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Pawnee Indians By Kynedi and Marinda.

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1 Pawnee Indians By Kynedi and Marinda

2 Where the Pawnee Indians Lived
Lived along Platte River Large oval lodges; formed with posts, willow branches, grass, and earth As many as people live in the same lodge About lodges Pawnees on Nebraska

3 How They Lived Women did most labor Young women watched and learned
Older women watched children Men hunted, were warriors, and medicine men / priests

4 What They Ate Corn Buffalo Squash Deer Rabbit Maize

5 Cultures and Traditions
Danced around the fire Ceremonies to balance nature Prayed to their gods and spirits

6 Clans Bear Beaver Eagle Buffalo Deer Owl

7 Other Tribes Xau-i or Grand Pawnees Kit-ke-hak-I or Republican Pawnees
Pit-a-hau-e-rat or Tapage Pawnees Ski-di or Loup Pawnees

8 Clothing Girls wore dresses made of buffalo skin
Boys wore otter skin moccasins, buffalo skin loin cloths; in the summer; in the winter they wore buffalo robes, and pants

9 Other Names Paneassa Pariki Pari

10 Protection Dug deep into the ground and when enemies came into the hole the Pawnee Indians would start shooting They went on high hills to see who was coming

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