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Corrugated Strojevi d.o.o. Presentation of BHS Varazdin - Croatia.

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1 Corrugated Strojevi d.o.o. Presentation of BHS Varazdin - Croatia

2 2 1. GEOGRAPHICAL POSITION A / C r o a t i a – Geographical and cultural at the heart, politically still in front of the Europe (EU) doors GEOGRAPHICAL POSITION>>Croatia

3 3 B / Varazdin – Industrial city with longstanding tradition and with an entrepreneurial oriented city council inhabitants in the urban area, inhabitants in the whole rural district Only 70 km away from the capital Zagreb (direct highway connections) Near to the Hungarian and Slovenian border (about 15 km) Leading Industries in different sectors: textile, leather, plastic, food, building, metal / machines New free-trade area Varazdin – Additional tax concessions for new investors The largest Greenfield-investment in Croatia Skilled workers from regional high schools with many different branch of study 1. GEOGRAPHICAL POSITION GEOGRAPHICAL POSITION>>Varazdin

4 4 C / Varazdin-Historical Baroque Town 1. GEOGRAPHICAL POSITION GEOGRAPHICAL POSITION >>Varaždin

5 5 D / Free-trade area Varazdin, 6km to the highway Zagreb-Budapest GEOGRAPHICAL POSITION >>Free Zone Varazdin 1. GEOGRAPHICAL POSITION

6 6 2. LOCATION A / Location Croatia – Potency of the Headquarter Varazdin and BHS Quality LOCATION>>BHS CROATIA Longstanding experience with Croatian workers in Germany (= The beginning of the idea to built up a subsidiary in Croatia) Committed and motivated employees in Croatia Optimal geographical position in Europe Good political conditions Traditional and good business relations between Germany and Croatia producing BHS quality all over the world

7 7 B / Development od BHS Corrugated Croatia 2. LOCATION HISTORY>>Location BHS Croatia Founded : Employees 2001 : Employees 2007 : New Hall 4 and 5 : Production Area : m²

8 8 A / Product-and service Range and content of our Business Partners PRODUCTS-PERFORMANCES-TASKS 115 employees which are employed in the following fields: Production: Corrugator machines (DF, GU-M, PH-M) RODA Converting machines Switch cabinets (MF) Production and processing of parts-3 drilling machines and other small machines Crane for weight to 25 tonnes Field service, maintenance and training worldwide Construction office Cooperation with companies Bobst and Martin,DE Cooperation with company Voith Paper –Heidenheim,DE 3. PRODUCTS – PERFORMANCES - TASKS

9 9 B / The Numbers speak for themselves 3. PRODUCTS – PERFORMANCES - TASKS PRODUCTS-PERFORMANCES-TASKS Year/Number Machines Corrugator machines Roda machines Switch cabinets Field service hours

10 10 C / With quality the turnover is increasing 3. PRODUCTS – PERFORMANCES - TASKS PRODUCTS-PERFORMANCES-TASKS Turnover Mil. Euro

11 11 4. THE GOALS OF THE LOCATION A / Higher capacity utilisation - bigger independence FUTURE Procurement of external assembling projects outside BHS group (Company Voith AG, Bobst, Martin...) Take over of the production of other RODA-machines Qualification of the construction department with the objective to take on modifications and development on machines by itself Successful enlargement of tasks and business efforts within the group

12 12 5. OUR EMPLOYEES A / Young and motived team EMPLOYEES Personnel

13 13 BHS Production – Mechanical Assembling: Preheater Modular / Preconditioner Modular Weight: 3,9 t - 17 t Temperature: °C Production 2007: 41 units 6. PRODUCTION PRODUCTION

14 14 BHS Production – Mechanical Assembling: Glue Unit Modular Suply power:12 kVA Rated pressure: 6 bar Production 2007: 35 units PRODUCTION

15 15 BHS Production – Mechanical Assembling: Double Facer Shoetrol Suply power:330 kVA Pressure: 14,5 bar Production 2007: 32 units PRODUCTION

16 16 BHS Production – Electrical Assembling: Switch cabinets Electrical cabinets for all BHS – agregates (assembling & testing) Production 2007: 47 Units PRODUCTION

17 17 RODA Production – Mechanical and Electrical System: Machines for futher cardboard industry Weight:8 t - 12 t Production 2007: 53 units PRODUCTION

18 18 Martin Production :Mechanical and Electrical Assembling : Machines for futher paper processing Weight:5 t - 7 t PRODUCTION

19 19 Martin Production – Electrical Assembling: PRODUCTION

20 20 Switch Cabinet - Testing: PRODUCTION

21 21 VOITH Production: Manufacturing of Steel Structures and other Steel Products PRODUCTION

22 22 Montage PRODUCTION




26 26 BHS – Varazdin-Croatia HIGHLIGHTS

27 27 Thank You Very Much for Your Attention!

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