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Evans Tries An O-Level - Colin Dexter.

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1 Evans Tries An O-Level - Colin Dexter

2 Introduction ‘Evans Tries an O –Level’ is a story of a criminal named Evans. In this story, colin Dexter, the author of the popular Inspector Morse novels, shows how an individual is able to shake the entire police department with his cleverness and ingenuity.

3 Evans has escaped from the prison three times.
That is why, he is called ‘Evans the Break’ by the police officials. The way he plans his escape for the fourth time with the help of his friends outside the prison earns for him our secret admiration for his cleverness.

4 A criminal – in Oxford prison – very clever
Evans the Break A criminal – in Oxford prison – very clever Study German- evening classes started Only one student – Jail authorities arranged a teacher from a technical college – Later known as original teacher but one of Evans’ friends.

5 Evans wants to take O-level test
Evans –keen to acquire academic qualification-O-Level test in German The Governor conceded to his request - Arranged with the Examinations Board to hold in the Examination in Evans cell. A parson from St.Mary Mags to be the invigilator

6 The Governor takes precautions
Fears –Evans try to escape Jackson , a senior prison Officer to search Evans cell Nothing found –spent 2 hrs – removed nail scissors and file Another Prison officer to stay inside the cell till the examination Set microphone

7 Jackson and Stephens visit Evans
Half an hour before the examination- Jackson and Stephens visited Evans’ cell Evans was given a blade to shave himself Stephen takes the blade after the shave

8 Evans hat Evans wore a filthy hat Refused to remove it – lucky hat Jackson allowed him to were it Actually he had cut his long hair to impersonate the invigilator Had he removed – secret would be revealed

9 Arrival of the invigilator
Invigilator- Reverend Stuart Mc Leery- a parson- lived alone in his flat in Board Street At 8.45 a.m –left-arrived at the gate prison- led to Evans cell Introduced to Evans

10 Invigilator –Mc Leery investigated
The Governor suspected the Invigilator-Rang up to Mr.Jackson Mr.Jackson checked – any weapon was there, suitcase, but nothing was there Mc Leery had a small semi inflated rubber ring -Explained – suffered from haemorrhoids.

11 Secret of the Rubber Ring
Actually the rubber ring contained pig’s blood Later used to pretend that the invigilator was wounded to fool the jailers The real Mc Leery was tied and gagged in his flat

12 Stephen keenly watches through peep hole
Examination started Evans instructed to write the index number and his centre number – 271 Jailer Stephen was to be inside the cell but Evans asks him to stay out Stephen keenly watches through peep hole

13 Correction in the question paper
9.40 a.m – the Governor – error in the question paper Jackson – informed – conveyed to the Invigilator - “The Golden Lion” A hint to Evans – a hoax call

14 Request for a prison van
The Governor received another call – from the Magistrate – a prison van and two prison officials for a remand case - a hoax call – Evans friends used it at the end

15 Stephens keeps his watch
Stephens is very alert Mc Leery always reading newspaper with his finger hooked on the back of his collar. Evans sat with his pen between his teeth Evans draped a blanket around him

16 A call for Stephens Three minutes before Exam – a call for Stephens To accompany Mc Leery to the gate And check Evans cell properly – locked A hoax call - Governor

17 Stephens accompanied Mc Leery to the prison gate
Mc Leery is wounded Stephens accompanied Mc Leery to the prison gate On return found Mc Leery in Evans seat- blood trickling down from head He thought it might be Evans – but not Called Jackson

18 Mc Leery escorts to arrest Evans
Detective Superintendent Carter arrives Mc Lerry say he is alright and knows where he has gone Governor send both of them

19 Governor angry - Evans had kept a parsons dress in the cell – not noticed by both Stephens and Jackson Behind the Question paper instructions for Evans to escape was there- Governor sure to arrest Evans

20 Evans personating Mc Leery escapes
Carter – Governor – Mc Leery had spotted Evans in a car – Elsfiedway in a car Chased the car – disappeared at Headington round

21 Mc Leery in Hospital Mc Leery went to the Examination Offices and appeared very ill Radcliffee Hospital for an ambulance Governor rang up and found that he was not there

22 Real Mc Leery Two men called on Mc Leery and reached his flat Tied him and Evans has impersonated and escaped from the Examination hall through the ambulance

23 Evans traced in his hotel room
Evans was happy in the Hotel- shocked to find the Governor Governor traced the Hotel Golden Lion and the index number and centre number referred to Chipping Norton in Ordinance Survey Map

24 Evans confesses Evans appreciates the Governor’s intelligence Evans reveals all the facts of the game he had played His friends had helped him

25 Evans is arrested The Governor and Evans come to the Hotel Lobby The Receptionist says that the Prison officials are waiting with the Prison van Evans is handcuffed

26 Evans released The Governor is once again deceived The prison officials unlocked the handcuff Prison officials were none other than his friends who had asked for the Prison Van They drove to Newbury Evans escaped for the fourth time

27 The End …..

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