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Presenters Bob Nicholas Airport Manager Charlie McDermott C&S Companies Courtney Armbruster C&S Companies.

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1 Presenters Bob Nicholas Airport Manager Charlie McDermott C&S Companies Courtney Armbruster C&S Companies

2 Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport Sustainable Master Plan

3 Presentation agenda Introduction Project team FAA funding Sustainable airport master plan process and report Higher education involvement Outreach Lessons learned Q&A

4 Mounting evidence about climate change brings with it an urgency for all of us to protect the environment for future generations. Through this initiative, I hope that we can do our bit and perhaps set an example for other airports to follow. –Bob Nicholas

5 Tompkins County emissions reduction goal Cornell University goal Ithaca College goal Other community initiatives Airport reflects community FAA involvement Why Ithaca?

6 Background on Ithaca Located in upstate New York, neighbor to Cornell University and Ithaca College Primary, non-hub commercial services airport with approximately 100,000 enplanements Single runway configuration6,601 x 150 Airlines are Delta, Continental, US Airways Regional jets and turboprop aircraft are most commonly used Destinations are four large northeast hubs Current master plan is 14 years old Anticipate modest development plans for this master plan

7 Higher education connection Cornell is a world leader in sustainability Ithaca College is committed to sustainability and boasts two LEED Platinum buildings Both campuses have signed American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, pledging to mitigate their negative impact on climate change Four Cornell and Ithaca College classes involved in project Students researched variety of sustainability initiatives and options for airport and developed reports and presentations

8 Project schedule Grant received in July 2009 Master plan phase 1 report submitted January 2010 Master plan phase 2 report spring 2010 Draft final reportsummer 2010 Final report and ALP drawings summer 2010

9 The C&S Companies Founded in 1968 Full-service, project delivery specialists More than 400 professionals 200th largest A/E service provider in U.S. Offices and projects coast to coast

10 Vanasse Hangen Brustlin (VHB) Integrated transportation, land development, and environmental consulting services since 1979 Sustainability credentials Leader in Sustainable Aviation Guidance Alliance Key investigator in ACRP Guidebook for Improving Environmental Practices at Small Airports Lead airport sustainability initiatives at Boston Logan, San Francisco, Manchester, St. Augustine, and Philadelphia airports

11 The changing needs of planning We need to look more broadly at airport planning in general Environmental component of planning needs to be more than just assessing impacts from development

12 Ithaca is the right size facility in the right location Lessons learned can be scaled up or down Community is very supportive of environmental efforts Synergy exists between sponsor, community, and other stakeholders Supportive, forward-thinking airport manager willing to try new approach The right place; the right time

13 FAA Funding Compelling reason for Ithaca to be the first Airport Consultant Council (ACC) support Met with FAA in Washington Sponsor used entitlements to fund sustainability portion of master plan

14 Master plan overview Facility requirements Critical aircraft Forecasts Other goals and objectives of Tompkins County Consideration of alternatives Environmental impacts Costs How much? Who pays for it? Timing and schedule of development What and when do you need it? What and when do you build it?

15 What is a sustainable airport master plan? Looks at traditional airport master planning in a very different way! Incorporates sustainability into the planning process Communicates a meaningful and sustainable development plan

16 Traditional master plan process

17 Sustainable master plan process

18 Sustainability goals and objectives Hazardous materials, waste management and remediation Surface transportation management Socioeconomic benefits and community outreach/involvement Land use Buildings and facilities Design and construction Air quality enhancement and climate change Energy conservation and renewable energy Noise abatement Water quality protection and water conservation Land and natural resources management Materials use and solid waste reduction/recycling

19 Sustainability baseline assessments Conducted 12 assessments covering diverse areas of sustainability Identified biggest weak points and made recommendations

20 Advisory committee Diverse committee members For each identified facility requirement, consider: How can the project contribute to meeting the sustainability goals and objectives? How can the project be enhanced or modified to meet the goals and objectives?

21 Projects discussed Meeting the sustainability goals and objectives is the overarching mission: Terminal building TSA space needs Second passenger loading bridge Terminal building roof replacement T-hangars Apron lighting layout CFR/airport admin space needs Fuel facility additional capacity Reserve land west of terminal apron Additional vehicle parking for peak periods Sidewalks

22 The Phase 1 report was submitted in January! Introduction Existing conditions Baseline assessments Forecasts of aviation demand Sustainability requirements: goals and target setting Facility requirements

23 Next steps Complete alternative development and evaluation phase Prepare phase 2 report Work with students on their assignments

24 Community outreach Website Online passenger, business, and pilot surveys Used not-for-profit donation as incentive for participation Display and handouts set up in terminal during peak period Press releases Open house scheduled

25 College connection Cornell and Ithaca College have strong sustainability goals and are valuable resources for unique expertise and perspectives In 2009, two Cornell classes involved Environmental Stewardship, Department of Science of Natural and Environmental Systems Ecological Literacy, Department of Design and Environmental Analysis Students researched variety of sustainability initiatives and options for airport and submitted reports

26 Student participation Spring 2010 semester courses Ithaca College Sustainable Practices in Operations & TechnologyMBA-level course Social & Non-Profit Marketing Students are developing options for implementing alternatives and sustainability goals and objectives.

27 Topics studied LEED EB certification Landscaping options Green roofs Solar photovoltaics Composting Community involvement De-icing Transportation demand Community outreach

28 Benefits of student involvement Opportunity for student to engage in first of its kind project Get young adults involved in the aviation industry Generated innovative and creative ideas Hope to establish long-term relationship with colleges

29 Lessons learnedso far! Complete inventory/baseline assessments before goals are established Centralize data collection Keep advisory committee small Electronic surveys/community-based incentives worked well Leverage higher education resources Theres more to come!

30 Thank you for coming! Questions? Take a bookmark/card

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