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Coming together is beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. -Henry Ford.

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1 Coming together is beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. -Henry Ford

2 Welcome to Fifth Grade Orientation

3 5th graders, you are the senior leaders at Endeavor Elementary!

4 Leader in Me We will work with students to enhance their talents and skills so that they can more effectively showcase their leadership!

5 FAMILY A Mrs. Bender Math Mrs. Bradford Social Studies Mrs. Thornton Science Each teacher teaches Language Arts and Reading to her homeroom students.

6 FAMILY B Mrs. McKenzie Science, Social Studies Mrs. Tinker Math Each teacher teaches Reading and Language Arts to her homeroom students.

7 We look forward to establishing a positive home/school partnership with you this year!

8 Parent Conferences Graded papers Progress Reports & Report Cards INOW Web Newsletters Text Messages Organizers Leadership Notebook – coming soon!

9 Graded papers are sent home weekly. Papers are counted and the number recorded on the slip. Also, AR goals and progress are noted on the slip. Please sign and return the slip within two days.

10 INOW INOW access will be granted a couple of weeks after school begins. If you are new to the school or have forgotten your code, please stop by the front desk in a couple of weeks to attain your code.

11 INOW grades will be posted on a minimum of a weekly basis.

12 Grades are weighted as follows: Daily grades - 40% Test grades - 60 %

13 Accelerated Reader will be included as part of each students grade.

14 Accelerated Reader Accelerated Reader % of goal – test grade % of accuracy – test grade These test grades are recorded at the end of each nine weeks.

15 Accelerated Reader Goals: Individualized Based on STAR Reading test performance in August/December Adjusted according to performance Goals Posted Weekly in classroom After students have had time to prove themselves capable of meeting weekly goals, they may see the teacher if they wish to discuss chapter/lengthy books and goal setting.

16 Text Messaging Included in your folders are papers detailing a simple way for you to sign up for text messages, if you would like to receive them. Your number is not shared with anyone.

17 Leadership Notebooks Students will be coming home with leadership notebooks daily that contain the organizer as well as other data and information that the students decide to include.

18 Organizers Organizers are available to all students. Students are responsible for writing down their assignments daily.

19 Organizers Homework is posted daily in each teachers room. It is the responsibility of the student to record the assignment while they are in the respective class.

20 Homework

21 The amount of homework varies among students depending on how wisely the student uses class time provided and the pace at which the student works.

22 For example, while one student may average 30 minutes of homework, another student may average 1 ½ hours.

23 Endeavor Homework Policy Students who do not have their homework will have an opportunity to bring it in the following day with a 15 point penalty. If they bring the work in 2 days late, they lose 30 points. On the third day their grade will become a 0.

24 Homework Policy Students are responsible for turning in the late work without prompting from the teacher.

25 Discipline Policy You will find a copy of the 5 th Grade Discipline Policy in your Orientation Folder. Please read, sign, and return the bottom portion.

26 Behavior Calendars Each 5 th grader has a monthly calendar. Notations of missed assignments or any behavioral concerns are recorded by the respective teacher. These aid in determining which students have earned Friday recess.

27 Violations and Consequences There are Class I, II, and III Violations and Consequences. Please review these with your child. See pages of Madison County Code of Conduct

28 Morning Arrival at 7:45 Afternoon Dismissal at 2:25 No check-outs between 2:15 – 2:45 (We follow the official U.S. time as provided by website.)

29 Attendance Parents must provide reasons for absences within a 3 day window. Absences must fall within excused absence policy to be coded as excused. Students may ONLY have 10 parent-note excuses without a doctors statement. See pages of Madison County Code of Conduct

30 For prior principal approval of absence(s), notification must be given to Mrs. Hicks BEFORE THE ABSENCE. Vacations are not approved; however, make-up work is usually allowed.

31 Attendance Please note, it is the students responsibility to ensure the teacher receives the excuse note for an absence within the three day period.

32 Truancy A student will be classified as truant if the principal (or administrative designee) determines that an absence(s) is unexcused based on the parent/guardians written explanation. See page 21 of Madison County Code of Conduct

33 Sign-In/Sign-Out Procedures Students arriving after 7:45 must be signed in by a parent at the reception desk. Students who leave school for any reason must be signed out by a parent at the front desk. To be counted present, students should be checked-in by 11:15. See Endeavor Elementary Handbook in student organizer

34 Please be aware that some tardies will be deemed excused, while others will be considered unexcused. The guidelines will be those used to determine absences. See Endeavor Elementary Handbook in student organizer

35 Checking students out of school Only parent(s) are allowed to check out students, unless the parent(s) has specifically designated another person to check their child out of school. See page 20 of Madison County Code of Conduct

36 Make-up Work Deadlines When a student is absent, it is the responsibility of the student to see the respective teacher for all missed work. The time period allowed for make-up work will not extend beyond two weeks. See page 21 of Madison County Code of Conduct

37 Dress Code

38 Dress Code Dress Code The Madison County Dress Code will be strictly enforced. Please refer very carefully to the Madison County Code of Conduct handbook for dress code regulations. Please note there are specific changes starting in 5 th grade. See page 2-3 of Madison County Code of Conduct

39 Dress code violations are classified as a failure to follow school and county guidelines and will result in disciplinary action.

40 Shirts, blouses and tops are not to be excessively long, and should not extend below the middle of pants pockets. Such garments are not to be too tight, or bare at the midriff or sides. See page 3 of Madison County Code of Conduct

41 Shorts, skirts, and dresses too short in length are NOT allowed. The length of shorts/skirts must meet the finger-tip guideline established in the Madison County Code of Conduct. See page 3 of Madison County Code of Conduct

42 Neither athletic shorts nor sweatpants are acceptable. Shorts and pants that are considered athletic in nature would be those that have an elastic or draw-string waist and are constructed of mesh or thin cotton jersey material. See page 3 of Madison County Code of Conduct

43 Coats and outerwear must be stored in student lockers. See page 2 of Madison County Code of Conduct

44 Excessively baggy, sagging pants are prohibited. Belts are often necessary. See page 2 of Madison County Code of Conduct

45 Textbooks Parents and students are responsible for keeping up with and taking care of textbooks. See pages 3 and 4 of Madison County Code of Conduct

46 Textbooks Students are allowed to take textbooks home as often as needed.

47 Textbooks Reading – new series Math – Go Math!

48 Bus Rules 1.Stay in seats. 2.Obey bus rules. 3.Listen to and obey bus drivers. 4.Keep the aisles clear of feet, books, bags, etc. 5.Keep buses free of litter. 6.Keep conversations at a low volume. 7.No profanity, loud, or boisterous talk. See page 4 of Madison County Code of Conduct

49 The Board respects the rights of each student as it relates to person, privacy, and property. The Board has an obligation to provide for the safety of students… and authorizes personnel to act… when suspicion exists that a student possesses any prohibited item… See page 5-7 of Madison County Code of Conduct

50 Students Questioned by DHR Endeavor will cooperate with DHR in duties and responsibilities concerning child welfare and safety. See page 6 of Madison County Code of Conduct

51 Prohibited Substances and Devices Drugs and alcohol Compliance with Gun-Free Schools Act Tobacco Electronic Pagers/Unauthorized Communication Devices See page 7-9 of Madison County Code of Conduct

52 Cell Phones are permitted: 1.Must be kept in book bag or purse (not to be worn). 2.Must be turned off in school building. 3.Must be turned off on school campus. 4.Must be turned off on school bus. 5.School administrators may make exceptions. 6.Phones may be confiscated when policy is violated and returned only to parents. See page 8-9 of Madison County Code of Conduct

53 Electronic Devices: Please note the school and teachers are not responsible for any lost or damaged electronic devices.

54 Medications Students are not allowed to transport medications to and from school. See page of Madison County Code of Conduct

55 Safety Concerns Only the front door is open during school hours. All visitors must sign in and wear a badge.

56 When working or volunteering in the school building, please refrain from visiting classrooms so that instructional time is not lost and learning is not interrupted.

57 Birthday Celebrations They are only done during lunchtime in the cafeteria. You may bring in snacks that do not have sugar listed as the first ingredient. See Endeavor Elementary Handbook in student organizer

58 Parties Only 2 per year: Christmas Our Joint End-of-the- Year Party (parents invited)

59 Lunchroom Procedures Please keep up with your childs lunch money balance. The lunch price for 5 th Grade is $2.25 and $1.75 for breakfast. The lunchroom phone number is if you have any questions.

60 Pay-Pam information is included in your folder. This program helps parents keep up with the funds in cafeteria accounts.

61 Special Programs SCAN Puberty Training – More information will be available closer to time AIDS Training – Near the end of the year in Science class

62 Classroom schedules will be sent home next week when they are perfected.

63 Please join PTA and help us synergize to make Endeavor even better!

64 Check out the schools webpage for bus schedule changes and potential weather situations. The Endeavor school webpage will be updated as needed.

65 Automated phone calls are issued when changes occur to the school day. Please make sure that your phone number is accurate.

66 A supply list is included in your orientation folder. Supply Kits have arrived and are in your teachers room. You will need to sign that you have received the kit when you visit your teachers room. If you brought any supplies tonight, feel free to leave those labeled in your childs homeroom.

67 Remember Check frequently throughout the year to see if your child needs supplies.

68 Papers to be sent back to the teachers are included on a check list inside your folders.

69 Please hold folders until all items are collected and send them to school at one time in the folder provided. Please return all signed papers by Monday, August 26 th.

70 After reading, if you have any questions that are not covered in the Endeavor Handbook, Madison County Code of Conduct, or the 5 th grade packet, please your childs teacher.

71 Since all 5th grade teams are group efforts, please address all correspondence and have your child hand- deliver it to the respective teacher for whom it is intended.

72 If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact your childs teacher immediately. Often, there may be miscommunication between the child, home, and school.


74 Please send a simple to your childs HOMEROOM teacher so that you may be added to her distribution list. Please make the subject HELLO. Include your students name and your name in the body of the . Please know that your address will not be shared.

75 Washington, D.C. Trip The D.C. Trip is near capacity. If you are interested, please Mrs. Bradford for further details.

76 Washington, D.C. Trip Those registered for the trip, please Mrs. Bradford a simple so that she may add you to the distribution list. Please title your subject DC Include your students name and your name in the body of the . Please know that your address will not be shared.

77 WISH LIST See orientation folder or board in teachers room for wish list items. Please feel free to contribute as many items as you like. Your assistance will be GREATLY appreciated!

78 Thank you! Please feel free to stop by and meet your childs teachers. Please note there will be no further formal presentation in the classroom.

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