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8. Release from Bondage Mark 5:1-20 p. 926-7.

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2 8. Release from Bondage Mark 5:1-20 p. 926-7



5 1. Demons & Destruction Region of the Decapolis (10 cities)

6 1. Demons & Destruction Demon possessed man: Violent, cannot be restrained (v 3-4) Roams restlessly among the cave tombs (v 3) Tormented and screams out (v 5) Naked or wears scraps (v 15) Cuts himself with stones (v 5) On his knees but shouting (v 6) God Most High (v 7) a Gentile title for God.

7 2. Demons & Destruction... Why did the man not run away? Demons had to come and bow before Jesus Tormented man is able to seek release

8 2. Release & Restoration Jesus knows the mans problem The man has a very large number of demons oppressing him. They are cast out and the man dresses & returns to normal life. (v 15, 19) Contrast: Demons: tormented, alienated, isolated the man Jesus restores normality & sanity.

9 2. Release & Restoration... The rebuke and silencing of the storm (4:39), similar to exorcism in 1:25. Storm served the evil purpose of preventing his crossing Time constraints: It took time for word to spread & Jesus to travel to Gerasa. Possible that Jesus was in the region a few days. Then he returned to the other side.

10 3. A Specific act of Grace Only thing Jesus does: release this tormented man He came all that way for only one person. Book: The Great Giveaway, David Fitch. Jesus trip was a waste: High cost for low return. Jesus will do the same for us Jesus calls us to do the same for others

11 3. A Specific act of Grace... Jesus would not let the man come with him He was to be the first evangelist to the Gentiles Jesus was clear about his own mission.

12 Lessons Jesus has authority over all demonic forces We have no reason to fear them Jesus brings restoration We should live in the victory of Shalom Jesus expends great resources for one man Gods economy is very different to ours The mans desire was good but Jesus had a different purpose for him


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