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Southwest Native Americans

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1 Southwest Native Americans
By : Travis Shockley Brandon Conley Colin Bergh

2 Tribes Apaches Hohokams Hopis Pueblos

3 Clothing Men- Wore breechcloth in the summer and a warmer deerskin outfit in the winter Both- They both wore highly designed sandals Women- Wore dresses , long skins, and blouses made of leather. Also wore lots of jewelry

4 Environment Canyons Mountains Deserts Flat-topped land

5 Adaptations Developed an irrigation system for farming
Dry farmed by growing corn, squash, melons, beans, and fruit Built shelters, tools, and clothing from natural resources

6 Beliefs/Religion Believed that supernatural beings lived with them
Also believed by staying clean they were cleaning their bodies of both bad luck and evil spirits

7 Housing Lived in villages Homes made of adobe

8 Food Raiders= rushed peoples farms and took their crops
Gathers= gathered nuts and berries Hunting=killed small game Desert Farming

9 Transportation Walked or they would have dogs to pull them or there materials on sleds

10 The End

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