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Alliterations By Mrs. Fehlingers WIN Class March 2011.

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1 Alliterations By Mrs. Fehlingers WIN Class March 2011

2 A Sloppy Sparrow by Joshua A sloppy sparrow drew a picture that looked quite droopy. The sloppy sparrow played a sport a with a slithering snake. The snake he met loved to sing. The slithering snake sang on a stool. The snake sang rather sloppy so the snake and sparrow were friends.

3 Raccoon Race By: Sara Every month in April, the mayor chooses a random day for a raccoon race. Today, the raccoon race is starting. Each raccoon runs three laps around a round circle of dirt with a hose squirting water in the middle. The raccoon that finishes first is the winner. That raccoon gets a treat and then all of the raccoons are released into the wild.

4 Football By Jacob Football is fun because the player with the football gets tackled by another football player. If you step out of bounds with the football the football player has to start a new play.Or if another football player on the other team tackles the player with the football you have to start a new play.

5 Goal by Chase Soccer is a fun sport. Then the purpose and point of the game is to score goals. When you score the crowd claps. Soccer is my favorite sport.Some people act silly.

6 Peggy and her peper picking parrot by Khushi Peggy pat has a pet parrot her name is Penny. Penny picks purple ripe peppers from the purple pepper tree. Penny plip plops pepper juice by pointing her pink pretty wide pretty beak. Then Peggy pat helps Penny pick purple peppers. Peggy pat pets Penny.

7 Lily by Madison Lily loves to lick lime lollipops. Lily likes lemon lollipops too. Lily has a friend named Larry,Larry liked lime lollipops but he likes lemon better. Larry and Lily lick lime and lemon lollipops. Licking lime and lemon lollipops is fun.

8 Mudy Mack by Alexzander Mudy Mack came home in a mad mood. Mudy Mack looked in the mirror and saw his cat mack. Miss Madason walked past Mudy Macks house. Mudy Mack came to say hi. Mudy Mack mumbled when he went inside.

9 Statues Arya Sitting on a statue and seeing everything is awesome. A statue is so hard to buy so make it a steal deal. Satatues are the biggest thing and snakes don't live on statues so statues are shiney clean. Sneakers run on statues and sticky shoes run on statues and everything else.

10 Mommy Might By Meghan My mom makes mashed potatoes at the mine with Mickey and Minnie mouse. Mr. macantosh said macaroni makes him feel magnificent. My mom loves mad libs. She would buy a million mad libs. Mickey mouse makes me laugh. He makes me laugh so hard maybe I might cry. Mommy might get me a milkshake. Maybe we might go to Mario's pizza.

11 BOB By Alyson Bob the builder likes building buildings.Bob likes to build big buildings.Bob likes to build small buildings.Bob also blows up balloons.He blows up big balloons.He blows up small balloons.Bob really likes to build and blow.

12 Animals by Mackenzie Green geese gulp gooey gum on glass. Ollie Oscar on an octopus owns an oven. Fancy flamingo faked a flute solo and she is fluffy. Perry parrot likes pearls, and he likes peonies. Donald donkey is friends with Danny Dove.

13 Crazy by Mackenzie Gophers wear gowns and eat good grapes. Humming bird was hungry and wasn't humble. Rooster runs from roller skates. Turtles turn into tadpoles. Cats wear crowns to castles.

14 Apples By: Taylor Alyson ate a apple. Alyson said she likes green apples the best. She ate twelve today. She made me try it. And I loved it!

15 My Stories By:Taylor Dancing and prancing is what I do. My old name is Sue. My dogs live in Doggeroo!! My famous stew is by Sanyho. That was my story now we must go!

16 Different Stories by Hannah Two turtles tooted two tottlers to toot two tempting teranchulas. Billy Bobby's belly is as big as a beach ball. Six sneaky snakes slid in to six stinky socks. If you want to have fun you must fan your friends with flakes.

17 Dancing Donuts By Kady My Dad makes dancing donuts. The dogs make dancing donuts too. Ducks dive in water while eating dancing donuts. Ducks drive in water while they eat dancing donuts and dive. Ducks diving with donuts is a disaster.

18 Eating Electric Egg by Halle Sally the seal smiles everytime she sees Sammy the sea lion. Sally sells peppers. Peter Piper picked at the palace. Wendy wanted the weather to be blowing west toward the willow wasp. Moonlight magic on Monday morning makes Maddy and Mia mad. The holidays make Haily happy. Everybody Mia, Sally, Sammy, Maddy, Haily, Wendy all ate everlasting eggs with elephants and electric elements.

19 Kit And Cat By Ibrahim. The cat has a kit and that kit cat has a kite in the kit. There is a shark in a arc and the arc made a spark and huge that spark made a dog bark. There is a tall mall and a huge ball that made a person fall. In the hall there was a person playing with balls who can't stop calling. There was a small baseball that would fall each second.

20 All About Woodchucks By Bella How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. Would a woodchuck chuck wood. Woodchucks chuck wood with woodchuck teeth. Should woodchucks chuck wood. I don't know about you If I was a woodchuck I would chuck wood.

21 Buzz Buzz The Bee by Isabella Buzz buzz the bee goes buzz buzz. Buzz buzz means watch out. Buzz.

22 What To Make Of Snow By Mia In the snow I recommend that you make snowballs, snowmen, and snow angels. There are so many other things to make of snow. There is even a song about snow! Sometimes snow is snappy.You should make a soccer ball of snow.

23 The Gnat On The Cat By Olivia There once was a cat with a gnat on her back. One day she said with a purrr"please get off my back!" and the gnat replied back "no I won't get off your back. I'm nesting up here and I'm turning quite fat as fat as a rat up on a hat on a bat that all is happening up here on your back." "What!" Said the cat "Your having gnat babies up there on my back!" "Yes sir re!" ten million of them up here on your back "Then there!" said the gnat and there the gnat lived forever and ever.

24 Smencils By:Philip Smencils are pencils with a very good scent,it only costs 100 cents. Smencils are in a cap so there so their scent is very clean. Smencils smell like sugar and they shoudn't be sprayed by water! smencils smell are so famous because of their scent. Sometimes when you pay too much for Smencils you get back cents!

25 Football By Owen When you play football you need 2 teams.You need a field and a refere.You need a team name of course.And try your best to win.And try to have fun.And have some fans but never a fox or a frog only a friend!

26 Race! By Jack Racecar rookie rushes round. Racecar rookie runs the road. Racecar rookie rushes for the ramp. Racecar rookie is an ace. Racecar rookie rushes in the race.

27 Mack's Muck by Kaitlyn Mack's muck is so mushy.And you know how Mack will make it?He makes it with the Mack's muck musherou.And the best mushy muck of all is the Mack's muck in a bucket.And that's why Mack's muck is the best to get mushy muck.

28 Surfing the waves of Hawaii By Michelle Lola Luke Laya Lona Lois and Laura sat in the sitting room q uietly. All of the sudden a flippy floppy idea came up. Let's go surfing! said Lola. Do you think we should? yeah yahoo! Said luck. Let's go. Yahoo, this is fun. yeah hey who would like a snack? me,me,me Let's go!

29 Viewing Video Games by Ryan Viewing video, video games. A video game comes from a video. Video games are very fun. Ahh, video games, you can play all day. Viewing video games!

30 Do Dogs Dress In Dark Colored Dresses by :Katie Do dogs dress in dark colored dresses? Yes! Dogs love dressing in dark colored dresses! Do you let dogs dress in dark colored dresses? I hope you let dogs dress in dark colored dresses!

31 Ten Tarts by:Katie Once there was ten tarts sitting on a table.Ten tarts sit on a table tasting grate!Ten tarts sit on a table waiting for Tim to taste one.Ten tarts sit on a table well Tim takes his time.Finally Tim eats the ten tasty tarts on a table.

32 season stories Ava Winter makes me witty as for spring makes me sing summer is a bummer when bees sting sting sting fall makes me wonder when will will winter come winter is here agian and oh please make me witty I love being witty when its winter time.

33 green grass Ava Green grass is so unattractive.When Gabe sees a granola bar.Gabe sees a granola bar were ever he goes.That is why green grass is so unattractive.

34 Funny Dolphins Hailey Funny Dolphins dance in the dance academy.On a Friday night.One dolphin said this dance party is very different then any other party.Another one said that dress has a very pretty diamonds on it.And very pretty designs on it too.We are haveing lots of good dessert.

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