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Future Cultural Challenges for Europe and the Millennium Project

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1 Future Cultural Challenges for Europe and the Millennium Project
Jerome C. Glenn The Millennium Project

2 Globalization, localization, and fractilization of cultures are occurring… simultaneously
Half the world is potentially unstable, increasing migration to Europe now-2050 Hence, European identities and social coherence are likely to change Cyber space and cultural tourism could be attractors for future emergent cultures, as well as preserving older cultures

3 Cultural Tourism in the Knowledge Economy
Increasingly educated and wealthy people want more than just beaches and night clubs. Globalization reduces cultural diversity making unique cultural experiences more rare; and hence, valuable. Cultural knowledge is a competitive advantage in the global knowledge economy. Provides income to non-high-tech people Helps preserve the past for future generations Work, play, and tourism are combining Improving cyberspace will open e-tourism

4 Some Futures for Cultural Tourism
Museums’ websites as the tele-tourism hubs with virtual reality interfaces and tele-links to people and events. Cyberspace duplicates cultural objects, historic events, and people for tele-tourists to interact with the past (Second Life) Tele-Europe – section on cyberTourism Home stays via certified cultural tourist agencies Pop-up Euro-Cyber Tourist experiences on computers

5 Korean Shamanic Cultural Tourism

6 Tele-Tourism Cycle Visit the culture in physical space
Discover a culture via the Internet in cyber space

7 No more please… Source:


9 Multi-virtual realties, multi-cultures in CyberSapce

10 Jumping into the Unknown

11 Identity and coherence … 25 Years from now
Identity and coherence … 25 Years from now? Human or machine behind those eyes? r

12 The Millennium Project
... is a new kind of think tank …established in 1996 …after a 3-year feasibility study To help humanity think about the future

13 Millennium Project … May become a TransInstitution UN Universities
Organizations Millennium Project Corporations Governments NGOs … May become a TransInstitution

14 Millennium Project Nodes
Millennium Project Nodes... are groups of individuals and institutions that connect global and local views in: Nodes identify participants, translate questionnaires and reports, and conduct interviews, special research, workshops, symposiums, and advanced training.


16 Futures Research Methodology Version 2.0
1. Introduction & Overview 15. Simulation and Games 2. Environmental Scanning 16. Genius Forecasting, Vision, Intuition 3. Delphi Normative Forecasting 4. Futures Wheel S&T Road Mapping 5. Trend Impact Analysis Field Anomaly Relaxation (FAR) 6. Cross-Impact Analysis Text Mining for Technology Foresight 7. Structural Analysis Agent Modeling 8. Systems Perspectives SOFI 9. Decision Modeling SOFI Software 10. Statistical Modeling The Multiple Perspective Concept 11. Technological Sequence Analysis 25. Tool Box for Scenario Planning 12. Relevance Trees and Morph. Analysis 26. Causal Layered Analysis 13. Scenarios Interactive Scenarios 27. Integration, Comparisons, and 14. Participatory Methods Frontiers of Futures Research Methods 16

17 Futures Research Methodology Version 3.0 (Spring 2009)
21. Participatory Methods 22. Simulation and Games 23. Genius Forecasting and Intuition 24. Visioning for Strategic Planning 25. Normative Forecasting 26. TRIZ 27. S&T Road Mapping 28. Field Anomaly Relaxation (FAR) 29. Text Mining for Technology Foresight 30. Agent Modeling (demo software) 31. Prediction Markets 32. Forecasting By Artificial Neural Networks 33. State of the Future Index 34. SOFI Software System 35. Multiple Perspective Concept 36. A Toolbox for Scenario Planning 37. Heuristics Modeling 38. Personal Futures 39. Causal Layered Analysis 40. Linking Methods 41. Integration, Comparisons, and Frontiers 1. Introduction to the Futures Research 1.5 Evaluation and organization of Methods 2. Environmental Scanning 3. The Delphi Method 4. Real-Time Delphi 5. The Futures Wheel 6. The Futures Polygon i7. Trend Impact Analysis 8. Cross-Impact Analysis 9. Wild Cards 10. Structural Analysis 11. The Systems Perspectives 12. Decision Modeling l13. Substitution Analysis 14. Statistical Modeling l15. Technology Sequence 16. Morphological Analysis 17. Relevance Trees 18. Scenarios 19. Interactive Scenarios (software) 20. Robust Decisionmaking

18 For further information The Millennium Project
Jerome C. Glenn The Millennium Project 4421 Garrison Street, NW, Washington, D.C USA phone/fax WEB 1.0 WEB 2.0 …and building space in Second Life

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