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Maus Middle School Cub Camp

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1 Maus Middle School Cub Camp
August 13th, 2010

2 The mission of Maus Middle School is to work as a collaborative team with parents, students, and faculty to establish a positive and safe environment. Our goal is to ensure that each and every student has a Purpose, shows and receives Respect, demonstrates Integrity, and maintains Determination in their pursuit of Excellence. We are THE PRIDE!

3 Purpose of Training Camp
Alleviate fears of coming to middle school Become familiar with the building, find the class rooms and locker before the first day Meet all 8 of their teachers Meet some of the students on their team Become acquainted with some of the procedures of middle school


5 Maus Staff Contacts Cory McClendon – Principal Assistant Principals
Gloria Gage 8th Grade, 7th grade M-Z Jamie Wisneski 6th Grade, 7th grade A-L Counselors Leslie Warstler 8th Grade, 7th grade M-Z Ann Nickel 6th Grade, 7th grade A-L Karen Rouse—Principal’s Secretary Kay Price – AP/Counselor’s Secretary

6 PROWLERS Team – 6th grade
Math -- Sabrina Spencer, Karissa Norris Science -- Jillian Simpson, Cade Nichols ILA -- Katherine Oldham, Sarah Fermagilich, Christie Biggs Soc Studies -- Johnny Hopkins, Madison Presenza

7 6th Grade Elective Teachers
Band – Katie Lewis Asst Band – Jonathan Adamo Orchestra – Lauren Hartin Choir – Laura Wright Computer Lit. – Matt Smith Art– Kathleen Hamrick Sped- Holly Darnell-Rigsby Theater – John Charron Study Skills – Piper Schoppe PE – Brent Reese PE – Kristen Goodgion GT – Charlotte Caskey ESL – Thamara Millan Mountain Lion Math – Kyle Andrews Mountain Lion Reading – Christie Biggs Dyslexia—Michelle Parkman

8 Prowlers Teaming Schedule: 3rd Period – 10:20 to 11:00
Teaming Periods Prowlers Teaming Schedule: 3rd Period – 10:20 to 11:00

9 Academic Teaming The students on each team have all the same core teachers – (school within a school concept) Teachers plan together 45 minutes daily Able to keep “tabs” on students academic and behavioral success Same team all year Like having a family at school

10 Academics

11 Homework Research has found that homework is very effective in the learning process Will become more accustomed to and get it done in a more timely manner Quiet place to do their homework If it is taking an overabundance of time, check with them and see how they are using their time

12 Late Work Policy Homework At most a 70 until the test over the content
At most a 50 until two days prior to the end of the grading period. Major Grade 15 points off each day late – maximum of 5 days late (*unless it was completed in Advisory)

13 Grading Six Weeks Grade: 50% Major – Tests and major projects
50% Daily work, homework and quizzes Semester Grade Each Six Week grade will count 2/7 + Semester Exam 1/7 Final Grade Average of the two semester grades

14 Middle School coursework for high school credit
Notice to Sixth Grade Parents and Students – Beginning with this year’s sixth graders, the graduating class of 2017, if a class is taken in middle school for high school credit, the grade received will count toward the high school grade point average. This is of particular importance in math because 6th grade students who take PAP 6th Grade Math, and stay on the PAP track, will take PAP Alg I for high school credit in 8th grade. The decision to take PAP 6th Grade Math will result in taking a high school course in 8th grade.

15 Progress Reports & Report Cards
Progress reports will be sent home at the mid-point of each six week grading period. Report cards will be sent home the week after the end of a six week grading period. Grades will be accessible throughout the entire grading period from the Frisco ISD website ( through the Home Access Center. *Any student that is not passing at 3wks or 6wks may not attend extracurricular events at Maus Middle School.*

16 Communication

17 Communication Mediums
Agendas School Messenger phone calls Website Home Access Center via Maus website Marquee Personal Contact via phone & General Maus is

18 Student planners/agendas
Keep up with assignments, tests and due dates Students will get into the habit of using these to keep up. Please check that your child is utilizing his/her planner

19 HAC: Home Access Center
This is the medium for teachers to communicate grades with parents Will show grades, assignments, and due dates You will be able to access this system on-line and monitor your child’s progress throughout the six-weeks You will be receiving more information on how to access this system during the first six-weeks

20 Important Web Sites and follow the links to
Maus Middle School – news and calendars, Home Access Center Some teams will have their own web site and will communicate this with you

21 Discipline Management Plan

22 School-Wide Expectations— PRIDE
P—Purpose R—Responsibility I—Integrity D—Determination E—Excellence

23 Policies – Disruptive Behavior
Short Term ISS (In School Suspension): -students who are disrupting the learning environment -this may also lead to more severe consequences Long Term ISS: -consequence from the building administration

24 Dress Code Students will not be permitted to wear the following: “sagging pants,” torn or ragged clothing, sunglasses, caps, hats, bandanas, undergarments worn as outerwear, pajamas, or house shoes. The following are guidelines to follow…..>

25 Dress Code Boys Shirts with sleeves must be worn at all times.
Shorts or pants must be worn at or about the waist line at all times. Undergarments should not be visible at any time. No holes in garments.

26 Dress Code Girls Sleeveless tops with a minimum width of two-inch wide straps are acceptable. The shirt straps must be wide enough to cover undergarments. See-through, bare midriff, halter type, shoulder baring, or spaghetti strap blouses or any revealing clothing is not permitted. Shirt hems should extend well below the waist of pants/shorts/skirts whether in a sitting or standing position. Dresses, skirts, and shorts must extend to or below the student’s fingertips when their arms are held to their sides. No holes in garments.

27 Dress Code Violations Students in violation of the student dress and grooming code will be expected to change to appropriate attire (provided by the school) when violations are brought to their attention. Students will not be allowed to leave campus for the purpose of changing clothes.

28 Possession of Telecommunications Devices
The District prohibits students from using or activating a cellular phone or electronic device (ipod, etc) during the school day from the start of school until the end of school. Possessing such devices is permissible as long as the device is left in the locker and turned off during the school day. Consequences for violating this policy: The first offense will result in the phone/device being taken up and returned to the parent with a warning. The second offense will result in a $15 fine being required before the phone/device is returned. The third offense will result in an additional $15 fine being required before the phone/device is returned. A fourth offense—the device will be confiscated and may be held for the remainder of the school year by the district. An additional $15 fee will be required for the return of the phone.

29 General Information

30 School Safety The safety of students and staff is non-negotiable. School visitors must check in the front office, have their driver’s license scanned through our RAPTOR system, and obtain a visitor’s badge before entering the main building. If the person picking up the student is not a parent/guardian, the identity of that person must be established and permission granted by the parent/guardian before the student will be released. Parent volunteers who work in the building have to have an FISD background check completed. See for the necessary paperwork. All FISD schools have a “Crisis Management Plan” in place and have regular “drills” for fire, tornado, and building lockdown.

31 Buses/Bicycles/Skateboards
Bus information is available at the Transportation Department (469) Bicycles are to be parked and locked in the designated areas. Skateboards or skates are not allowed on school grounds at any time.

32 Maus Traffic Pattern

33 Arrival and Dismissal School Hours: 8:40 a.m. – 3:55 p.m.
Student Arrival: Students should arrive no earlier than 7:30, and are encouraged to arrive no later than 8:30 so they are able to visit their lockers, use the restroom, and prepare for first period. Students will report to the Maus Cafeteria upon arrival. Student Departure: Students should leave as soon as school is dismissed or upon conclusion of the school activity they are attending. Students will not be allowed to loiter after school hours – staff members are not on duty to supervise.

34 Schedule Change Policy
Schedule changes are allowed for the following reasons: -Missing a required class -Too many classes the same period -Need to change between Pre-AP and regular level class Schedule changes are NOT allowed for these reasons: -because I’m not in classes with my friends -because I want another teacher -because I didn’t get my first choice elective -because I changed my mind and want another elective

35 Schedule Change Request Forms will be available on: August 30
All schedule change requests are due: on or before September 1 *See your counselor for a Schedule Change Request Form

36 Extracurricular Activities
Students are encouraged to attend all school activities Students should complete all school work and assignments at home before attending activities (no loitering after school) Regular dress code and rules apply

37 8715 Lebanon Road Frisco, TX 75034-8653 (972) 335-3630
P.E. Uniforms Frisco Sports Center 8715 Lebanon Road Frisco, TX (972) The price for each uniform is approximately $16.00.

38 Café Procedures Breakfast and lunch offered daily
Students will have an account with an identification number to purchase meals Online - to deposit into account. Or, students can bring cash or checks for deposit. “A la carte” items available in lines---prices vary. Parents can set spending limits by contacting the café manager. check

39 Dates to Remember August 23rd – First Day of School
September 7th - Meet the Teacher Night Oct. 11th - Parent Teacher Conference Day

40 PTA A word from the PTA…..

41 Thanks for coming! Questions? Please visit with one of the assistant principals, the counselors or Mr. McClendon after the presentation. Please return by 4:00 to pick your child up from camp.  **GO MAUS MOUNTAIN LIONS ** GO MAUS MOUNTAIN LIONS **

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