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THOUSAND FACES OF A BIBLIOGRAPHY post-conference seminar on Databases and Evaluation of SSH Research Vilnius, 25 Sep 2013 Jadranka Stojanovski University.

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1 THOUSAND FACES OF A BIBLIOGRAPHY post-conference seminar on Databases and Evaluation of SSH Research Vilnius, 25 Sep 2013 Jadranka Stojanovski University of Zadar/Rudjer Boskovic Institute

2 Croatia 4.5M population 11k scholars 7 universities, 25 research institutes Ministry of Science, Education and Sports 2120 research projects 20k papers per year 1300 islands

3 About me Physicist LIS Until 2009 director of the biggest research library in Croatia (Rudjer Boskovic Institute) From 2009 teacher at the information science dept (Univ Zadar) Interests: scholarly communication, bibliometrics and altmetrics, research information systems… Started several national projects… …Ill present three of them

4 Croatian Scientific Bibliography CROSBI 377.758 bibliographic records >20.000 full-text deposited >30.000 links to the full-text

5 CROSBI (1997-) goals Current research bibliography Multidisciplinary Created by researchers – monitored by librarians Single access place for all research output of a: researcher research project institution 4.000 visits /day Evaluation purposes



8 Questions More controlled input? (Wikipedia?) filter and search or search and filter? (Google? Bubbles?) How to get (even small) support?

9 Portal of Croatian OA journals HRČAK


11 Croatian journals - challenges low visibility difficulties with distribution small number of subscribers (mostly local) low circulation insufficient finances poor infrastructure (including ICT) low readability low citation impact not-always-reliable peer review policies lack of standards in editorial processes

12 Importance of the Croatian scholarly publishing communication of science in Croatia research topics of local or national interest Croatian language development of skills and competences: editing, publishing and writing (& citing) need to get/raise credibility

13 HRČAK – initial goals simple way to make online version of the (printed) journal single access point for all Croatian open access journals (scholarly, professional and popular science) metadata and full-text articles repository data sharing – with international repositories, databases, archives

14 HRČAK today Journals: 342 Journal issues: 7.938 Articles (metadata): 5.436 Articles (full-text): 99.426 Improved communication with editorials Improved editorial policies Improved communication between editorials Education

15 The oldest HRČAK journal – from 1870 Top ten journals by content (# of full-text papers): Theological Review (5964) Collegium Antropologicum (2379) Folk Art: Croatian Journal of Ethnology and Folklore Research (2305) Acta Clinica Croatica (1796) Dairy Industry (1671) Renewed Life (1595) Journal for General Social Issues (1387) Acta stomatologica Croatica (1366) The Journal of the Institute of Croatian History (1139) Political Thought (1125)

16 HRČAK journals by discipline

17 Usage By humans: 6M visits/year 0.5M visits/month visit is defined as any number of requests from the same IP address processed during a period of 30 minutes By robots: 4.500 /month OAI-PMH

18 Cooperation with (not)-for-profit databases and repositories producers/publishers Elsevier/Scopus – 105 Croatian journals ThomsonReuters/WoS – 65 Croatian journals Google Scholar – all HRČAK journals DOAJ – 88 Croatian journals citation impact

19 Web 2.0 applications

20 Whos Who in Croatian Science

21 What is bibliography? the systematic cataloging, study, and description of written and printed works, especially books (1) the listing of works according to some system (descriptive or enumerative bibliography) or (2) the study of works as tangible objects (critical or analytical bibliography) (EB) (from Greek βιβλιογραφία, bibliographia, literally "book writing"), as a discipline, is traditionally the academic study of books as physical, cultural objects (Wikipedia)Greekbooks a list of books, magazines, articles, etc., about a particular subject (Merriam Webster)

22 What Google thinks about bibliographies?

23 What are bibliographies today? Differences between repositories, archives, full-text databases, e-journal collections…? Differences between catalogues, bibliographies, indices….?

24 What users like? I want it all, and I want it now!

25 Open Access to 876.345 e-prints


27 Possible evaluation criteria for a bibliography Types of publications Coverage – geographical, temporal, disciplines Coverage – number of publications Quality – institutions reputation, added value Available formats, OS, apps Printing possibilities Ease of use, user-centered design Searching and browsing tools Managing search results Users community Business model Sustainability Feedback Availability Costs Licencing – Creative Commons etc.

28 Additional features Design Rich functionalities News from scholarly publishing world – raising awareness New journal, new issues, new articles… Readers feedback Most popular journals, issues, articles… Best ranked journals, article…

29 Searching and browsing improved searching possibilities, advanced search with more focused search strategies, stemming improved browsing possibilities, related papers according different criteria, facets Implementation of text analysis tools: related papers according text similarities (abstract, references) Detecting possible duplicates Identifying language

30 Could our demands influence publishing models? Dynamical, multilayer, interactive, multimedia content Machine readable articles RDF, linked data Research data Different formats (beyond PDF) Author identification (ORCID?) Publication identification (DOI? OpenURL?)

31 What about metrics? Existing flat indicators (STM) often misused Wrapping is more important then the content impact factor SJR SNIP eigenfactor h-index article influence number of citations number of papers...

32 Possible metrics for an article total number of citations (Google Scholar, Scopus, WoS…) – deduplicated # visits # downloads # comments # bookmarks at social networks experts rating... # discussions (blogs) # appearance in other media (newspapers…) Peter Binfield



35 Why do we need national, regional, institutional…. bibliographies, repositories, archives, databases…? beside WoS, Scopus, Medline and all other popular databases

36 2011 Number of journal papers writter by Croatian scientists in Web of Science 4.434 Number of journal papers in CROSBI 29.581

37 1 WoS citation 674 downloads 1293 visits

38 Thank you for your attention! Thank you for your attention! J. Stojanovski –

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