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Country Project by Nicole NIGERIA This is Nigeria's national image.

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1 Country Project by Nicole NIGERIA This is Nigeria's national image.

2 Welcome Did you know Nigerians speak more than 250 languages? Nigeria got its name from the third largest river in Africa. The river is called Niger. Nigeria has strict dress codes about hair, dresses, and jewelry. Nigerians speak English too. Nigerians mostly wear sandals. Oabasanjo was the president of Nigeria.

3 Map with Key The capital city is Abuja. Another major city is Beli. Nigeria is 356,669 square miles. It is the worlds 32 nd largest country and approximately 2 times the size of California. Nigeria has two main rivers, the Niger and the Benue River. They meet and empty into the Niger Delta.

4 Government Nigeria was part of the British empire until 1960. Nigeria is divided into 36 states. Each state is governed by the governor. The President is elected by the people to a four year term. Olusegun Obasanjo was president from 1999 to 2002. The people liked Mr. Obasanjo because his government tried to help the people and make Nigeria a better place while he was president.

5 History/Culture Nigerians originally came from the Nok people. The people living on Nigerias coast traded goods with the explorers from Spain and Portugal. English is Nigerias official language. Nigerians also learn French along with their ethnic language. Nigerians celebrate holidays with music, food, and dancing. Women where baggy shirts, head wraps, skirts, and beaded jewelry. When Mr. Obasanjo became president in 1999 it ended military rule.

6 Economics Natural Resources/Products Nigerians grow food for their families. They grow beans, grains, rice, cassava, and yams. Other farmers might grow cotton and peanuts. Miners dig for metals, tin, coal, lead, and minerals. Plants provide basic foods like grains, fruits, and vegetables. Plants supply foods people eat. In Africa and Asia the people depend on the plants for more than two thirds of their food.

7 Flag The white represents unity and peace, and the green represents Nigerias forests,farming, and industry. Nigeria adopted the flag in 1960 when it became free from the Great Britain.

8 Fact File and Fun Facts Nigerians speak more than 200 languages. Only 10 percent of Africans follow African religions. More then 137,253,133 people live in Nigeria. Nigeria is one of the worlds largest makers of oil. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. FACT FILE Official name is Federal Republic Of Nigeria. It is hot and dry in the north. Nigerians speak English. The capital is Abuja. Their money is called naira.

9 Tourist Guide Nigerians houses are made out of grass, mud, and bamboo with tin roofs. Some Nigerians live in rural areas. The Nigerian people believed that Zuma Rock was a home to powerful spirits.

10 Bibliography Discovering Cultures World Book Fact Monster Wikipedia

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