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1 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES NSLS-II Transition to Operations Erik D. Johnson, Deputy ALD for Programs Science Advisory Committee April 4, 2011.

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1 1 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES NSLS-II Transition to Operations Erik D. Johnson, Deputy ALD for Programs Science Advisory Committee April 4, 2011

2 2 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Science Program Goals: 1) Very fast ramp up of science program 2) Continuous service to user community 3) Dramatically advanced capabilities and high productivity Transition to NSLS-II operations involves evolution from NSLS operation and NSLS-II construction to NSLS-II operation, all the while continually hosting a large user community and renewing the scientific facilities Must develop a substantial number of beamlines and transition staff and users from NSLS ops to achieve maximum scientific productivity as soon as possible Requires coordinated planning for a portfolio of activities Science Capabilities at CD-4 and Beyond

3 3 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES NSLS-II Project Defining Transition to Operations for NSLS-II Project and for NSLS-II Facility CD-4 Projected Early Finish Facility Transition to Operations Period NSLS Operations NSLS-II Operations

4 4 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Key questions for Transition to Operations From several different perspectives ask: What do you have? Validation of attainment of project scope Analysis of safety performance/ hazards Who is responsible for operating it? What organization accepts responsibility for operations What is the span of their responsibility What will it take to operate it? Operating procedures, training, documentation Financial planning (Operation, Maintenance, Improvement)

5 5 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Approach Many elements moving in and out of portfolio Establish framework for integration of portfolio: Facility Transition to Operations (FTOP) Standard process for transfer of projects to facility operations Define interfaces, interdependencies and coordination requirements TOP documentation specific to each project: Project Transition to Operations (PTOP) Work under umbrella of standard process and feed into FTOP Tailor PTOP documents specific to needs of each project

6 6 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Facility Transition to Operations Plan (FTOP) Programmatic transition of entire NSLS-II facility A comprehensive plan to manage the smooth integration of the transitions from construction to operations (NSLS-II, NEXT, NxtGen, NIH, etc) and from operations to decommissioning (NSLS) for the entire NSLS-II Facility during the years FY12 to FY15 Describes facility goals Identifies and integrates transition activities (scope) Including planning assumptions Aligns schedule and key milestones Identifies interfaces, interdependencies, and coordination requirements Documents overall resource plan Describes organization and management Catalogs supporting documents Draft prepared – to be kept current through out transition period

7 7 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES NxtGen Transition to Operations Relationship of TOPs FTOP: Coordination of Portfolio Integration and alignment of projects Operations organization Financial planning (Operation, Maintenance, Improvement) PTOP: Project Closeout Outlined for NSLS-II in PEP Required by DOE O 413.3 prior to CD-4 Validation of attainment of project scope Analysis of safety performance & hazards Operating procedures, training, documentation Photon Sciences Portfolio Facility Transition to Operations Plan NEXT Transition to Operations NSLS-II Project Transition to Operations Plan Children (Project TOP) Parent (Facility TOP)

8 8 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES DOE G 413.3-16 Project TOP elements Suggested elements (not requirements) 14.Facility Support, Opn & Maint Training 15.EMS and QA Documentation Plan 16.Safeguards and Security Documents 17.Permits/Licenses 18.Authorization and Notification 19.Project Transfer to Operations 20.Business Functions 21.Project Information and Records Turnover 22.Transition to Operations Reporting 23.User/Operating Staff Planning 24.Lessons Learned 25.Project De-staffing Plan 1.Project Description 2.Planning Management 3.DOE Orders and Guidance 4.Key Transition Phase Steps 5.Strategy 6.Operation Cost 7.Organization/Stakeholder Interface 8.Transition Team 9.Configuration Control 10.KPPs and Completion criteria 11.Schedule and Key Milestones 12.Readiness Reviews 13.Operations and Maintenance Management Most items are well defined and in many cases well advanced Items most in need of further development relate to operations (FTOP elements in our approach)

9 9 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES NSLS-II Project Transition to Operations Planning documents for Installation and commissioning BORE plan Conventional Facilities Commissioning Plan Infrastructure Systems Operations & Maintenance Responsibilities Accelerator Commissioning Plan Task Force on Commissioning of Accelerator Complex Linac Commissioning Plan Booster Commissioning Plan Beamline Readiness Plan Safety Documents in preparation Linac Commissioning Safety Assessment Document (SAD) & Accelerator Safety Envelop (ASE) Booster Commissioning SAD & ASE Storage Ring Commissioning SAD & ASE Above 3 will be combined to form NSLS-II Operations SAD & ASE

10 10 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Integrated Transition Management Team Integrated Transition Management Team (ITMT) Develop & manage transition plans and documentation Ensure all interfaces are identified, defined, and managed Ensure ES&H and QA goals are achieved for transition activities Support the preparation, review, and approval of project documentation, including closeout Identify and manage transition related risks and issues Core members appointed Aesook Byon, Diane Hatton, Steve Hoey, Erik Johnson ITMT will form working groups and task forces for particular topical areas BORE, Installation, Commissioning, ARR Will draw from Photon Sciences Directorate and more broadly when needed Erik Johnson appointed overall Facility Transition to Operations Manager Lead the ITMT Point of contact for matters relating to implementation of transition Hold regularly scheduled transition meetings Keep PSD management informed in timely manner

11 11 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Authorization Basis Processes That assure all hazards are identified and controlled All necessary documentation is in place Facilities are complete and turned over Equipment is installed and operational All staff is properly trained and qualified Defines the envelope of safe operation/commissioning Phased Commissioning (Linac, Booster, Storage Ring, Final Ops) Applies to documentation, readiness reviews & commissioning Resources identified to coordinate the processes Milestones for each module are defined in schedule

12 12 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Achieving Authorization Basis

13 13 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Authorization Process for each Module Steps in each of the four modules are essentially identical: Complete necessary BOREs Install and test equipment Equipment/Instrument Readiness Reviews Develop and obtain approval of Authorization Basis Documentation Develop Authorization Plan Implement operational controls (training, procedures, etc) Develop specific commissioning plans Accelerator Readiness Review Begin commissioning/final ops

14 14 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Beneficial Occupancy & Installation LOB 1 Phase 9 6/1/12 LOB 2 Phase 8 5/1/12 LOB 3 Phase 10 6/29/12 Phase 2 3/23/11 Phase 3 5/18/11 Phase 1 2/1/11 Phase 5 9/27/11 Phase 4 6/2/11 Phase 7 2/9/12 Phase 6 11/28/11 Successful BOREs required to allow installation of technical equipment 10 BOREs broken into logical construction phases First BORE completed Now every month or two until 6/12

15 15 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Conventional Facilities Transition Activities Integrating Operations & Maintenance (O&M) organization (BNL Facilities & Operations) in start-up and commissioning Eventual stewards gain experience with equipment Equipment vendors interface with ultimate owners Verify technical performance is achieved Independent Commissioning Contractor Internal design and O&M staff involved in validation Oversee occupancy/ASD installation phase operational requirements

16 16 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Accelerator Installation Status Installation schedule 95% complete, including resource loading Survey work occurring full time Site access plan & PPE requirements established Work control coordinators all completed training Temporary cages for staging are completed P1 utility piping about 40% complete P1 cable tray ~40% complete Electrical installation under way Assigned riggers and electricians in place Technical installation supervisors for each ASD group assigned

17 17 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Authorization Basis Documents Accelerator Safety Envelope (ASE) defines the envelope of safe operations Safety Assessment Document (SAD) provides the hazards analysis and supporting criteria for the ASE SAD and ASE developed for each phase Follow DOE Order 420.2B Preliminary SAD (for CD-3) approved by DOE 2008 Final LINAC Commissioning SAD and ASE complete and currently in review stage

18 18 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Accelerator Commissioning and Operation Authorization

19 19 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Accelerator Readiness Reviews Successful ARRs are required for permission for Accelerator Commissioning Four ARRs will be conducted as per Authorization Bases Strategy (LINAC – 11/11, Booster – 12/12, Storage Ring – 05/13, Final Ops – 08/13) ARR Process is well defined in DOE 420.2-1 Systems and procedures established to address credited controls (SAD and ASE), documentation requirements, and personnel qualification Not a facility inspection BORE will address facility space readiness Equipment/Instrument review process will address equipment installation readiness NSLS-II ARR Coordinator assigned ARR Team appointed three to four months prior to first scheduled ARR Will be a mix of BNL, BHSO and external experts Most review accomplished before site visit (website, conference calls) On-site ARR when we are READY An ARR is not a method for achieving readiness, but for verifying it. (DOE G 420.2-1) Maximum one week on site

20 20 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Beamline Readiness at CD-4 Beamline subsystems installed and tested (without beam), including enclosures, beam transport, personnel protection system (PPS), and associated equipment protection system (EPS), utilities, & controls systems Main beamline optical systems installed and associated mechanics tested Diagnostic instrument installed at endstation to enable beamline commissioning Beamline safety configuration review & walkthrough completed Beamline readiness report submitted to Experimental Facilities Director

21 21 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Project Performance and Completion Criteria Defined in the Critical Decision Approvals and also refined in Global requirements Document Defined minimum goals for each stage of commissioning, prerequisite to starting next stage Start-up Test Plan Defined criteria for completion of commissioning stages NSLS-II Project Key Performance Parameters Key ParametersPerformance Conventional FacilitiesBuilding Area >340,000 GSF Accelerator FacilitiesElectron Energy 3.0 GeV Stored Current 25 mA Experimental FacilitiesBeamlines installed and ready for commissioning with X-Ray Beam 6

22 22 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES NSLS-II Project Closeout Report Target date: October 2014 Technical, scope, cost and schedule baseline accomplishments Financial closeout, including a final cost report Closeout approvals Contract closeout status Adjustments to obligations and costs Photographic documentation Baseline change control log

23 23 BROOKHAVEN SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Summary Framework established for FTOP and PTOPs Integrated Transition Management Team established NSLS-II PTOP well defined and advancing on schedule Authorization processes well defined and on schedule Coordinators and working groups identified and in place BORE process underway Installation and Commissioning Plans well developed ARR team to be established in FY11 Starting to prepare for project closeout

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