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Plan Of Work staff/sis-resources.html.

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1 Plan Of Work staff/sis-resources.html

2 Masters students are required to complete a conditional Plan of Work (POW) in consultation with their advisor/advisory committee consultation with their advisor/advisory committee include both a list of the course work to be undertaken (in all programs) and the thesis or dissertation topic (except in non-thesis master's programs); be developed by the student and his/her advisory committee; be approved by the committee and the DGP or Department Head prior to submission to the Graduate School for final approval; and it must contain accurate information about any transfer credits to be used for the degree. Any request to include transfer credit should be submitted to the Graduate School prior to the start of the students graduate program or no later than before the end of the first semester.


4 Once you click on Select:

5 If adding transfer credit, transfer form has to be filled and approved. Click on Transfer and under Course Description- write the course numbers and add the credit hours.




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