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Fayette County Wastewater Management Plan October 6, 2005.

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1 Fayette County Wastewater Management Plan October 6, 2005

2 Project Overview & Status 1. Form Project Advisory Committee 2. Develop Public Participation Plan 3. Review Previous Planning Efforts 4. Assemble Community Profile 5. Define Existing Wastewater Needs 6. Id and Screen Options 7. Evaluate Alternatives and Develop Preferred Plan

3 How can you learn more? Project website Meeting minutes Project reports fayette_county_west_virginia.php 3 rd floor of courthouse Binders with all info gathered on PSD & municipal WWTFs Map book Project reports

4 Wastewater Management Sectors Onsite systems Cluster systems Recreational areas UIC systems Package plants PSD & municipal WWTFs WQ monitoring program

5 Onsite Systems CIP Management system requirements

6 Onsite Systems CIP

7 Cluster System CIP Current onsite areas proposed to have cluster systems (mini-sewers)

8 UIC Systems CIP Typically large septic systems

9 Recreational Areas CIP Public education and outreach

10 Package Plant CIP 19 systems total 4 minor upgrades 15 total replacement

11 Package Plant CIP

12 PSD & Municipal WWTF CIP

13 Water Quality Monitoring CIP

14 Variables Affecting CIP Percent of onsite systems in failure CSO/SSO abatements costs Needed collection and treatment system improvements for PSD & municipal WWTFs

15 County CIP – Scenario I

16 County CIP – Scenario II

17 Watershed CIPs

18 Whats next? Finalization of the Preferred Plan based on feedback received Adoption of the plan by Fayette County Planning Commission and Fayette County Commission as the official wastewater plan of the county Secure funding for prioritized projects (availability and suitability of funding sources may affect implementation schedule)

19 Implementation Steps Filing of the plan with the West Virginia Infrastructure Council as a pre-application for acceptance for technical feasibility Formal application through IJDC for the initial, selected projects, with local recommendation of funding sources Follow-up with the agencies recommended by IJDC Filing of individual funding applications made by Region 4 Planning and Development Council in consultation with the Fayette County Resource Coordinator

20 Funding Sources Grants Loans Increased rates Water quality protection fee

21 Funding Sources State Revolving Loan Fund HUD Small Cities Block Grant Appalachian Regional Commission Special appropriation request through Congress Rural Utility Service Army Corps of Engineers Funds from a private purveyor of wastewater treatment services interested in an O&M contract on the system Local bond issue using the Tax Increment Financing Statute or Industrial Development Bond Statute

22 Funding Issues Affordability and willingness to pay must be considered Need for rate increases for rainy day funding for repair/replacement Need for wastewater fee for unsewered areas = business opportunity for PSDs/ municipalities

23 Business Opportunities Sludge handling Shared equipment Consolidation of processing Technical, management, and financial assistance/sharing of skills & resources Septage pumping Onsite systems management Alternatives to proposed sewering projects

24 Opportunities for Action Now Enabling legislation for onsite system management Creation of RME for new development

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