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OPENING/ INTRODUCTION: Includes the topic and the author's opinion in a clear way BODY: Viewpoints and arguments supported by reasons or examples (two or three paragraphs) CLOSING/ CONCLUSION: The main points are summarized and the author restates his/her opinions in other words or makes a suggestion

3 Tienen que ser informados sobre el SIDA
¿Cómo pueden informarse?

4 SOME TIPS Use a formal style Introduce the topic clearly
Clear sentences (If possible) Introduce a rhetorical question in the opening Use several connectors of: Cause: because (of), due to, as, as a result of, one/ another reason Result: so, consequently, thus,as a result, as a consequence, for this reason, that is why... Purpose: in order to, so that, to... Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation

5 Don't... Don't use colloquial expressions Don't use short forms
Don't give personal examples Don't beat about the bush (get straight to the point)

6 USEFUL EXPRESSIONS Many people think that... Secondly, …
In my opinion, however, … I disagree In my view... I (firmly) believe that... However, … Despite this, … First of all, ... Secondly, … In addition, … It is clear that... In short, … To sum up,... In conclusion, … My opinion is that...

7 http://english2bacharinaga. blogspot
essay.html TES/OPINION%20ESSAYS.pdf

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