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The Clothes Mgr. Katarína Cvečková.

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1 The Clothes Mgr. Katarína Cvečková

2 Cap The cap is white.

3 Hat The hat is red.

4 T-shirt The T-shirt is yellow.

5 Jacket The jacket is blue and yellow.

6 Shoes The shoes are black and gray.

7 Socks The socks are red and white.

8 Slippers The slippers are pink and blue.

9 Dress The dress is red.

10 The mittens are blue, red and green.

11 Trousers The trousers are red.

12 Skirt The skirt is blue and white.

13 What do you wear? In the summer. In the winter.

14 What are they wearing? They are wearing jeans, T- shirts, belts. What colour are their clothes?

15 He is wearing: red T- shirt, blue jeans, white socks and red and white trainers

16 What is he wearing? What is she wearing?

17 What are they wearing?Describe the picture.
He is wearing... She is wearing... They are wearing...

18 Ďakujem za pozornosť. Mgr. Katarína Cvečková

19 Zdroje T-shirt1 T- shirt2 trousers1 trousers2 skirt1 skirt2 dress1 dress2 shorts1 shoes1 shoes2 socks1 socks2 jacket1 jacket2 hat1 hat2 cap1 ng    cap2 mittens1 gloves1 slippers1 slippers2 belt glases handbag put on1 put on2 put on3 put on4 clothes1 clothes2 clasroom clothes3

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