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THE CORE Presented by Ken Newsom Title I Supervisor Richland Parish.

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1 THE CORE Presented by Ken Newsom Title I Supervisor Richland Parish

2 Common Core implementation

3 As we began planning for the transition to Common Core, we considered our district needs: 1. Alignment of curriculum and instruction 2. Rigor in classroom instruction 3. Consistency in district curricula 4. Feasibility in access and cost

4 We selected Engage New York as a recommended resource because: 1. Common Core aligned 2. K-12 math and ELA curricula 3. Free and available online 4. Developed by

5 1. year-long scope and sequence documents 2. module overview documents 3. performance tasks 4. lesson plans 5. lesson plan supporting materials

6 Some of the features we really like…

7 provides Curriculum Maps for grade clusters K-5 6-8 9-12








15 EngageNewYork Math

16 1. Fluency practice 2. Concept development 3. Application problems 4. Student debrief * lesson objective review * exit ticket 60 minutes in length

17 primarily two types: Sprints: fast-paced activities designed to develop fluency fun, adrenaline-rich activities reinforce foundational learning RDW activity: read draw and label write a number sentence write a word sentence

18 consists of multiple practice problems teacher prompts guide students Problem Set students apply concepts RDW approach to solve problems

19 problems give students the opportunity to apply new concepts students are encouraged to share work and compare approaches

20 intended to invite reflection and active processing of the total lesson experience generally a review of student solutions to the problem set teacher questions lead the discussion Exit ticket allows assessment of student understanding

21 Classwork examples (concept development) exercises (problem set) Closing lesson summary exit ticket 45 minute lessons

22 evaluates lesson quality via four components: alignment to the rigor of the CCSS key areas of focus in the CCSS instructional supports assessment



25 Like math, the ELA curriculum is arranged into three grade clusters K-2 3-5 6-12

26 K-2 curriculum made up of three components: Listening and Learning strand – teaches listening comprehension and vocabulary Skills strand– teaches reading and writing Guided Reading – additional DI literacy time Grades 3-12 curricula include: Six modules that focus on reading, writing, listening, and speaking in response to high- quality texts

27 Some of the features we really like…

28 Both EngageNY and the Louisiana ELA Scope and Sequence present thematic units constructed around a central text and supported by multiple related texts that share the common theme. These literary works are thematically grouped in order to engage students in a variety of rigorous writing opportunities




32 Daily, 60 minute lessons Reading anthologies provided Core vocabulary lists for each lesson Three types of comprehension questions - Literal – text dependent - Inferential – think critically - Evaluative – making judgments Student performance task assessments Above and Beyond Supplemental Guide

33 60 minute lessons 1. Opening A. Quick Write B. Unpacking Learning Targets 2. Work Time 3. Closing and Assessment A. Review B. Exit Ticket 4. Homework

34 Integrated literacy units for grades 6-12 The units model instruction and provide necessary materials The units are composed of four (or more) three-week stand-alone units 1. Reading Closely for Textual Details 2. Making Evidence-based Claims 3. Researching to Deepen Understanding 4. Building Evidence-based Arguments

35 EngageNewYork ELA

36 Cold reads Teacher read alouds Reading for the 5WH Reading for unfamiliar vocabulary Reading for gisting Reading to gather textual evidence

37 Students have regular opportunities to use evidence gathered through close reading activities to produce text-based responses to rigorous writing prompts

38 These assessments give students the chance to apply their knowledge and demonstrate their deep understanding of a units theme through writing

39 the EngageNY ELA strategies beyond the ELA classroom

40 In WFSGs, ELA teachers are training other core- subject teachers to utilize close–reading and text-based writing activities to improve reading comprehension and writing skills

41 ELA teachers work together using a rubric to practice scoring text-based writing consistently ELA teachers bring samples of their students text- based writing to WFSG meetings to work with other teachers in using a rubric to practice scoring text-based writing consistently Teachers begin using the rubric to evaluate text- based writing in their own courses. All teachers continue to bring text-based writing samples to WFSGs to practice consistent scoring


43 The way it breaks down the writing assignments is SO nice. I'm actually a pretty decent writing teacher because of EngageNY. Students enjoy working in groups to peer teach and share!! EngageNY teaches by repetition. Students learn steps to solve problems. The RDW approach is very productive in math. It is very rigorous. I am not sure the LEAP will go that deep. Lol.

44 My students are becoming better at citing evidence in their constructed response answers. The activities are rigorous and really allow the students to dig deep in order to gain a better understanding of the reading material. I have seen improvement in vocabulary skills and retention of information because of the close-read worksheets that accompany each story. Their skills in finding the answers to the text-related questions are also improving. I have seen great improvement in my weaker students' writing ability because how they have them write is so straight forward. No room for fluff, just quotes and explanations.

45 Math - didn't like it at first because we jumped right into some stuff that they really didn't get, BUT after I figured out where we were going, I really like it. The kids are thinking and figuring out different ways to solve problems. They don't always get those application word problems correct, but they get some of it. That's saying a lot for 6 year olds who didn't do this last year!

46 The articles we have to print are sometimes five pages. This means five pages for each student. That's a lot of time at the copy machine. It's almost too rigorous. My strugglers often feel overwhelmed. Some of the literary works may not be suitable for students in the bible belt. This curriculum does not allow time for DI with students.

47 The major weaknesses of the curriculum are the length of the modules and the pace. My only issue is still getting it all in within the time frame. It requires more time with my students so staying on their pace is not possible. The biggest concern I have with EngageNY is the timeline!!! It drags out the novels for too long!

48 Strengths Common Core alignment Rigorous activities Availability/ease of access Cost effectiveness as a resource

49 Concerns Student learning gaps Unrealistic instructional timelines Some controversial subject matter Printing costs of student materials Teacher content knowledge gaps

50 EngageNY is an excellent resource. It presents best-practice strategies. It shows teachers what rigor looks like. Students enjoy the engagement in learning. EngageNY lessons align with the majority of the Compass rubric components. Good teachers will embrace its best strategies and become better teachers.

51 EngageNY math portal: EngageNY ELA portal: NY Rubric for text-based writing: rce/attachments/regentsela-b-4-part-3-rubric.pdf Tri-State Rubrics for evaluating CCSS lesson quality: quality-review-rubric-and-rating-process quality-review-rubric-and-rating-process

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