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2 … begin with the end in mind… whats your dream for your future ?

3 A High School Graduation Certificate is required for most entry level jobs in 2014…

4 To be competitive a student should have a minimum average of 70% in courses at the highest level he/she can complete… 5B1%5D.jpg

5 To be accepted at a university you must have at least a 70% in academic English (ENG621A) and a minimum average of 70% in 5 grade 12 academic courses… class-2012-graduates

6 jobs-data-halts-gold-rally/ /EntryId/2024/CFWI-team-battles-for-Culinary-Team-Canada-title.aspx carpentry-students-and-their-instructors-set-to-work-building-ins-for- camp-triumph/

7 High School Program A minimum of 20 credits are required. 10 are required and 10 you choose. Each course has 110 hours of instruction and earns 1 credit. Students must earn 50% in a course to receive credit. (70% will give you many more opportunities after graduation.)

8 What is success in high school? Completing the EAL courses to support English language learning. Earning 4 credits every semester - using 3 years to graduate -24 credits Having good marks in courses that will prepare you for work or school – choosing courses which will support your English language learning. Join the IB Program and complete the 2 year program. htttp:// htttp://

9 Choose the Courses at the Correct level for you at this time…. Success leads to more success You can always change levels when you have the skills you need for the next level… START STRONG FULL ATTENDANCE IS ESSENTIAL ! WORK HARD FROM DAY 1! COMPLETE ASSIGNMENTS AND PROJECTS ON TIME ! ASK FOR HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT…DONT WAIT, WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU REACH YOUER GOALS!

10 Each student at Colonel Gray is part of a POD, you will have an administrator, a counselor and a resource specialist to support you throughout your high school career... Each student has the same homeroom advisor from grade 10 to graduation. The advisor works with you on your academic plan over the next few years…

11 Each school year has 2 semesters. Semester 1 - September to end of January. Semester 2 - February to end of June A Student registers to take 4 courses each semester. 8 courses each year to complete 8 credits. In three years the student can complete 24 credits.

12 Individualized Programs Each student creates their education path. Students register for courses that suit their own educational goals. You are creating a plan for your future…

13 Consider: The program choice is mainly determined by your marks in grade 9 - Your current report card Recommendations of your current teachers What you know about your own strengths and weaknesses in individual subjects Your plans for career and education when you finish high school– University –College –Work Advice from your parents and other adults

14 Career Crusing is a web based site which students and their parents can access to explore interests and options for the future. Students can get their username and password from their school counselor.

15 Parent Series Its time to have the talk Encourage your child to dream Awakening your childs interests The role personality plays in career planning The role personality plays in career planning Career exploration – finding the facts Career exploration – finding the facts Choosing a career path Deciding on a career Teaching the importance of work ethic Teaching the importance of work ethic Building a collection of career tools Building a collection of career tools Developing a career plan

16 Available on line… Colonel Gray High School Course Handbook – Grade 10 2014-2015

17 MAT421K – Apprenticeship and Workplace Mathematics replaces MAT431A. New curriculum for PED401A – Physical Education - Wellness

18 3 English credits (EN)- Grade 10, 11, & 12 1 Language credit (LA) 2 Math credits (MA) 2 Science credits (SC) 2 Social Studies credits (SS) plus 10 credits of your choice (based on your career path) 5 credits at grade 12 level (600 or 800)

19 Developing a Graduation Plan for Success in High School General Program The general program provides the skills necessary for many 2-year post secondary programs and trades-based careers. Courses are less theoretical and emphasize practical applications. Elective courses provide opportunities to explore career options.

20 Developing a Graduation Plan for Success in High School Academic Program Courses prepare the student for university or college programs. Electives provide opportunities to explore career interests.

21 The Rebel Academy is for boys who are bored with the traditional classroom structure and want to become part of a team of learners. We teach the grade 10 courses through hands-on activities and student-centered learning. Boys who register for this program will take their core grade 10 subjects with the same 4 teachers all year. We dont have textbooks and we don't teach facts - we teach skills. Courses for 2013-14 are: ENG421A, MAT421A, HIS421A, SCI421A, PED401A

22 Developing a Graduation Plan for Success in High School International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Provides a rigorous academic program for students who are seeking a particular challenge in high school. The IB Diploma Programme is a grade 11 and 12 program but students enroll in the IB candidate courses intended to prepare them for the IB programme. The Colonel Gray pre-IB grade 10 program includes 7 set courses and 1 elective. Courses include ENG421B, MAT421B, SCI421B, HIS421B, WRT421A, FRE421F or FRE421A, PED401A and one elective.

23 All students entering the Grade 10 academic program at Colonel Gray are encouraged to complete the Writing 421A course. A student who successfully completes the outcomes for this course will be more prepared to achieve at a higher level in future academic language based courses. Students entering the grade 10 general level program are strongly encouraged to complete the RES701D (Writing 461A) course for similar reasons.

24 Example: MAT421A [301] MAT - Abbreviation for the area of study (Math) 4 - Year the course is usually taken (4 is gr.10) 2 - Course classification (2 is academic) 1 - Credit value (1 credit) A - Language of instruction is English [301] - the unique code used to input the information to the computer

25 Every student takes English (EN) ENG421A - English [Academic] ENG431A - English [General] ENG451A - English [Practical] OR you may first be completing: EAL701A & EAL701B EAL701C EAL701D … then English

26 Each student takes Math (MA) MAT421A – Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus Girls only may be an option MAT421K – Apprenticeship and Workplace Mathematics MAT451A - Math [Practical] You may take RES401A(Math Resource) before MAT421A if your mark is between 55% and 70%

27 Each of you take Science (SC) SCI421A - Science [Academic] SCI701A - Applied Science [Open] SCI431A - Science [General] SCI461A - Science [Practical]

28 Each student takes Social Studies (SS) CAS401A - Canadian Studies [Open] GEO421A - Geography of Canada [Academic] HIS421A - Ancient and Medieval History [Academic] HIS421G - Le Canada Dans le Monde [Academic] [FI] SOC451A – Social Studies [Practical]

29 FRE421F - Language Arts [Academic] [FI] This course is required for all French immersion students WRT421A - Writing [Academic] (recommended) FRE421A - Core French [Academic] LSK551A - Life Skills [Practical] RES701C and 701D [Open]- Resource Literacy French and Writing are required for the Grade 10 pre-IB

30 All students take Phys Ed PED401A of PED401F (Fit) Gym based all semester Music students choose PED401A Every second day with Music 421A for the year.

31 All students have some electives MUS421A - Music [Band] Required for students wanting to continue as band students Additional Electives – based on your interest Electives towards Business and Innovation Academy Diploma (BUS701A, CEO401A and ITC401A are possible choices) Electives towards Career and Technical Education (CTE) Skilled Trades Certificate (DES701A, CAR701A, AUT701A, WEL701A, FDS421A)


33 Students completing 6 credits from the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Skilled Trades course selection with a minimum of 70% in each course will receive a CTE Skilled Trades Certificate.CTE Skilled Trades Certificate

34 Requirements: 6 courses must be completed in French Immersion to be eligible to write the DELF exam(an official French proficiency certification). It is recommended that students take 1 French Immersion course each semester. Students are required complete 2 French Immersion courses each year – 1 language credit and 1 social studies credit.

35 Colonel Gray is in the early stages of presenting an Academy Diploma Program in Business and Innovation. Students who enter the ADP will have a focus on the skills of business and innovation in their high school program.Academy Diploma Program in Business and Innovation

36 RES701A - Provides teacher support: In helping students with learning in other current course work. In developing essential student skills for study and organization. In completing the requirements for a specific course, math, English, etc. Teacher referral is required

37 English Additional Language Students are placed into the appropriate level based on an English language assessment or achievement in current EAL programs. There are two strands of language learning Listening and Speaking Reading and Writing English Additional Language Courses EAL701A - Beginner Reading and Writing EAL701B - Beginner Listening and Speaking EAL701C - Intermediate (all strands) EAL701D - Advanced (all strands) Students will have the greatest success in future literature courses (ENG421A, ENG521A, ENG621A) if they achieve a minimum of 80% in their EAL courses…and then also take WRT421A.

38 Musical Drama S.A.D.D. Students against Distracted Driving Yearbook Safe Grad Bully Busters Free the Children Prom Committee Key Club Student Council Encounters Canada - Trip to the Terry Fox Centre Competitive Sports Intramural Sports JAG 30 Hour Famine Improv



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