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Seminario de Biometría 2006 Ministry of Interior Arnaud Laurans VP Latin America Identity Buenos Aires, Argentina November 23th, 2006.

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1 Seminario de Biometría 2006 Ministry of Interior Arnaud Laurans VP Latin America Identity Buenos Aires, Argentina November 23th, 2006

2 2 Gemalto = Gemplus + Axalto Combining our assets: serving you better US$2.2 billion in combined pro-forma 2005 revenue US$2.7 billion in market capitalization 11,000 employees, 65 nationalities at your service 21 production sites, 32 personalization centers, 9 R&D centers and 120 sales and marketing offices Combined R&D spend US$146 million) in 2005, with over 1500 R&D engineers

3 3 Gemalto in Latin America and Caribbean Islands

4 4 Agenda Foreword: ID market trends e-Passport & e-ID Sweden Case E-HealthCare French Case – Vitale

5 5 Growing market subject to political uncertainty Terrorism/Immigration/Fraud US and EU decision for ePass roll out EU decision for a common eID card Admin cost reduction (Health) Privatization of state-owned NP/perso center starting Political uncertainty (financing, privacy concern and political changes) National Preference Standard and interoperability Project based and long sales process Privacy concern continue to hurdle Source: Gemalto marketing, June 06

6 6 Non secure IDs generate costs & risks Illegally obtain country welfare and benefits Illegal immigration or residency Enter a country illegally, reside in the country illegally Enables ID theft: fraudulent people do fraudulent actions on others behalf 214,905 complaints filed in 2003 for ID theft in the US (+28% vs. 2002) Probably over 2,700 related to fake driving licenses alone UK estimate: the cost of total ID fraud to the economy: £1,7bn ($2,5 bn) Eases illegal driving, increasing accidents In the US in 2000, drivers with illegal Driving License generated 6,200 fatalities, and had a total economic cost of USD 25 billion Creates opportunities for terrorist acts 9/11 terrorists used invalid Driving License to board plane

7 7 Security & Privacy: main underlying concerns E-documents offer strongest Security, based on secure chips… Conventional ID documents are increasingly subject to forgery. –Visual elements provide insufficient confidence in the authenticity of the document. Chips add a new incremental degree of security to the passport –Ultimate hardware security –Fast reading speed … while enabling Privacy Chip has unmatched ability to protect information from unauthorized access. –Checks are done without accessing a database –Sensitive information is in the citizen pocket and remains there Citizens want to maintain full control over their personal data, especially biometrics –Deployment success depends on citizens confidence By combining visual & electronic security while ensuring privacy, e- docuement is a powerful tool for control authorities

8 8 Passports standardized in EU Minimum security features2005 Jan Electronic passports2006 Aug Fingerprints2009 June Council Regulation referring to ICAO recommendations, national legislation to be prepared in member states ICAO Technical Reports:LDS, Biometrics Deployment, PKI Polycarbonate ideal for top security and ePassport (ISO standards 7810, 7816, 14443) Standardization

9 9 E-passport Migration agenda US defined deadline for Visa Waiver Countries (VWC) VWC must have started the migration toward electronic passport October 2006 EU defined deadline for EU 25 EU 25 must deploy electronic passport with containing facial image June 2006 EU defined deadline for EU 25 EU 25 must implement fingerprints on electronic passport December 2007

10 10 Gemalto ID References ApplicationGemalto references National ID Austria Belgium Ecuador Finland Malaysia Oman Qatar Singapore Sweden Tunisia UAE Passport Czech Republic Denmark France Finland Lithuania Portugal Norway Singapore Slovenia Sweden EU Biodev (eVisa) US Reg Traveller Driver License Car Registration, Argentina El Salvador Finland India Norway Tachograph Andorra France Luxembourg Netherlands Portugal Spain Slovakia Slovenia Immigration, Resident Brazil Colombia Mexico Philippines Singapore Healthcare Algeria Belgium China Europe E111 France SV, CPS Finland Germany Mexico Puerto Rico Slovenia

11 11 E-passport & E-ID Sweden case

12 12 Sweden Current situation Issuer of passports: Police (Rikspolisstyrelsen / RPS) E-Passport & e-ID since Oct Contract term Contract value: 100M, doc + perso. E-Passport: 800Ku / year E-ID: 1.2 Mu / year First country in Europe to issue an e- passport and the first in the world to combine e-Passport and e-ID. Fully revised booklet design with several new security features incl. polycarbonate data page with embedded chip & antenna Population: 8.6 Mu

13 13 Innovative solution for 2 e-documents A comprehensive e-Passport and e-ID scheme, fully compliant with EU and ICAO Module / Inlay Card / Passport Personalization Solution Enrollment Verification / Border control Personalization Service CMS KMS Perso Equip Data Prep

14 14 Sweden Documents Migration National passport with polycarbonate data page Temporary passport (paper based) Special passports No national ID card issued by the police Oct 2005 National e-passport with polycarbonate data page chip inside data page 32K memory to store LDS with facial image only centralized personalization National Express e-passport with polycarbonate data page chip inside data page 32K memory to store LDS with facial image only decentralized personalization Temporary passport (paper based) Special passports National Electronic Identity Card

15 15 Personalization Process Centralized vs. De-centralized Both models used at the moment Now smaller laser-engraving machines available for low volume personalization Centralized has several advantages due to better security management: –No virgin booklets in several locations –Enhanced physical and logical security in one location, also less expensive –More effective process due to economics of scale Polycarbonate e-passport can apply both models

16 16 n5 years validity nApplication fee 400 SEK (~ 40 EUR) nSame information as in the passports nSame process as for the passport nSame IT-system as for the passport nEnrolment at the police nRetrieval at the police stations nElectronic Identity Sweden e-ID card No magnetic stripe nor bar code MRZ on the back side

17 17 Two in One Contact chip for eID ISO 7816 Contactless chip same as the passport ISO Polycarbonate Card Body

18 18 nFollows the recommendations from ICAO nLDS (Logical Data Structure) nEU regulations nSame contents as in the ePassport nPassive authentication nBasic Access Control nType B 32K chip Features of the contactless chip Contactless chip same as the passport ISO 14443

19 19 nFacial image (token image), < 20K, JPEG format nSignature nHeight nEnrolment at the Police nFingerprints within 3 years (2 fingers) Biometrics Contactless chip same as the passport ISO 14443

20 20 nElectronic ID and digital signature n PKI enabled with 32K memory nPKI key pair pre-generated nNo certificate in the beginning nTogether with Statskontoret Contact chip for eID ISO 7816

21 21 Enrolment process Application Police assistant Manufacturer AB Svenska Pass Deliver document to the Police station RPS CA Signed information ICAO Public Key Directory Public key Picture Signature (Fingerprints) Give the document to the applicant Production file Identification Read and control the chip Delivery

22 22 E-ID Summary nHigh security ID document visually and electronically nA passport in ID1 form factor nBiometrics supported as in National e-passport nEnrolment process exactly same as in e-passport nContact chip enables also e-government and private sector e-services

23 23 E- Healthcare French Case – Vitale

24 24 E-Healthcare is a global trend Healthcare system : Answers the basic need of security Allows economy growth Manages Billions of Euros per year Is a Key cost center for the national competitiveness In a challenging worldwide eco-system, Healthcare and Social systems need for a better control and cost reduction : From paper forms to e-documents From 1st Generation of e-document to 2nd generation of e-document and pre- authorization Shared personal medical file European harmonization by 2010 : project -> geographic mobility

25 25 e-Healthcare & Social Systems The main drivers are: Dematerialize the medical prescription from paper to electronic reduce costs and increase efficiency Pre-authorize on line the health transaction : Control the validity of the right of the patient Secure the distribution of social fund to the poor population : Use the electronic cash functionality Two types of e-healthcare system : Off-line : Allows decentralized system even in remote area (no IP or telecom infrastructure) On-line : Strong control on the validity of right Possibility to update easily the card parameters Most of the time : System starts with off-line then introduce the on-line function Can be a mix of both on-line in the city and off-line in the remote area Smart card is the best proven technology

26 26 French Case - Vitale FORECAST Eco system The first French Healthcare system is born in 1830 The current system is still the same since 1948 Healthcare spending in 2005 : 190 Billions Euros National Health insurances: 136 Billion Complementary Health insurances: 30 Billion Paid by the patient : 24 Billion State Budget = 320 Billions Euros In 1995 : first deployment of e-healthcare application Vitale project Concept of the Vitale project Reduce the operating cost of the French insurances Create an IT system for Healthcare saving of 300 Meuro per year On going project Vitale2 On-line capability Possibility to run multi application – Healthcare and then pay for the debit card E-prescriptions Prepare the techno based for the central Medical Data File

27 27 The French Architecture

28 28 Electronic claim creation

29 29 Benefits of the VITALE card For the insurances Cost reduction of 300 Meuro per year Better tractability of the costs allowing better focus on cost reductions Patients Are reimburse in a 5 days instead of 1 month Easy to use and convenient

30 Thank you

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