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PHRASAL VERBS Andrea y Rebeca.

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1 PHRASAL VERBS Andrea y Rebeca

2 PHRASAL VERBS Phrasal verbs are known like this because it are followed by a preposition, an adverb or both, creating a new word.

3 TYPES OF PHRASAL VERBS Intransitive: you don't have to worry about the structure. It is very clear. The structure always follows this pattern : Subject + verb + particle. For example: Jane woke up. Transitive: Separable: They allow to insert a direct object between the verb and the preposition or the adverb. For example: I’ll drop it off at the mechanic or I’ll drop my car off at the mechanic. Non-separable: They can’t change its structure. For example : It broke out this morning

4 List of Phrasal verbs Add up: sumar Bring back: devolver
Climb down: bajar/bajarse de Coming: entrar Lock up: encerrar (a alguien)/cerrar con llave Look at: mirar, fijarse en Look back: mirar hacia atrás o mirar al pasado Move away: mudarse/apartarse Run away: escaparse, huir Stand up: levantarse Turn round/around: darse la vuelta

5 List of Phrasal verbs Climb into: meterse en (la cama)
Come down on: echar una bronca a Keep off: alejarse de Keep up with: seguir el ritmo de Make for: ir a, dirigirse hacia Make up: hacer las paces See (someone) into: acompañar a alguien (a la entrada) See (someone) out: acompañar a alguien (a la salida) Stand by: apoyar, no abandonar Turn on: atacar/encender/abrir (un grifo)

survived - discover - break - criticise - visit - think of You don’t come round any more.Are you upset with me? They were amazed that she had come through the war unhurt. This camera was really cheap. It will probably come apart the first time I use it! VISIT SURVIVED BREAK

discover - criticise - think of My boss is going to come down on me for being so late. We’ll have to come up with a pretty soon. Let me known if you comeacross any interesting articles. CRITICISE THINK OF DISCOVER

8 Activities Put put up with it put it out put forward? put it off
What new idea have the researchers… This is where the new office buildings will be… This noise is terrible. I can’t… put me down ?

9 Activities Put We can’t have our meeting today. We’ll have to…
I’m upset by what you said. Why do you always… Your cigarette is bothering me. Please… put it out put it off put me down ?


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