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Sustainability Program

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1 Sustainability Program

2 Sustainability The Hernando County School District has an exceptional initiative for sustainability. We are focused on obtaining the needs for today without compromising the ability of future operations to meet their own needs. If fact, we have achieved the ability for future operations to achieve more with less. The Hernando County School District is driving forward to become a leader in sustainability. Our goal is to be well rounded in our approach toward sustainability. We look at a multi-layer approach realizing that even the little things can make a big difference. The multiple components include but are not limited to: recycling, energy management systems, green cleaning, and improvements/updates including cool roofs, occupancy sensors and water free urinals. This presentation is only a small part of what the Hernando County School District’s sustainability program involves.

3 Goals Goals need to be achievable and flexible enough so that they can be implemented in a practical manner. Save thousands of kilowatts of energy. Save millions of gallons of water. Divert hundreds of tons of solid waste from the landfill. Effectively use energy management systems. Improve current recycling programs. Improve current green cleaning program. Continue to get the students involved and educate them on these programs. Save trees and use less oil. Save MONEY.

4 Recycling Hernando County Schools have built a partnership with Hernando County Recycling Services to help us with this task; we fill the provided dumpsters and they take them away to be recycled. Our goal is that our trash is reduced by at least 50% due to recycling instead of dumping. We have been able to decrease the amount of dumpsters at each school and have saved the district over $50,000 in dumpster costs, which translates to more than a 15% savings. In 2008, we sent over 250 tons of recyclable items from our schools to the recycling center. In 2009, those numbers will increase as we have already collected 124 tons from January to May.

5 Recycling Cardboard Paper (all types) Plastic #1 & #2 Aluminum
Steel Cans Polystyrene Trash Recycling The Hernando County School District has been able to save over $50,000 a year in dumpster costs by taking recyclable solid waste out of the trash going to the landfill through its successful recycling program.

6 Top Four School’s Tonnage for 2009*
Recycling Tonnage Top Four School’s Tonnage for 2009* * 2009 accounts for first 5 months.

7 densifier Allows for the ability to recycle polystyrene.
All polystyrene (white or black) cafeteria trays can be densified and recycled. HCSB uses more than three million polystyrene trays per year. This program is the only program of its kind in the State of Florida (K-12). Very few school districts in the United States are recycling polystyrene trays in this fashion. HCSB is the benchmark district for this type of program. Recycled material from this program will be used for rulers, toys and other non-food type items. Machine is leased from Dart Container Corporation for $295 per month. This lease includes a one time per month pick up fee by Dart to transport densified polystyrene to Michigan. Pilot program - Approximately polystyrene trays are densified into 30 or 40 pound blocks everyday. Four schools participate in the pilot program.

8 Compactors Pilot program set up with four schools has been successful.
Easy to use, no touch system. Has reduced size of trash by 50%. FCMS had two dumpsters filled daily, now has been reduced to one dumpster daily. All trash from cafeteria and other areas are compacted everyday. There is a low initial cost. No special dumpster is needed as with the pulpers. Cuts down on potential injuries to employees as bags of trash do not need to be handled or thrown into the dumpster. No special electrical modifications to building. Partnered with local company – SPD solutions.

9 Thermal Compactors We have completed a pilot program using thermal compaction from Thermo Compaction Systems, Inc. Up 1200 trays can be placed into the compactor. Compactor runs for four to five hours melting polystyrene trays into a solid plastic blocks. The plastic blocks are melted down to make other plastic goods such as flower pots. Results are positive environmental impacts along with reducing costs for solid waste removal. The maintenance department is currently seeking funding to place at least one machine into fulltime service within the district, with the goal of many units throughout the district.

10 Improvements Our energy performance contract with Trane has enabled the Hernando County School district maintenance department to make improvements and implementations .

11 Economic Impact

12 Energy Management Systems
Kilowatt savings –examples Moton Elementary School - Much of this savings can be contributed to the upgrade from a direct expansion cooling system to a much more efficient chilled water system. Springstead High School Auditorium - Upgraded chillers from reciprocation compressors to screw type compressors. With this upgrade, the energy savings has been seen over many years. These are only two examples for the ability of efficient system upgrades tied to energy management systems can decrease energy consumption for extended periods of time. kWh

13 Improvements and Implementations
Occupancy and daylight sensors reduce energy use and utility costs. High efficiency chiller systems significantly reduce energy consumption. Automatic shut-off controls for bathroom faucets reduce the amount of water consumed. Non volatile organic compound paints are used and environmentally friendly paints are preferred. Cool Roofs can decrease the amount of energy consumed by a building by creating less demand for cooling systems. Parking lot lights and exterior lighting at schools have been added to the Energy Management System and are shut off late at night to conserve energy. Converting gang bathrooms from paper towel dispensers to energy star hand dryers. Conversion from T-12 to T-8 lamps with electronic ballasts at all campuses. A yearly maintenance contract on all A/C equipment ensures optimum performance for a continuing energy savings. Architectural building envelope improvements.

14 Waterfree Urinals Waterfree systems provides: Touch free operation Reduced operating expenses Hygienically cleaner than watered urinals Easy to maintain and clean Ability to conserve a precious resource – water! Sloan and Eco Tech models currently being utilized. Each urinal can save approximately 40,000 gallons of water per year!

15 Keep them Interested It is very important that once a large sustainability program or a small part of one is implemented, everyone needs to stay involved. We accomplish this by educating the students on the program, having them involved with some of the programs like recycling. Recognize those who have impacted and contributed to making a difference. Let the students have input. Let all district employees have input and contribute if they want. The more involvement from people will help to insure a successful program.

16 School Involvement Example
Chocachatti Elementary School was selected as the Green Initiative Award winner. The school custodians decreased the amount of waste receptacles around the school by having a standard for each classroom (one large and one small). They have increased the amount of recycling bins by recycling the old trash cans and labeling them for recyclables. The recycling cans are designated for specific items, paper/cardboard and bottle/cans. The students are educated through a puppet show and additional signage around campus is numerous. The student’s micro society has made buttons with a slogan of “Recycle, I do! Do You?” There is even a custodian who dresses up as a recycling mascot and they call her “The Green Queen”. The key to this implementation is the extra educational aspect. Not only was an idea implemented, but additional educational materials in multiple forms were brought to the kids. Educating the children about recycling and sustainability is a major factor in programs being successful over a long period of time. More education about these topics makes the students get more involved.

17 Green Cleaning Hernando County School District was the recipient for the American School and University Magazine 2007 Green Cleaning Award for K-12 School Districts nationwide. Key Elements for Success: People Partnership for products Training Follow-up and Documentation

18 People These are the men and women that really make a difference.
We look for great attitudes over anything else. HCSB feels they have the best custodians, maintenance and facilities personnel in the State of Florida. They are a highly trained, professional work force. “Custodians/Maintenance are an integral part of not only a healthy school, but also the academic success of students” “Lower absentee rates and increased environmental quality also increases student achievement and raises test scores.” The employees are the reason why the GREEN program has succeeded.

19 Products and Partnerships
Used green guidelines. Tested each chemical over an extended period of time before selecting. Had the custodians give feedback from the tests. We had “glug-glug” custodians, so the proportioning system was chosen wisely. Limit the number of chemicals required for everyday use. Found chemicals that do more than one job. Control chemicals with proper inventory measures. Train custodians on proper use. Buckeye International Chemicals and Training Materials Other Partnerships that have helped our success to name only a few: Resource One Whittaker Nacecare Coastal Chemical Calico Industries Peninsular Paper Wausau Paper Tandus

20 Training Developed a solid training program.
Every custodian to be trained on every chemical. Every custodian to be trained on every machine. Vendors to supply multiple training sessions throughout the year. Periodic task training throughout the year. Custodial Certification program through HCSB and chemical manufacturer. Verbal “pop” quizzes during inspection to keep custodians on their toes.

21 Follow-up Awards for: Custodial Feedback through surveys.
Teacher and staff feedback. Inspections by Administrators and Custodial Manager. The Green Initiative Top school custodial department Best recycling program Most improved Outstanding Attitude Proper documentation by the custodial staff is essential. Examples: Custodial Checklists Special Tasks/Assignments Pass down logs Equipment Related Topics Chemical Related Topics Training Inspections Inventory Purchases Awards for:

22 S.E.E - Sustainability S – Social E – Environment E - Economic

23 S.E.E SOCIAL IMPACT Employee Satisfaction Employee Retention
Improved learning environment Better student performance Positive impact on community ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Reduces pollution Saves landfill space Energy conservation Water conservation Preserves natural resources ECONOMIC IMPACT Increased productivity Increased mechanical efficiency Lowered life cycle costs Sustainable Savings

24 These are just a few examples of how the Hernando County School District is driving forward to become one district with a positive sustainable impact in the United States. Our sustainability program is a team effort involving 24,000 students, 3,000 plus staff in many different departments and a hand full of vendors from the community. Hernando County Schools are making a positive difference today for a Greener tomorrow.

25 Sean Arnold Director of Maintenance Hernando County School Board
Thank You ! Sean Arnold Director of Maintenance Hernando County School Board

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