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Le Moulin de la Galette Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1876.

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1 Le Moulin de la Galette Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1876


3 Le Moulin de la Galette Le Moulin de la Galette was painted by Renoir in 1876. From the Impressionist period, it depicts a Sunday crowd at the popular outdoor Moulin dance hall. It is characteristic of Renoirs celebration of vivacious charm. People crowd the tables and talk while others dance energetically. The whole scene is in dappled light and shade, blurring into the figures themselves, which gives an effect of floating and fleeting light. It is a very casual, unstructured scene, with the participants unaware of the presence of an observer, making it appear relaxed and realistic. Year 9/10 SO were shown the painting. They discussed it extensively in class, and the following stories are their reaction to it.

4 At the Park People Are Dancing On the first day of the new year, people are celebrating in the park and people are also dancing near the tables. People at the park were singing, talking. The ladies are wearing gorgeous dresses for the first day of the new year. A boy who was lucky, and who likes the party, was watching in the park what was going on with his Mum and Dad. By Justin

5 The Ball The people were dancing the park with their friends. I saw people talking to each other. All the boys wore boaters and top hats. The ladies wore bonnets. By Caitlin

6 Dancing In The Park The woman was in the park. The people were dancing together with music. Theyre drinking together and theyre picnicking together. The woman wears a dress with flowers on it. People are talking together and theyre sitting next to each other. It was romantic. They are kissing each other. By Jackson

7 The Picnic My name is Pierre. I am 16 years old. One day my parents said that we were going to the picnic. I said that it would be very boring but they dragged me along and then I saw her. Her name was Renée. She had moved here from Paris with her family. She had long blonde hair. She suddenly came over to me. She said hello to me. She asked me what my name was. I said Pierre. She then asked me to dance. I said yes. While we danced, she kissed me. Later she said she loved me. We then got drinks for each other. After we had to go home. I asked her if we could see each other again. She said on Saturday we could go and have coffee. By Ben

8 At The Park The people were dancing and sitting and drinking. Then they were talking to each other. The women were wearing dresses and bonnets. The gentlemen were wearing jackets and hats called boaters. They asked the ladies to dance. By Patrick

9 The Big Day Out People were having fun in the park and talking to each other. They were wearing nice hats to the party. The ladies were wearing fancy dresses and the men were wearing boaters and top hats to the party. It was a rare party. By Matthew

10 In Outer Space There are stars in outer space and also planets. Theres also the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in space. There is the Milky Way and something called the black hole. Things can get sucked into it and it can be dangerous. You can go in a rocket to the moon and see lots of stars and stuff. By Lara

11 Picnic In The Park It is a happy story because it is interesting and there are some beautiful people chatting and dancing. The painting is beautiful and the people are celebrating at the park. They are having a wonderful time at the picnic. By Tom

12 The Romantic Dance Once upon a time I was invited to a party with my girlfriend. It was at a park on Saturday at 7 oclock in the evening. The park was beautiful and it had lots of flowers and a lot of lights. I invited some of my friends and they looked so handsome dressed with silk dresses, bonnets and suits and boaters. Someone there was getting married and there was a big wedding cake. It had a bride and groom on it and they kissed on the lips. Later there were lots of fire works and a disco ball and lots of people on the romantic dance floor and they were dressed in cool clothes. It was a beautiful evening. By Brandon

13 The Ball Dance One day my friend Jessica Madden and I went to the ball to celebrate my birthday. That night, my boyfriend David Volderick and I danced together. We danced all night - until moonlight. David and I were together at a beautiful party. Caitlin and Rachel were there too. They said Happy 17th birthday Luisa. It was really good. Jessica Madden presented me with a beautiful cake with candles on top - an Angelina Ballerina cake. Then magical fireworks lit up the sky. It was the best night I ever had. By Luisa

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