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Public Hearing Federal Fiscal Year 2014 Consolidated Annual Action Plan Governor Nathan Deal Prepared By: Georgia Department of Community Affairs Gretchen.

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1 Public Hearing Federal Fiscal Year 2014 Consolidated Annual Action Plan Governor Nathan Deal Prepared By: Georgia Department of Community Affairs Gretchen Corbin, Commissioner

2 Objective Consolidated/Annual Action Plan Overview eCon Planning Suite: Consolidated Plan & IDIS Grant Programs Overview HOME Investment Partnership Program Community Development Block Grant Emergency Solutions Grants Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS CAPER Accomplishments Federal Fiscal Year 2014 Needs and Priorities

3 Consolidated Plan 1. Describes the jurisdictions 3 or 5 year community development priorities and multiyear goals 2. Needs assessment and market analysis and economic market conditions and available resources

4 Purpose Help states and local jurisdictions assess their affordable housing and community development needs and market conditions to make investment decisions Serves as the framework for community-wide dialogue to identify housing and community development priorities

5 Annual Action Plan 1. Consolidated Plan is carried out through the Annual Action Plan 2. Summary of the actions, activities, and specific federal and non-federal resources each year 3. Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluations Report (CAPER) – report on the prior year accomplishments

6 eCon Planning Suite In May 2012, HUD grantees started submitting their Consolidated Plan using the template in IDIS Online and CPD Maps Facilitates the planning process Online data mapping tool for place-based planning Publicly available, community stakeholders access to the same data bout/conplan/cp_idis

7 Citizen Participation Plan Encourages citizens to review proposed activities and program performance Local meetings Review proposed activities and program performance Provide timely written answers Identify how the needs of non-English speaking residents can reasonably participate


9 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Entitlement program allocates annual grants to larger cities and urban counties to develop viable communities: 1.Provide decent housing 2.Suitable living environment 3.Opportunities to economic development

10 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) State Administered CDBG (aka Small Cities) Award grants to smaller local government to carry out community development activities based on the funding priorities and criteria for selecting projects CDBG is one of the longest continuously ran program at HUD m_planning/communitydevelopment/programs

11 HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME) Largest Federal block grant to states and local government designed to create affordable housing for low-income household Allocation can be used for partnering with local nonprofit groups, fund activities to build, acquire and/or rehabilitate affordable housing for rent or homeownership or provide direct rental assistance to low-income people

12 HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME) HOME is authorized under Title II of the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act, as amended Eligible Activities Home purchase or rehabilitation financing assistance to eligible homeowners and new home buyers Build or rehabilitation housing for rent or ownership Acquisition Tenant-based Rental Assistance (24 months limited Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO)

13 Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Awarded to states and local governments to support public agencies and nonprofit organizations that provide homeless assistance services in the community Expanded under the HEARTH Act to include homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing components – assist individuals and families to regain stability in permanent housing after experiencing a housing crisis or homelessness

14 Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) HUD issued interim regulations along with corresponding amendments to the Consolidated Plan regulations Subrecipients that want to operate the homeless assistance and/or homelessness prevention project must apply to the State Five (5) Program Components 1.Street Outreach 2.Emergency Shelter 3.Homelessness Prevention 4.Rapid Re-housing Assistance 5.Data Collection through HMIS

15 Housing Opportunity for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA) Dedicated to address the housing needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS and their families Funds are distributed to states, cities and eligible MSAs Funds are used for housing, social services, program planning, development cost, facility operations, rental assistance, and short-term payment to prevent homelessness

16 FFY2010FFY2011FFY2012 FFY2013 CDBG $43,644,802$36,631,109$34,533,844 $37,110,886 HOME $24,500,584$21,491,880$14,766,869 $14,150,146 ESG $ 2,262,240$ 3,559,097$ 4,082,742 $ 3,308,761 HOPWA $ 2,025,746$ 2,019,428$ 2,038,769 $ 1,964,378 STATE OF GEORGIA HUD FUNDING LEVELS BY PROGRAM Federal Fiscal Year 2010 - 2013

17 Consolidated Plan Annual Performance Plan (CAPER) Federal Fiscal Year 2012 Accomplishments July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013

18 CDBG PROGRAM ACCOMPLISHMENTS Objectives # Benefited # LMI Benefited % LMI Benefited Public/Private Leverage Public Improvements23,58421,34691%$ 10,372,184 Economic Development Jobs Created or Retained90581690%$ 309,679,299 Housing Households Benefited44 100%$ 205,544


20 HOME ACCOMPLISHMENTS Program/Activity Allocation of Funds% of Funds Rental Housing $9,290,18263% Homeowner Rehab/DPA $3,000,00020% TBRA $1,000,0007% Administration $1,476,68710% TOTALS$14,766,869100% * Additionally, the State received program income from the repayment of the loans.


22 ESG Expenditures by Activity (Federal & State Funds) # Persons Assisted $ Expended Emergency Shelter15,493 $ 3,638,630 Street Outreach854 Rapid Re-Housing1,879 Transitional Housing2,945 Supportive Service13,655 Homeless Prevention640$ 474,038 Project Homeless Connect and Homeless Counts$ 81,706 Administration$ 213,601 TOTAL AMOUNT OF ESG FUNDS EXPENDED$ 4,407,975


24 HOPWA Accomplishments/Distribution of Assistance Households 1+persons with HIV/AIDS (+) Family Members Other Family with HIV/AIDS$ Expended Housing 432263695 $ 934,700 Housing Information 63*0 $ 4,917 Supportive Services 7390 $ 854,569 Project Sponsors Administration$ 125,477 TOTAL AMOUNT OF HOPWA FUNDS DISTRIBUTED$ 1,919,663 * In addition to the 63 receiving Housing Information services under a specific activity, project sponsors reported that an additional 237 households receiving housing information services through case management.


26 2013 Annual Action Plan

27 ANNUAL ACTION PLAN Federal FY 2013 July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014 Expected Resources – 91.320(c)(1,2) Georgia will have a number of federal, state, local, and private resources available to address the priority needs and objectives identified in this Strategic Plan. Included in these are the following: CDBG HOME ESG HOPWA Housing Choice Vouchers Low-income Housing Tax Credits/Georgia Housing Tax Credit Competitive HUD Homeless funds Shelter Plus Care State Housing Trust Fund for the Homeless HomeSafe Georgia Section 811 Project Rental Assistance HUD Housing Counseling National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling (NFMC)




31 PUBLIC COMMENTS E-mail comments to: Complete the survey Mail written comments to: Georgia Department of Community Affairs ATTN: 2014 Annual Action Plan 60 Executive Park South, N.E. Atlanta, GA 30329

32 DCA Staff Contacts HOME PROGRAM Don Watt(404) 679-0660 Christy Fletcher(404) 679-3125 CDBG PROGRAM Steed Robinson(404) 679-1585 Michael Casper(404) 679-0594 ESG/HOPWA Phillis Thomas(404) 679-0651 Jonathan Cox(404) 679-0571

33 2013-2017 Consolidated Plan and Federal Fiscal Year 2013 Annual Action Plan ommunityInitiatives/programs/downlo ads/Consolidated-Plan2013-2017.pdf THANK YOU!

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