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© PROFESSIONAL Impressions 2007 1 Circle the appropriate answer: 1. The type of clothes I prefer for work are: A. Separates that mix-and-match. Comfortable.

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1 © PROFESSIONAL Impressions 2007 1 Circle the appropriate answer: 1. The type of clothes I prefer for work are: A. Separates that mix-and-match. Comfortable yet professional B. Classically tailored suits C. Nothing too classic, preferably softer lines D. Fashionable, bold, powerful designs E. Appropriate but unexpected combinations F. Elegantly blended neutrals in the very best quality 2. The type of clothes I prefer for weekends: A. Sportswear or casual gear B. The timeless good-quality skirt and sweater C. Soft dresses, flowing skirts with pretty blouses D. Latest fashions, an over scaled jacket and striking accessories E. Ethnic, over-the top, unpredictable combinations F. Simple but chic eg a designer tracksuit 3. When choosing a print it is usually: A. Preferably plain or a casual pattern B. Preferably plain, or a very muted print C. Soft florals, polka dots, soft small checks or plaids D. Bold, large print, abstract or geometrical, exotic colours E. Ethnic, bright, Indian, gipsy prints F. Label logo prints-Chanel, Versace, Dior 4. My favourite shoes are: A. Takkies or ballet style slippers B. Court shoes C. Higher heels,or with open toes or sling- back D. Leather boots or striking statement styles E. Short, suede shoe boots F. Square toe, wedged heel pump YOUR PERSONAL DRESS SIGNATURE

2 © PROFESSIONAL Impressions 2007 2 5. Is your make-up and hairstyle: A. Wash and wear hairstyle, minimal make-up B. Neat hairstyle, subtle understated make-up C. Soft and feminine D.Strong make-up - dramatic hairstyle E. Reflects moods, creative use of colour and styles F. Matt, neutral make-up, great condition, cut and style 7. Accessories I choose: A. Not much but preferably natural beads and stone B. Pearls or gold only C. Delicate pieces, preferably antique D. Bold, geometric shapes worn on their own -never jumbled E. Large drop earrings, ethnic pieces F. Gold ropes, Chanel- style earrings 6. Which would be your dream car? A. 4 x 4 B. Mercedes C. White Rolls – Royce with chauffeur D. Red Ferrari E. Zebra-striped convertible F. Jaguar YOUR PERSONAL DRESS SIGNATURE

3 © PROFESSIONAL Impressions 2007 3 8. What would be your dream holiday? A. White water rafting, hiking in a wilderness area B. A tour of the chateaus in the South of France C. Paris in Spring time D. The Rio Carnival E. Spiritual self-discovery journey to the East F. Attending latest European Designer Fashion shows 9. I would like to develop a style personified by: A. Gwynneth Paltrow, Annette Cowley B. Penny Coelen, Felicia Mabusa-Suttle C. Jane Seymour, Patricia Lewis D. Cher, Brenda Fassie E. Tina Turner, Madonna F. Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer 10. My favourite fabrics are: A. Jersey, denim, knits, textured fabrics-tweed,woolens B. Quality natural fabrics-100% wool, cotton, silk C. Jersey, lace, silk D. Rich fabrics-velvet, brocade, suede E. Lycra, metallics, contrasting textures F. Best quality wool crepe, cashmere, leather Add up your number of As, Bs, Cs, Ds, Es, Fs and enter them in the blocks below. YOUR PERSONAL DRESS SIGNATURE EF ABCD

4 © PROFESSIONAL Impressions 2007 4 DISCOVER YOUR PERSONAL DRESS SIGNATURE The Natural Style (mainly As) The natural style is relaxed, enjoying ease of movement and fun. You're not that interested in what is fashionable. You use restraint in clothing design and accessories, but not in quality. Colour, prints, fabrics: You love the colours of nature. In prints paisleys, checks, plaids and soft stripes are preferred. Uneven or rough textures like tweed, shantung, rough linen, raw silk or hand knitted textures, and plain surfaced fabric such as jersey, plain knits or gabardine are most attractive. You love texture, woolens and nubby fabrics. Styles: Elegant sportswear is the Natural womans best look. Avoid anything too fitted, as layering really suits you. Clothes need to be hard-wearing as you are the outdoor type. Mistakes you may have made include frilly blouses, or exaggerated styles, suits that are too constraining. The straight silhouette is becoming. Formal wear should be very simple in line, featuring beautiful fabric. Make-up and hair: Avoid the scrubbed bare look. Use just a touch of makeup - even if it is just a tinted moisturiser, neutral eyeshadow, a blush, mascara and a natural lip gloss. Choose a short low-maintenance hairstyle or a long style that looks good pulled back. Accessories: Jewellery should be plain, chunky and natural looking, using plain metals, coloured stones and large chains. Rustic jewellery in leather, bronze and antique golds complete your look. The Classic Style (mainly Bs) You value quality more than quantity and style more than fashion. It is an understated and blended look using uncomplicated simple designs. You're able to transform your wardrobe with a simple change of accessories. The epitome of elegance at all times. Colours, prints, fabrics: Neutrals form the core of your wardrobe. Other choices are the richer pastels and mid-tone of blues, oak greens and purples. You prefer plains rather than prints, Any print needs to be understated and will probably be a subtle geometric. Plain fabrics are usually preferred but soft florals, cascades and watercolour effects are good. Medium to lightweight fabrics such as fine silks, wool crepe, jersey, cashmere, fine cotton or wool broadcloth and other fine woollens are most becoming on the Classic woman. Tightly woven, nothing too fancy, frilly, silky or slippery. Styles: Balanced proportions are integral to this style, as is a good fit. Avoid anything extreme, it is however a current not outdated look. Soft lines are most becoming. Make-up and hair: You're always well groomed with an elegant polish. Hair is mostly sleek, well cut, and easy to manage. Accessories: Best kept simple. Jewellery should be modest, inconspicuous, smart and average size. Pearls are flattering. The quality and understated is what suits you best. The leather court shoe is your ideal choice.

5 © PROFESSIONAL Impressions 2007 5 The Romantic style (mainly Cs) Flowing, feminine, pretty this embodies your style. Romantics pay great attention to detail. She loves rich, pretty things, she must avoid the temptation to overdress. Colours, prints, fabrics: Romantics love rich colours anduse colour in preference to neutrals. Pinks, plums, and violets, purples are favourites. For day wear she uses soft blended florals, polka dots, dotted Swiss, eyelet, embroidery, soft plaids and checks. Medium- to lightweight such as fine silk, crepe, jersey, plain knits, fine cotton, soft woollens and cashmere look best on the Romantic woman. For her evening out soft, fluid and rich - velvets, lace, silks, jerseys anything that feels good to the touch. Styles: Look for softer cuts in business suits to accentuate your femininity. Avoid being too silly or frilly at work. Dresses, shawls, skirts and blouses are your preferred weekend wear. The Romantic is the epitome of feminity and sex appeal. Make-up and hair: You love spending time on yourself and your beauty routine. Make sure however that you're constantly updating your look. Hair is usually long, soft, wavy, a true romantic needs sensuous hair. Accessories: Fine, delicate and detailed describes your jewellery. Likes to wear many pieces of jewellery and can get away with it if they are carefully co- ordinated. The Dramatic style (mainly Ds) Yours is a bold and sophisticated style. You embody poise, confidence and individuality. Colours, prints, fabrics: You like to make use of the strong primaries eg red worn with black or worn as a solid. Avoid fussy prints, you look best in Pop Art and geometric prints. Textures may vary from firm weaves that tailor or drape well, such as crepe, broadcloth, gabardine to soft jersey. Use lustrous fabrics for formal wear, such as satin, heavy brocade and lame. Style: Use striking proportions, for example long jacket worn with a short skirt for impact. Avoid the predictable completed look, choose single striking garments to team with existing pieces. You can wear simple, plain, tailored clothing for day and an extreme, exotic, costume look for evening. Make-up and hair: Your make-up usually makes a statement. Deep natural eye shadow, strong lips, pale matt skin. Hair is kept asymmetrical, short, sleek or angular Accessories: Vary from the bold, plain and large to the elaborate, ornate and lavish – long, heavy strands of beads or high chokers, large brooches, long hoops or chandelier earrings. Accessories are used as a single focal point. Shoes are often ultra-modern or out of the ordinary.

6 © PROFESSIONAL Impressions 2007 6 DISCOVER YOUR PERSONAL DRESS SIGNATURE The Creative style (mainly Es) You are an individualist who refuses to wear a package look. You unpredictably mix separates and accessories. Your image always reflects your moods. Colours, prints, fabrics: You love to experiment with colour, fabrics and textures to create different effects. Your instinct is to shock, to amuse as well as to inspire. Take care that this is not inappropriate for work. Rather go for ecclectic separates, layering and accessorising express your innovation. Make-up and hair: Make your eyes the focus. In hairstyles avoid anything too controlled and severe. Be daring with colour. Take care to curb your creative urges at work however. Accessories: You do what isn't being done by others. Hunt for the unusual and exotic. The Cosmo-Chic style (mainly Fs) You are assured, elegant and relaxed - the key here is simplicity. This style is an evolution, you may have been a classic in the past or retired as a dramatic. High fashion was made for you. Colours, prints, fabrics: Blended and elegant with an emphasis on monochromatic pieces in ivory, charcoal, taupe, pewter. These are enlivened with a dash of rich colour. You prefer knits, jerseys, linen and wool crepes. Style: Relaxed, fluid, soft never severe or too tight. Your wardrobe will be based on good quality, there will not be many pieces but the possibilities will be endless. Make-up and hair: Use natural tones to give an elegant polish. In hairstyles avoid the fussy or the frizzy. Accessories: Good quality junk jewellery is your answer for example a Chanel style. Shoes will be updated classics.

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