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PATRIOT PRIDE. Ensuring Success at Tavares Middle School Academics ATTENDANCE- School Hours School Rules/Backpacks Dress Code Policy Lockers Tips for.

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2 Ensuring Success at Tavares Middle School Academics ATTENDANCE- School Hours School Rules/Backpacks Dress Code Policy Lockers Tips for School Success Advice from Students Tips for Parents 6 th Grade Expo

3 Graduation Requirements Class of 2020 As of right now, the Florida Legislature states that this is what is required to graduate High School……

4 CREDITS NEEDED: 4 Math3 Social Studies Algebra I*1 World History Geometry*1 US History * Algebra II *.5 US Government 1 Math Course.5 Economics 4 EnglishAdditional 4 Language Arts1 HOPE 1 Performing or Practical Arts 3 Science 8 Electives Biology*1 of 24 credits must be an on-line Chemistry or Physics *GPA = 2.0 1 Equally * indicates an EOC Graduation Requirements Class of 2020

5 Expected Schedule Language Arts Math Social Studies Science 2 electives

6 6 th Grade Materials Paper Pencils, Pens-blue & black Single subject folders with prongs & pockets One 3 inch binder-with pockets Colored Pencils Personal headphones or ear buds (for software usage) PE uniform-purchased through the PE Department during the 6 th grade expo If in band, you will need to purchase a band uniform Flash drive is recommended, not required Combination lock for locker All students will be provided with an agenda

7 ATTENDANCE MATTERS! You cant learn if you arent here! School Hours: 9:10 am-4:00 pm Students are allowed 5 parent notes per semester; anything after that required a doctors note/court documentation, etc. After 10 unexcused absences, a student is reported to Student Services First day of school is August 22 nd & the last day of school is June 6 th. No final exams are given early. Parents, make sure your child knows that you expect him/her to be in school every day. Family vacations are not excused absences.

8 Dress to Impress Shirts must have a sleeve. No tank tops, low cut shirts, or midriffs No inappropriate graphics/wording on clothes, including vulgar language, drug, tobacco, or alcohol advertisement, weapons, or racially inappropriate graphics or wording Shorts, jeans, skirts, and dresses all must be no more than 5 inches above the knee No tears or holes are allowed (5 inches above the knee) in jeans, skirts, shorts, etc. No flip flops or slides, all shoes must have a back/back strap Hats of any kind are not permitted-they will be confiscated and parents will need to pick up Leggings may only be worn with a dress/top that is no shorter than 5 inches above the knee

9 Lockers & Backpacks All students will be able to rent a locker for $2.00 Students are not required to have a locker, although a locker is highly recommended. NO backpacks are allowed-students may bring a backpack to school in order to transport books/materials before & after school, but the backpack must remain in a locker at all times during the school day. Students may carry a small purse for personal belongings-If a textbook can fit in your purse, its too large! They may also carry a trapper keeper.

10 Know what to expect in Middle School New teachers-From 1 or 2 teachers, to 6. New things to adjust to-multiple transitions More activities & athletic programs-get involved! More independence and more responsibility-you are responsible for you! Parents encourage homework; not transport Greater academic pressure-6 classes to focus on More social events Changes in you

11 Take It From Me….. Wise Words from Past 6 th Focus on your schoolwork. If you dont understand something, ask for help. Be organized, it will save you a lot of time. Dont follow the crowd-people will like you better if youre not afraid to be you. Have fun-middle school goes really fast. Get involved in activities, even if you dont think youre that good. You dont have to be good as something to have fun.

12 Tips for Parents At the beginning of each grading period, sit down with your child and together set realistic goals for each class. Encourage your child to get involved in school activities. Show your support by attending performances and games. Attend open houses and parent conferences. Also, regularly check TMSs website for information & updates. Check your childs agenda on a regular basis-this will encourage organization and help you to monitor assignments Mark down important dates-when progress reports come out, report cards, etc. If you dont see one, call the school. MONITOR SOCIAL NETWORKS THAT YOUR CHILD MAY BE CONNECTED TO-Parent Responsibility. Create a login for E-sembler and monitor it to check your childs progress.

13 Changes for Parents Campus Entry Appointments Teacher Communication Email Campus Safety SOCIAL MEDIA!

14 The Skinny on School Rules Student Code of Conduct PBS-Positive Behavior System-PATS Harassment/bullying-tell a parent/any adult on campus that you trust Phones are to be off and out of sight as soon as the first bell rings (keep in locker)-phones that are out will be confiscated and returned to parents Social Networks/cyber-bullying-monitor, monitor, monitor!!!! Tardy Policy-2 nd tardy (in any class) will result in an administrative detention (one hour afterschool, on a Wednesday

15 You Are Officially a TMS Patriot! 6 th Grade Ex po 6 th Grade Expo: August 15, 2013 @ 3:00 pm-6:00 pm Meet in the Social Gallery (Cafeteria) to pick up schedule Locker rental will be in the Social Gallery Expo will be held in the Courtyard Hotdogs/Hamburgers, and other goodies will be for sale! Extracurricular activities will have booths set up to get information on signups, etc.


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