent involvement? If you would like a copy of the Title I compliant policy please check with your school office or call the Title I office.

18 ROBERT F.KENNEDY CHARTER SCHOOL PARENT WEBSITE http://www.rfkcharter.com click on Parent Link

19 Parents Reaching Out We are pleased to announce that Parents Reaching Out (PRO) and Education for Parents of Indian Children with Special Needs (EPICS) will be merging the Family Leadership Action Network (FLAN) conference and the Family Leadership Academy into one Family Leadership Conference this coming year. The conference will be held Thursday, March 21 - Saturday, March 23, 2013 at the Buffalo Thunder Resort. EPICS will continue to have Pre-Conference activities on Wednesday, March 20, 2013. We are looking forward to offering this new and exciting conference for families across the state and our neighboring states to network, learn, be empowered and develop as leaders. Registration and hotel reservation information will be announced soon.Registration


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