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Pleasant Hill Middle School

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1 Pleasant Hill Middle School
Personal Mobile Computing Device Discipline Plan

2 Policy IJNDB Use of Technology Resources in Instruction
Technology is a vital part of education and the operation of the district. In an effort to promote learning and to expand educational resources for students, the district has made arrangements to provide students and staff with access to various types of technology. The district's goal in providing this technology is to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, communication and innovation. Access to technology is a privilege not a right. With this privilege also comes a responsibility to use this access solely for educational purposes and not for inappropriate purposes. The district will not tolerate the inappropriate use of technology by any person. District administrators are directed to develop appropriate guidelines to govern the use of technology and to implement technology protection measures and safety rules as required by the conditions of eligibility for any federal or state technology funding assistance program

3 iPads are… tools Lexington School District One has provided for you in order to support your learning and to prepare you for higher education opportunities and careers

4 PHMS Apple Expectations
Apples “OFF” – when entering a classroom, we turn our iPads OFF unless we are using them; we turn our iPads to sleep mode or power them off. Apples “UP” – when entering a classroom, we put our iPads UP; we put our iPads in a safe place like. Apples “UP” in the hallways; when we are moving from class to class, we put our Apples in a safe place. Apples “ON TASK” – when using our iPads for learning, we stay ON TASK; we close out previously used apps and open only designated apps.

5 Disciplinary Offenses
Classroom Offenses Minor Offenses Major Offenses

6 Classroom Offenses Improper use of device during instructional time (using your iPad for something other than what the teacher is instructing you to use it for) Unauthorized use of device during instructional time (using it without your teacher’s permission) DO NOT ARGUE ABOUT IT.

7 Classroom Offense Disciplinary Consequences
Teachers will use the following disciplinary consequences when addressing classroom offenses, while taking into consideration the nature of the incident and the student’s prior technology offenses: 1st time - Warning/Conference; parent contact 2nd and 3rd - Classroom restriction of iPad (for the remainder of the class period), LUNCH DETENTION, and parent contact (2 times; 4th time you are addressed by a teacher about your iPad, referral to administration) administrative restriction of iPad (1 week, 5 school days, administrative detention or ISS, and parent contact)

8 Minor Offenses Illegal installation or transmission of copyrighted materials Unauthorized use of Internet or computer games Deleting district loaded apps: Pages, Numbers, iMovie, GarageBand, Keynote) Downloading inappropriate applications (app) You may not download violent games like CrimeCity, TriggerFist, etc. You may not have a social media app or a texting app (like Facebook, Twitter, Kik, TextMe, Instagram) Violating the Lexington School District One’s Acceptable Use Policy PhotoStream Giving out personal information, for any reason, over the Internet

9 Minor Offense Disciplinary Consequences
Administration can use any of the following disciplinary consequences, if applicable, when addressing minor offenses, while taking into consideration the nature of the incident and the student’s prior technology offenses: Student Conference and Parent Contact In-School Suspension (ISS) Out-of-School Suspension (OSS)

10 Inappropriate Apps
Quick Links; Personal Mobile Computing Scroll down to the list of prohibited apps Click on “social media” and view the list of apps that are considered social media apps When in doubt, DON’T DOWNLOAD the app. Ask Mrs. Robbins or Coach Carpenter FIRST.

11 Downloaded Apps If you download an app, and it doesn’t work, it is most likely an inappropriate app. It is in your best interest to speak with Mrs. Robbins immediately if you download an app like this OR if you find an inappropriate app has loaded on your iPad overnight.

12 Major Offenses Bypassing the Lexington County School District One Web filter (deleting MobileIron or AnyConnect or deleting Profiles) Action violating existing board policy or public law Deleting district system applications and changing of iPad settings (exceptions include personal settings such as font size, brightness, etc.) Sending, transmitting, accessing, uploading, downloading, or distributing obscene, offensive, profane, threatening, pornographic, obscene or sexually explicit materials Use of chat rooms or sites selling term papers, book reports and other forms of student work Spamming ( used as a way of messaging) Gaining access to another student’s accounts, files and/or data Use of the school’s Internet or accounts for financial gain, commercial gain or any illegal activity Vandalism (any malicious attempt to harm or destroy iPad) Transmission or access of obscene, offensive or threatening materials or materials intended to harass or demean

13 Major Offenses Disciplinary Consequences
First Offense - possible1–3 days OSS and parent conference Second Offense – possible 3 days OSS and parent conference Third Offense – possible recommendation for expulsion and appropriate law enforcement intervention, if applicable All of these consequences are based on the severity of the offense; a first time offense may result in expulsion and law enforcement involvement.

14 Please keep in mind… The administration reserves the right to handle any of the above actions or any other action determined to be a misuse of technology in the manner they feel is the most appropriate for all concerned. For additional information on acceptable use of technology, please refer to the Lexington County School District One Technology Acceptable Use Policy.

15 Carrying Personal Mobile Computing Devices
The district provides students with protective cases for their Personal Mobile Computing devices. These cases have sufficient padding for typical use. If your school-issued case starts to come apart, take it to the Help Desk immediately. Students must keep their Personal Mobile Computing devices inside a protective cases at all times. Cases should not hold other objects. Folders, workbooks, etc. should be kept in a book bag or carried separately to avoid placing excessive pressure and weight on the Personal Mobile Computing device screen.

16 General Precautions Use only a clean, soft cloth to clean the screen. Do not use cleansers of any type. Carefully insert cords and cables into the Personal Mobile Computing device to prevent damage. Personal Mobile Computing devices and district-issued covers must remain free of any writing, drawing, stickers or labels not the property of Lexington County School District One. “Skins” and other personalization are prohibited. Never leave your Personal Mobile Computing devices in an unlocked locker, unlocked car or any other unsupervised area. Students are responsible for keeping their Personal Mobile Computing device’s battery charged for school each day.

17 Screen Care Screen damage will occur when pressure is applied to the screen. Users must avoid leaning on the top of the device or placing objects in a book bag or protective case in a way that it applies pressure to the screen. Use only a dry soft cloth or anti-static cloth to clean the screen. Do not bump the Personal Mobile Computing device against lockers, walls, car doors, floors, etc., as it will crack and break the screen. The Optional Protection

18 Things to remember… You are responsible for anything that happens to or on your iPad. DO NOT touch anyone else’s iPad, and do not let them touch yours. Use school for educational purposes. signatures should be appropriate; Ryann Robbins, Pleasant Hill Middle School, Lexington School District One. Use FaceTime only for educational purposes. Do not take pictures of or record anyone on your iPad. Do not respond to s about announcements or the daily lunch s. Keep your iPad closed and in your bookbags when walking in the halls. You MUST always have a case on your iPad; if you do not like the school issued case, you may put a new one on there, but you are still responsible for the one given to you by the school. If what you are about to do on your iPad you would not do with Mrs. Robbins standing behind you, DON’T DO IT!

19 Who can help with what? Mrs. Robbins – general questions about discipline Mr. Canada – technical help Coach Carpenter – questions about specific apps that you can/cannot download Mr. Addis – Edmodo and PowerSchool questions

20 Broken iPad? If your iPad screen becomes broken, you can turn it in to the Help Desk for repair. We will issue you a loaner when there are loaners to be issued. The Optional Protection Plan covers one screen breakage. DO NOT touch anyone else’s iPad and DO NOT let them touch yours!

21 Storage If you receive a message that your “storage is full and you need to manage it,” the first things you should start deleting are pictures, videos, and music. The next step to clearing out your storage and making room is to delete the games that you loaded. DO NOT DELETE DISTRICT LOADED APPS; pay attention when you are deleting!

22 Help Desk There is a Help Desk to assist you with iPad problems.
Mr. Canada is present before school, during all three lunches, and after school. DO NOT come in the middle of class unless your teacher has already received permission from Mr. Canada to send you.

23 Final Thoughts… iPads are meant to enhance your educational opportunities. If you have any questions, please come see Mrs. Robbins or Coach Carpenter during your lunch or send them an .

24 Before you leave… Reading Race Battle of the BoxTops
New Cases & Help Desk Appendix A: (yellow) Personal Mobile Computing Device Agreement Appendix B: (orange) Student Pledge for Use of the Personal Mobile Computing Guide

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