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Guidebook Progress, & Maintenance Plan Chris Dore.

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1 Guidebook Progress, & Maintenance Plan Chris Dore

2 Guidebook Timeline

3 Guidebook Chapters 10 Yet to be Approved Chapters –1.A.1 Energy industries –1.A.2 Manufacturing Industries and Construction (Combustion) –1.A.4 Small combustion –1.B.1.a Fugitive emissions from solid fuels - coal mining/handling –2.A.7.c Storage, handling, transport of mineral products –2.B Chemical industry –2.C.1 Iron and steel production –2.C.2 Ferroalloys production –2.C.5.f Storage, handling, transport of metal products –6.B Waste-water handling –11B Forest Fires, and Geological Seepage Extensive work conducted on all of these Chapters to bring them up to an acceptable standard.

4 Guidebook Chapters Edited Chapters (Already Approved) –1.A.3b Road Transport –1.A.3a Aviation –2 Key Category Analysis –8 Projections Maintenance Plan Items As part of this update process, a number of items have already been flagged as being allocated to the respective EP maintenance plans

5 Maintenance Plan: 1 Short-term & Long-term We need a plan that can be implemented now! But with well thought through ideas ready to be used if/when funds/support become available.

6 Maintenance Plan: 2 Current Proposal for EPs EPs to continue their work in much the same way. But... Capture GB updates in a standardised way Capture development ideas in a standardised way... and report these in a short annual workplan.

7 Maintenance Plan: 3a Other Priority Proposals Better defined roles and responsibilities –TFEIP Executive –TFEIP Committee (Exec + EP Leaders) –EP Leaders –EEA- publishers of the Guidebook

8 Maintenance Plan: 3b Other Priority Proposals Encourage greater participation/ support from parties EMEP SB... invited the Task Force to present to it at its thirty-third session a draft maintenance plan specifying tasks, responsibilities and estimated cost for the Guidebook maintenance EMEP SB... Called upon the Parties to the EMEP Protocol to consider making voluntary contributions to guarantee the provision of up-to date and good quality data;

9 Maintenance Plan: 3c Other Priority Proposals Seek additional support for Comb & Ind. EP Encourage greater participation in specific EPs from industry Further investigate the proposed EFDB work by SYKE

10 Maintenance Plan: 4 Longer-Term Use the development plans to encourage more participation/support Look into opportunities of arranging more centralised funding & party contributions. We need to review the EP structure (a focal point for Waste would be helpful). We need to review whether an internet forum, or EP e-mails would be helpful.

11 AIR POLLUTANT EMISSION FACTOR LIBRARY Not possible to include all countries all sources/techniques/conditions/emissions in a GB Use of EFs that better reflect national conditions instead of defaults is encouraged WOULD BE A COLLECTION OF REFERENCES FOR DEVELOPING NATIONAL EFs AND DISCOVERING SOURCES/EMISSIONS NOT YET INCLUDED especially in the energy / industrial processes/ solvent&product use sectors WOULD INCLUDE EFs with SOURCE, PROCESS TECHNIQUE + ABATEMENT INFO COUNTRY/REGION where used REFERENCES TO DOCUMENTATION CAN EXCLUDE or INCLUDE GB VALUES (with clear reference/status indication) No resources needed or extra work for the EPs SYKE offers to do the job with support from existing tasks e.g. OECD PRTR Resource Centre & communicate with other corresponding work (IPCC, EGTEI,..

12 Maintenance Plan: 5

13 Recap All GB Chapters should now be at an acceptable quality standard –Please discuss details in the EP meetings A maintenance plan with few changes can be used now –First stages to be trialled in the EP meetings We have longer term ideas and aims, which are dependent on more support/funding –Please suggest other ideas in EPs or Plenary

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