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International Liquor Stores Co. BUSINESS PLAN PRESENTATION.

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2 International Liquor Stores Co. BUSINESS PLAN PRESENTATION


4 to sell liquor, lottery, wine and snacks. What we will be doing

5 Location Long Island City Waterfront View

6 Business Philosophy With the opening of our business, we strive to embrace the beauty in the diversity of our cultures through our traditional alcoholic beverages.

7 Who will we target We will mainly target everyone thats of age to drink, this way we will expose our vast variety of liquor to everyone.

8 The Team Franchesca Arroyo – CEO of International Liquor Stores Co. Juyeon Ji - Management Ewelina Greszka- Financial Adeel Javed - License Aldo Bueno- Human Resources Herbert Markowski- Logistics

9 Market Summary Our business will be opening in a new, upscale community in LIC named LIC waterfront piers. The fact that there are many new additions to this community such as new condos, restaurants, bars and our International Liquor Store, this will help contribute to the uprising of our business with many people participating in helping our business grow financially.

10 Financial Plan Start-up Rent & Utilities$8,000 Security deposit (3 x monthly rent )$24,000 License (3years)$4,198 Lawyer$6,005 Start-Up Inventory$200,000 Shelving and display equipment$6.000 Coolers$2,000 In store security cameras system$ 2.000 Register, CC machine$ 2.000 Total Start-Up Cost$250,000

11 Financial Plan Rough Monthly ExpensesA month Staffing$7,000 Inventory$35,000 Insurance$1,083 Marketing$3,000 Total Monthly Expenses$50,000

12 Financial Plan Open 6 days a week each day sales average- $2,700 Open 25 days a month $2.700 x 25 = $67,000 Expected year gross profit $67,000 x12 = $804,000 Total Gross Profit Less Total Operating Expenses $800,000- $600,000= $200.000 Total pre taxed profit $200,000 The owner net income is about 10% of the store gross sales

13 License

14 The rules an regulation of liquor store The licensee must have an office in New York State The office must be physically separated from other premises. No other business may be conducted on the licensed premises. There must be an employee present during regular business hours. Books and records must be kept on the licensed premises and available for inspection during regular business hours. The licensee must be a U.S. citizen or have a Green Card. Warehouse can be located anywhere; however if it is located in the same building as the licensed premises, it must have a separate entrance.

15 Human Resources 2 Managers always on duty, General Manager and Supervisor to monitor inventory and cashie rs. 4 cashiers on duty in 8 hour shifts. 2 stock boys to unload shipments and re-stock shelves as needed.

16 Technology The whole store inventory will be upload to our Pos(Point of Sale) cash registers with the main computer located in the Office. POS (point of sale) is the physical location at which goods are sold to customers. A point-of-sale (POS) software terminal is a computer replacement for a cash register. More sophisticated than traditional cash registers, a POS (point of sale) software system includes the ability to track customer orders, process credit cards, and manage inventory.

17 Technology Cameras will monitor the store 24 hours seven days a week. Which all partners can access via the web. A set of wireless cameras are weatherproof and durable, for outdoor or indoor use. Built-in 12 inf rared LED lights enables you to view up to 22 f eet (7 meters) at night or in low-light settings.

18 Logistics In our logistics department we will be managing all the processes that make up the supply chain, whic h plans, implements and controls the efficient and e ffective forward and reverse flow of goods providing the right product, in the right quantity and at the right time. Every day we will be coordinating the storage of g oods and its conditions and making sure that the pr oducts that our Liquor store offers are always available. Managing transport and distribution schedules inclu ding drivers and Backroom staff.

19 Logistics Our goal is to make our logistics system the best, as a result, the liquor store will be equipped with complex computer systems to control the flow of goods and to gather all the information that we need in order to not only improve our processes, but also to protect our longevity as a service provider to our customers

20 Thank you International Liquor Stores Co.

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