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The Railway Children By Thea Lewin and Kathryn Bowers.

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2 The Railway Children By Thea Lewin and Kathryn Bowers.

3 Edith Nesbit She was born in 1858 and died in 1924 She was a tomboy and very mischievous when she was a child and turned into an unusual adult. She got married to a man called Hubert Bland. The Railway Children was first published in 1906.

4 Characters The children The children in the story are called; Roberta, Peter and Phyllis.

5 They call their parents Mother and Father. The station porter is called Perks and he has four children and a wife.

6 Off To The Countryside The three children Peter, Phyllis and Roberta abandon their house in London and headed off to the country. They went to the country side because their father was taken away by two gentlemen.

7 Back to History This book was set in the early 1900s late 1800s. We know this because of the clothes the children wore and that there were steam trains.

8 Fashion of the time In the late 1800s the fashion was completely different to now days there skirts, sleeves, hats, dresses and colours.

9 Sleeves Long sleeves were also popular for women of this time. Sleeves that were tapered at the bottom and fuller at the top were called leg of mutton sleeves.

10 Dresses In addition to the bustle, the Princess gown was a popular choice at this time. This style of dress was form-fitting and usually cut in one piece. Princess dresses did not have a waist seam, but featured a very tight bodice. Long trains were also popular on dresses.

11 Blouses Blouses of the late 1800s were heavily embellished and ornate. Lace, pleats and ties were all additions to lady blouses.

12 Hats Hats were a part of everyday dress during the era. Grand bonnets and hats were commonly worn outdoors. Women also used parasols to protect their skin from the sun.

13 Colours Since dyes were a new during this era, women's clothing tended to be vivid. Often, dresses were made in two colours. Colours used for formal evening wear tended to be softer material.

14 Life in the countryside When they arrived they looked for the garden but instead the saw a train station. The house was dark and they thought that the person they employed to get everything ready for their arrival had forgotten about their food but instead their mother had not seen a little side room. It was very cold but they enjoyed it.

15 Roles The mothers role is that she must try to cope with being on her own and looking after the three children. The children's role is to try and look after each other and help the mother also to have fun together in their new house.

16 The entertainment from the era Primitive silent films existed, although they were only considered suitable entertainment for the lower classes. Ragtime music was at its peak. The picture is of Charlie Chaplin a very famous silent film actor.The background is a piece of ragtime music called Antoinette.

17 The end Thank you for watching

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