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How to Write a Winning Business Plan By: Jessica, Melanie and Mehr.

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1 How to Write a Winning Business Plan By: Jessica, Melanie and Mehr

2 Todays Workshop Small Introduction Break up into groups Presentations

3 The Business Plan A formal document outlining the foundations, strategies and goals of a business or organization Used to demonstrate why these plans and goals are attainable both financially and strategically Includes background information and company structure Split up into several sections

4 1. The Executive Summary Most important part Should touch on all other aspects of the plan in a summarized, brief and effective manner Contains an overview, descriptions, and main conclusions regarding the key points of the business Should be tailored to prospective audience

5 2. Business/Team Summary Description of team History Governance and Structure Past Achievements

6 3. Product/Robot Description Detailed description of product or service sold by the business Benefits and ability of product to satisfy needs Product Life Cycle Research and Development

7 4. Market Analysis Description of industry and target market Size, Characteristics, Trends Market Research Surveys, Correlational Studies, Interviews Competition

8 5. Strategy and Implementation Summary Competitive Edge Differentiation Techniques Growth Strategy How will your business grow? Marketing Strategy How will you promote your business?

9 6. Financial Information Section should prove why fore-mentioned goals are attainable financially Historical Financial Data Current Balance Sheet, Income Statement Prospective Financial Details

10 Remember… Use professional and concise language Dont be afraid to show-off Include lots of visuals – graphs, pictures Have fun and be creative!

11 Activity Split into groups Create an innovative robot that helps around the house Pretend you are a start-up business and write a 2-page (max) outline of a business plan for your innovation Present your business plan and idea to the judges!

12 Judging Criteria Presentation Quality of Business Plan Feasibility of product

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