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ClinTrialStat Inc. All rights reserved

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1 Copyright @2007 ClinTrialStat Inc. All rights reserved
Software for Making Mock Tables, Metadata Document, SAS Table Programs of Statistical Analysis Plan, and eCRF pages of EDC System ClinTrialStat Inc. ClinTrialStat Inc. All rights reserved

2 Application Software Developed by ClinTrialStat
SapMaker products for making text contents, mock tables and figures, metadata documents, and table SAS code of Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP): SapMaker-Table 3.4 – for mock tables/figures and SAS code SapMaker-Content 2.0 – for text contents SapMaker-Metadata 2.4 – for metadata document eCRF – Builder 1.0: making internet/intranet based electronic case report form (eCRF) of electronic data capture (EDC) system

3 SapMaker-Content: Easily make individual SAP sections

4 SapMaker-Content: using search engine feature to quickly find related information from other document

5 SapMaker-Table: Quickly making individual mock tables and figures of SAP

6 Machine automatically created mock table

7 SAS Coder: Easily making table SAS code

8 SAS Coder: Easily making table SAS code

9 Easily making mock figure

10 Machine created mock figure

11 SapMaker-Metadata: Quickly making metadata document for analysis datasets following CDISC standards

12 Machine created metadata document following CDISC standards (in Excel file)

13 Machine converted metadata document to Define.xml for e-Submission

14 eCRF Builder: Quickly making Internet/Intranet based eCRFs

15 Machine created eCRF page

16 Machine created the eCRF page corresponded CDISC ODM Define.xml file

17 Created machine readable ODM Define.xml file for e-submission

18 SapMaker special language feature: Making table in Chinese

19 Created mock table in Chinese

20 Use SAS Coder created real table in Chinese

21 Service of ClinTrialStat
Help clients customize the SapMaker software products, such as modifying the templates of mock tables of SAP, and SAS macros for creating analysis tables, to meet the specified needs or the standards of the clients; Help clients customize the eCRF-Builder software product, such as modifying the templates of eCRF pages, to meet the specified standards of the clients for CRFs; Make eCRF pages for clients; Make SAP, metadata, and/or SAS table codes for clients

22 Users of ClinTrialStat Software Products
Department of Biostatistics, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Cambridge MA Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Cambridge, MA Novo Nordisk Inc., Princeton, New Jersey d.s.h. statistical services GmbH, Rohrbach, Germany US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, Ft. Detrick, MD University Eye Center, Duke University, Durham, NC Department of Medical Biostatistics, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT Department of Biostatistics, University of South Florida, Tempa, FL Ockham Development Group, Inc., Cary, NC 27511

23 License Price of SapMaker Software Products
SapMaker-Table 3.4 – $698 for per PC install * SapMaker-Content 2.0 – $98 for per PC install SapMaker-Metadata 2.4 – $498 for per PC install For academic users, there is a 25% discount on price of license. * Not include SAS macros

24 About Us: Mission: ClinTrialStat provides statistical data analysis of clinical trials through application solution products and professional services. It is our mission to provide services and products of excellent quality that offer cost-effective solutions. Products: SapMaker-Content 2.0, SapMaker-table 3.4, Sapmaker-Metadata 2.3, and eCRF- Builder 1.0 Services: Customize SapMaker software products to implement standards of customers, develop SAP, Programming SAS tables, and eCRF web pages Company Information: ClinTrialStat Inc Belle Mead, New Jersey 08502, USA Phone: , Fax: Web: Asian Branch Office: ClinTrialStat China, Ltd. 125 East Ming Road, New Technique Development Zorn, Kunming, Yunnan, China

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