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What’s New with Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine?

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2 What’s New with Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine?
Vasu Murthy Senior Director, Product Management Praveen Deshpande Principal Product Manager

3 The following is intended to outline our general product direction
The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

4 First Full Year for Exalytics
Rapid Adoption Worldwide Adoption Across Industries

5 First Full Year for Exalytics
Typically 2 or more Clustered Great attach to Exadata BI, BI Apps, EPM, Endeca Repeat purchases

6 Companies Around the Globe Choose Exalytics

7 In-Memory Platform for
Oracle Exalytics Hardware and Software Engineered Together In-Memory Platform for Reporting & Analysis Modeling & Planning Unstructured Analytics Planning, ERP, CRM, Profitability, Vertical-specific 80+ Pre-packaged In-memory Analytic Applications BI Foundation Suite Exalytics In-Memory Software Endeca TimesTen Essbase Unstructured ROLAP MOLAP In-Memory Analytic Engines Exalytics Hardware for In-Memory Analytics Oracle’s strategic platform for Analytic applications

8 Oracle In-Memory Analytics
1 Speed Of Thought Analytics 2 Better Planning 3 Lower Cost, More Users Engineered In-Memory Machine

9 Speed of Thought Analysis
Available with Exalytics Responsiveness independent of analytic complexity Intelligently cache ‘hot’ data into In-Memory Database Depth of analytic capability in memory – relational, multidimensional Rich and Intuitive Visualizations Data dense, intuitive visualizations All reports available on mobile Relevant data – Structured and Unstructured Authoritative single source of truth from logical model Full analytic capability on unstructured data

10 Better Planning With Exalytics
Available with Exalytics Sales/Product Managers Cost Center Managers LOB Execs. Finance Expand Planning Across Enterprise Get LOBs involved in Planning – get the wisdom beyond Finance Scale across the enterprise unhindered by capacity Compress Planning Cycles and Plan Smarter Faster cycles – more iterations More granular details Deliver Business Visibility to All LOB Executives Provide immediate forecast visibility to LOB Executives Enable LOB Planning for departments, for example, SKU forecasting ACTUALS BUDGET

11 Exalytics Delivers Lower Cost of Ownership
COMPLEX SIMPLE Multiple Platforms & Many Servers High Cost of Administration One Platform & One Server Lower Cost of Administration

12 Exalytics Management with Enterprise Manager
Hardware and Software Lifecycle Management Performance Monitoring & Diagnostics Hardware & Software Lifecycle Management Service Level Management Production Test Development Essbase OBIEE

13 Enterprise Manager Support

14 Lower TCO With Exalytics
Customer Quotes “In moving to Exalytics, we saved on annual license maintenance and were able to support 40 percent more users for the same price as our old architecture.” “I would have to spend about twice as much upfront to get the same performance in a traditional environment.” “Before we spent a lot of time trying to tune the dashboard and the database itself. Now we have just one DBA focused on tuning.” “With Exalytics, every quarter someone comes in and patches it up to the latest and greatest. Oracle manages it, and all the maintenance is taken care of by Oracle.” From Examining the value of Oracle Exalytics, Nucleus Research, May, 2013

15 Exadata, Exalytics, and Big Data Appliance
In-Memory Analytics InfiniBand Fabric Exadata OLTP Data Warehousing Big Data Appliance High Performance Hadoop Engine

16 Exalytics For Real Time Reporting Albert Dudley BI Manager SAVVIS

17 SAVVIS Exalytics, GoldenGate & Times Ten Use Case
Oracle Open World September 2013

18 Al Dudley - Manager BI Systems Analysts
8.5 years with Savvis Manage a team of ~10 BI Systems Analysts, and BI Contractors/Consultants Guest Speaker at Oracle Technology Days 2011 in St. Louis and Kansas City – focus on why Savvis selected OBIEE 11g and implementation strategy Savvis, A CenturyLink Company 575 Maryville Centre Drive, Ste. 400 St. Louis, MO

19 Savvis Overview A CenturyLink Company
Provides comprehensive managed IT infrastructure solutions that solve complex client needs such as Cloud and Managed Hosting More than $1B Pro forma revenue More than 50 Global Data Centers 2 Million square feet of raised floor space Infrastructure extends to 42 countries ~3000 Savvis Employees ~ 40,000 CenturyLink Employees

20 “Dedicated Support”

21 Savvis Selects OBIEE 11g in 2010
Project Initiation Holistic Business Intelligence review conducted with partner Sense Corp & 60+ Savvis business Leaders across the org Legacy enterprise reporting platform included Hyperion Interactive Reporting, SAP BW, custom SQL ETL Project Goals Establish self service reporting Reorganize, reposition and market the BI Team Reduce/eliminate shadow reporting

22 SAVVIS Enterprise Reporting Pre-OBIEE 11g

23 SAVVIS Enterprise Reporting – Goal OBIEE Rebranded “SAGE” (Savvis Analytical Global Environment)

24 Remedy Project 2013 Dedicated Support
Replace Legacy ITSM system (Vantive) with Remedy Eliminate Vantive Replication (refreshed hourly) into “Behemoth” . Behemoth used by 400+ business users as source for data marts in MS Excel, SQL, and MS Access No oversight of metrics created, wild west Metrics do not reconcile across Savvis Dedicated Support Need near real-time operational reporting to support our customers Reporting from Remedy not as robust as desired Remedy licensing cost prohibitive

25 Remedy Project – BI Landscape Impact

26 Why Exalytics? – Remedy Use Case
Need near real-time reporting to support our customers Exalytics, GoldenGate, Times Ten are engineered for this Reporting from Remedy not as robust as desired Business users are happy with OBIEE reporting visualizations Remedy licensing cost prohibitive OBIEE Enterprise licensed Why not?

27 Implementation Plan Savvis solution:
Implement two Exalytics environments Migrate existing OBIEE QA and Production Environments onto Exalytics Replicate Remedy tables to Times Ten DB using GoldenGate Model necessary Remedy tables (10) into the RPD Reproduce existing user built near real-time Dashboard in OBIEE Deploy OBIEE for both Analytical and Operation Reporting Team with Oracle for Exalytics Implementation Team with Rittman Mead for Golden Gate, Times Ten, RPD modeling, and Reporting

28 Implementation Challenges
Remedy tables are not DBA friendly, Table Name “T2071”, Column “C01” Solution: GoldenGate parameter file mapping No traditional ETL, data pump from source into Times Ten DB Solution: Creative RPD modeling, Ex: date time dimension GoldenGate Client version different for SQL Server and Times Ten Solution: Format release of target environment in GoldenGate parameter file RPD -Times Ten ODBC 3.5 import tables issue Solution: use ODBC 3.5 connection pool to import then switch back to Times Ten ODBC 3.5

29 Implementation Benefits
Faster Replication Legacy replication scheduled hourly, GoldenGate is ~2 seconds Move 400+ users from SQL, MS Access and MS Excel into OBIEE Eliminate Legacy System Replication for reporting purposes IT Supported Reporting platform Improved security, decrease in shadow IT reporting Ability to track usage to help determine future BI projects Single Source of Truth – Improved metrics

30 Savvis SAGE (OBIEE 11g) Metrics
Accepted as the Enterprise Reporting Solution 42 Subject areas spanning Sales, Quote, Operations, Delivery Metrics, Order, Billing, Time Tracking, Product, HR, Application Support and Marketing Over 1250 users ~200 Business users as content Authors 36 Dashboards ~400 shared stand-alone reports

31 Exalytics What’s New?

32 In-Memory Analytic Needs
Software and Hardware Software Hardware The Need In-Memory Analytical Cache Large Memory Uniform Access Fast Query Response Fast Index Re-computation Fast Guided Navigation High Concurrent Processing More Cores More Memory Bandwidth Fast Plan Re-computation Fast Forecasting (Updates) Parallel Calculations with Persistent Writes High Speed Storage Fast Data Movement Fast View Refresh Parallel Loads Parallel Queries High Speed Networking Scalability Concurrency More Compute Threads User & Data Scalability

33 Exalytics Hardware Direction
High Memory Density Large Onboard Flash High Speed Networking X2-4 1TB Memory X3-4 2 TB Memory 2TB Flash Previous model Available now


35 Oracle Exalytics Optimum Configurations for In-Memory Analytics
Exalytics X3-4 Exalytics T5-8 Large Memory & Processing 2TB RAM, 40 cores 4TB RAM, 128 cores High Speed Storage: PCI Flash 2.4TB 3.2TB High Seed Networking: InfiniBand External Storage: FibreChannel Exalytics In-Memory Software Large Scale Deployment

36 Exalytics T5-8: Pre-tested Configurations
Domain 1 F 8P/128C 4TRAM 7.2TB HDD 3.2TB Flash Pre-tested VM configurations setup by Oracle Advanced Customer Support. Hardware dedicated for each VM for best performance E2-1 Default Domain 1 Domain 2 4P/64C 2TB RAM 3.6TB HDD 1.6TB Flash F F 4P/64C 2TB RAM 3.6TB HDD 1.6TB Flash E2-2 Domain 1 Domain 2 5P/80C 2.5TB RAM 3.6TB HDD 2TB Flash 3P/48C 1.5TB RAM 3.6TB HDD 1.2TB Flash F F E2-3 Domain 1 Domain 2 F 5P/80C 2.5TB RAM 3.6TB HDD 2.4TB Flash F 3P/48C 1.5 TB RAM 3.6TB HDD 0.8TB Flash E2-4 Domain 1 Domain 2 F 6P/96C 3TB RAM 3.6TB HDD 2.4TB Flash F 2P/32C 1TB RAM 3.6B HDD 0.8TB Flash

37 Exalytics What’s Planned

38 Exalytics Software Roadmap
Key Themes Speed of Thought Analysis Better EPM & Planning On-Premise, + Cloud In-Memory Analytics Lower Cost

39 Exalytics BI Consolidation
Lower TCO with Easy Multi-app Provide simple interface for deploying and managing multiple BI Domains on Exalytics with higher density.

40 Exalytics BI Consolidation
Make Lower TCO with Easy Multi-app Easy Console Run multiple analytics applications on Exalytics without virtualization Single or multiple versions Separate RPDs Separate or unified life cycle Higher density with data/content security Simple script/UI for Create/delete/start/stop domain Add, configure TimesTen into the domain Patch together or separately Exalytics Exalytics BI App 1 BI App 5 BI App 2 BI App 4 BI App 3 BI App 3

41 Adaptive In-Memory Cache Enhancements
Automated Data Loading and Incremental Refresh Enable real-time, automated, incremental data loading into In-Memory Database using native GoldenGate integration

42 Automated In-Memory Data Loading, Refresh
Next Generation Adaptive In-Memory Cache Easy wizard based interface for cache definitions More options for data load Real-Time data refresh using native GoldenGate integration Incremental batch loading with built-in batch loader Data optimizations for efficiency and performance Data type optimizations Compression heuristics based on data Selective columns Load sequencing, parallelization TimesTen indexing In-Memory Database GoldenGate Loader Native Batch Loader OBIEE Server TimesTen Loader

43 In-Memory Caching for Hadoop-based Data Marts
Speed of thought analytics on Big Data Terabytes of RAM In-Memory Database Heuristic In-Memory Cache Extend In-Memory Caching to Hadoop Leverage OBIEE Hive Access Custom map/reduce via function extension framework Extend semantic layer to Hadoop Cache results in In-Memory DB Enable interactive reporting

44 TimesTen In-Memory Columnar for Exalytics
Adaptive In-Memory ROLAP Data Management Out of the box acceleration for analytics Process Billion-rows per second Ideal for Aggregates and Data Marts Store more data in Exalytics No Indexes required Lower administration cost Offload analytics processing Data and Operational isolations from production data warehouse Row-based Columnar

45 Exalytics for EPM: What’s Next
Today Planning available on Exalytics HPCM on Exalytics FDMEE on Exalytics Looking ahead… Increased user scalability Calculation performance gains Application/Server consolidation HFM on Exalytics

46 Better Planning with In-Memory Analytics
Essbase in-memory optimizations Faster calculations Smarter algorithms More detail Better forecast Planning Finance Unified Financial Planning and Reporting Single cube for Planning and Reporting Instant visibility of plans to LOB and management Harness wisdom beyond finance Adaptive calculation parallization Automatic workload partitioning between threads on sparse data Complements parallel loading Instant reporting access to LOB users Provide direct input into Planning Reporting LOBs, Mgmt

47 Planning Domain Expanding across the Enterprise
Continued optimization of Planning on Exalytics Introducing pre-packaged analytics for Planning domain - OFPA Enhancing and expanding functional reach of modules Launch PBCS and enable rapid implementations By supporting Mobile use cases Optimized Browser support for end user planners on Tablet devices ADF Mobile application for EPM approvals

48 Close Domain Confident Close HFM shift toward Oracle technology stack
Removal of Microsoft dependencies Dramatically improved performance Reduced install/deployment complexity Cross platform support, Ability to leverage Exalytics Continued functional expansion on close process manual activities New modules for Journals Management, Balance Variance Analysis, Detailed Schedules

49 Enabling Virtual Financial Close
Multi-National Customer Example accounts, legal entities, 66 currencies Number of Users 100s Processing Time 7+ hrs Number of Users 1000s Processing Time < 30 min (multi day)

50 OBIEE Private Data Augmentation
“Empower business users and communities to create and collaborate on BI dashboards augmented with personal data and metrics” Target Data Targeted use cases: regional/departmental data variations, in-line planning, etc.


52 OBIEE Private Data Augmentation
Enabled by In-Memory Analytics Sales a Detail Month, City Product Type Week, Store, SKU Month, State, Brand Expense Week, Store Inventory Shipments f(x) Personalized Navigation Spaces Metadata variations Personal data, lineage Calculations Dynamic query Automatic data indexing On-the-fly calculations Automatic data refresh Enterprise Scale possible only with In-Memory Analytics Sales a Detail Month, City Product Type Week, Store, SKU Month, State, Brand Expense Week, Store Inventory Shipments f(x) Sales a Detail Month, City Product Type Week, Store, SKU Month, State, Brand Expense Week, Store Inventory Shipments f(x)

53 Oracle BI Ask Automated Analytics and Visualization
“Oracle BI Ask allows you to get immediate answers to your pressing business questions simply by using your voice or text on any device.” Ask

54 Enabling Technologies
Intersection of 4 key technologies Ask Enterprise Data Model Voice & Mobile Search In-Memory Speeds Enterprise Data Model (OBIEE) Provides Business Semantics Unmatched Query Generation Security at Enterprise Scale In-Memory Speeds: Exalytics In-Memory Indexing of metadata and data Instant determination of appropriate visualization Speed of thought results Voice & Mobile Natural interface for Mobile devices Search Familiar and convenient user metaphor Ranking & Suggestions Personalized, Adaptive

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