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1.The book is said to___into several languages. A.translate translated C.have translated D.have been translated 2.Charles Babbage is generally considered.

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2 1.The book is said to___into several languages. A.translate translated C.have translated D.have been translated 2.Charles Babbage is generally considered ___ the first computer. invent B.inventing have invented D.having invented 1-- 2

3 3.---Mum,why do you always make me eat an egg every day? ---____ enough protein and nutrition as you are growing up. A.Get B.Getting C.To get D.To be getting 4.What do you think made Mary so upset? ---____her new bicycle. A. As she lost B.Lost C. Losing D.Because of losing ( made Mary so upset)., what

4 5.One day I went shopping and came back____ my front wheel was missing. A.having found find C.found be finding 6.He dropped a plate,___ it into pieces. A.break B.broke C.breaking D.broken 7.He sent me an email,____to get further information. A.hoped B.hoping hope D.hope 8.Go and get some fresh air. Youve been sitting here ___all the morning. A.having read read C.reading To do ( ) Ving, (, )

5 9.____ with the architectural style, I took many photos of the palace. A.Satisfying B.Satisfied C.To satisfy D.Having satisfied 10.His parents looked at his report card, __. A. happy and satisfying B. happy and satisfied C.happy and satisfy D.happied and satisfied, ( )

6 11.Do you think him easy ___? get along with get along be got along with be got along 12.When I handed the report to John, he said that George was the person____. send B.for sending it send it to D.who to do 13.Last summer, I took a course on___. to make dresses dresses be made to be made dresses dresses to be made …adj+to +V+(prep): ->,. To +v+(prep):, Wh-( )+to do :

7 13.. My hobby is collecting stamps. =to collect stamps. 14.. To act like that is childish. 15.. His wish is to become an engineer. 16.. The only thing I could do was (to) leave at once.,. ( ) ( ),, idea/ plan/dream/wish,etc. To do, do, to

8 17.__all things into consideration,his life is a happy one. A.Taking B.Having taken C.Take D.To take 18.,. To tell you the truth/To be frank, I was not sorry to have left the company. 19.. To make things worse,none of us had any money. :. What made things worse was that none of us had any money.

9 To do:,,( ) Ving:,,,(, ) Ved/en:, Ving:, ( ) Ved/en:,

10 1.The olympic Games,___ in 776 BC, didnt include women players until 1912. A.first playing be first played C.first played be first playing 2.__________ in 2008, the olympic Games is a great honor to all of Chinese people. (hold) To be held 3.America is said to________ 4 times Olympic Games.(hold) have held

11 4.___his telephone number,she had some difficulty getting in touch with Bill. A.Not knowing B.Knowing not C.Not having known D.Having not known 5.______by so many strangers, she feels shy. A.Watching B.Having watched C. Being watched D.Watched 6.____ a lot of support, she finished her study. A.Giving B.Having given C.Given D.Having been given Be watched -ing Been given Having been given

12 7. _____ ____ ____, the library doesnt open. 8., (give). ____ ____ ____,the bus started. 9., (lead). ___ the boy ____ the way,we found his house. 10.He sat there silent, his head bending low. 11.Seeing from here, the city is like a box. Today being Sunday The signal given With leading bent( ) 1)Seeing from here,we find the city … 2)Seen from here,the city is like a box. 7-10:


14 1.There was a terrible noise__the sudden burst of light. A.followed B.following be followed D.being followed 2.The murderer was brought in,with his hands___ behind his back. A.being tied B.having tied be tied D.tied 3.The secretary worked late into the night,___a long speech for the president. prepare B.preparing C.prepared D.was preparing 4.Cant you read?Mary said___to the notice. A.angrily pointing B.and point angrily C.angrily pointed D.and angrily pointing

15 5.The computer center,___last year,is very popular among the students in this school. B.opening C.having opened D.opened 6.___in thought,he almost ran into the car in front of him. A.Losing B.Having lost C.Lost D.To lost 7.European football is played in 80 countries,___it the most popular sport in the world. A.making B.makes C.made make 8.The managers discussed the plan that they would like to see___the next year. A.carry out B.carrying out C.carried out carry out

16 9.He neednt ask me the time, as he has had his watch___. repair B.repaired C.repaired be repaired 10.She asked me to help her,__that she couldnt move the heavy suitcase alone. A.only to realize B.realizing C.having been realized D.realized 11.__in 1636,Harvard is one of the most famous universities in the United States. A.Being founded B.It was founded C.Founded D.Founding 12.____his party to power for the fourth time,he becomes famous among Western leaders. A.Lead B.Leading C.Have lead D.Having lead

17 13.Finding her car stolen,___. A.a policeman was asked to help B.the area was searched thoroughly was looked for everywhere D.she hurried to a policeman for help 14.The film___tomorrow is very interesting. A.shown be shown C.being shown show 15.Little Jim should love__to the theater this evening. be taken take C.being taken D.taking 16.I usually go there by train.Why not __by boat? try going B.trying to go try and go D.try going

18 17.The missing boy was last seen ____near the bank. play C.played D.playing 18.I went to see him off.I didnt leave until he was seen ___into his plane. A.gone B.go go D.going 19.Do you mind my taking this seat?--___ A.Yes,sit down. B.No,of course not C.Yes,take it please D.No, you cant 20.Robert is said__abroad,but I dont know what country he studied in. have studied study be studying have been studying 21.The purpose of new technologies is to make life easier,__it more difficult. A.not make B.not to make C.not making not make


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