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Standard Life – SLAICO A New Limited Health Plan

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1 Standard Life – SLAICO A New Limited Health Plan
Clay Peek, PEEK PERFORMANCE INC Robbie Nevers, Director of Voluntary/Worksite Marketing SLAICO (this is a “marketer neutral” site)

2 New Limited Med Plan -SLAICO
Our Marketing Philosophy We believe in Major Medical health insurance. Sell it every time you can. Yet, we all know that a significant portion of the general population cannot afford or cannot medically qualify to purchase a Major Medical plan. These kinds of Limited Health plans can be a life saver to your prospects who may have thought that they’d have to do without health coverage. Our Goal: Choose the right kind of plan for each client, Explain these plans properly, Offer other supplemental coverage where appropriate Educate clients on PPO/discount tools at every opportunity. We commit to do the best we can to help our clients. New Limited Med Plan -SLAICO

3 New Limited Med Plan -SLAICO
Target: Individual and Group Health Agents Overview: New Limited Medical Health Plan High Commissions Great Company Competitive Rates Rich Benefits Ease of use New Limited Med Plan -SLAICO

4 Standard Life & Acc Ins Co SLAICO
Standard Life is an A Rated Carrier With a strong financial position With a great portfolio of products With easy entrance – easy sales strategy With great rewards for the agents who sell Part of ANTEX, American National of Texas ANTEX Founded in 1905 Standard Life & Acc Ins Co SLAICO

5 Standard Life & Acc Ins Co SLAICO
State Availability – Limited Med Plan Currently approved in the following states: AZ, DE, IA, IL, LA, MI, MO, MS, NE, NV, OH, OK, SC, TN, TX, UT, WI, KY, NC Recently Filed in: AR, NM, PA, WY, WV, IN Not Filed, but anticipate filing in: RI, WA, HI, OR, ND, SD Will file in GA as a Hospital Indemnity plan on an “Individual” chassis – soon! Standard Life & Acc Ins Co SLAICO

6 Other Products - SLAICO
These products are available in many more states – see SLAICO website to learn more. Medicare Supplement – N & High Ded F ! Final Expense Critical Illness – Indiv & Group Cancer – Indiv & Group Short Term Recovery (“LTC Light”) Group Limited Health 2+ on list bill (includes maternity, fully insured RX, full takeover – GI and can waive Pre Ex – Must have 10 ee’s minimum or 20% participation) … and more! Other Products - SLAICO

7 Marketing Features - SLAICO
Contract Via Phone! Take Applications Via Phone 15 mo advance & “as earned” options No interest on the advance No bad debt roll up to marketer European Incentive trip! Fills soft spots in other GI plan marketing – the younger client – can purchase a cheaper plan the 32 yr old housewife w 2 children the 58 yr old retired couple! Simplified Issue (not GI) List bill – 2 or more employees One rate for single parent w/ children Marketing Features - SLAICO

8 Easy Pickings! SLAICO KILLER! It’s a
… In the Limited Health Marketplace. There are a lot of wonderful companies and plans playing in this market space. Assuming we’re providing good or better benefits at a similar or cheaper rate … Why not get 1st year commissions and a higher renewal (and a great incentive trip!) … especially if … Easy Pickings! SLAICO

9 Unlike nearly every other health insurance plan in the market - This plan is a Guaranteed Renewable Policy SLAICO CAN’T CANCEL the plan – unless they want to close their doors forever. One Unique Feature

10 Let’s take a closer look - SLAICO
Let’s see the our website Review the Benefits Check Rates Look at an Application See an Outline of Coverage Note methods of app submission Learn where to get help You can find so much help on this website: Let’s take a closer look - SLAICO

11 About the Money… SLAICO
Agent – 25% GA – 30% Paid Direct, Vested Day 1 Advanced or As Earned commissions are paid weekly Great Commissions on their other products too! About the Money… SLAICO

12 Contracting - SLAICO Go to our website and click on the SLAICO link.
Complete and fax back the “Producer Information Sheet” and we’ll give you the contracting number – or we can have SLAICO call you (and your agents) Takes about 2 weeks to get writing number Contracting is by phone … takes 10 minutes – and it’s easy! If you have Vectors, you MUST pay them off before you can get appointed. Contracting - SLAICO

13 Contacting - SLAICO Health Customer Service – 888 350 1488
Agent Services Line – Temporary Login: spi030 Temporary Password: See link for details on Health Applications by phone & fax coversheet to submit business You may also use Scanit to upload apps directly to SLAICO Underwriters Contacting - SLAICO

14 Questions - SLAICO Sarah Gibbons @ 864 228 2635
Gary or Andrew – Marketers Effective dates 1-28 You may request a specific draft date Commissions paid weekly – Agents can have either an advanced or an “as earned” writing number Weekly advance may be capped – approximately at/near $2000 Persistency – 80% required for Advances Questions - SLAICO

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