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Branch Executive Orientation

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1 Branch Executive Orientation
May 31 – June 1, 2013 Westin Hotel Edmonton, Alberta

2 Introduction Welcome My Role Housekeeping Objectives Staff
It’s been a while My Role Senior Staff Guy – branches, recycled, build branch capacity without overwhelming volunteers by providing branch framework, volunteer training, additional volunteers & staff support Facilitator – encourage dialogue Policeman – parking lot Housekeeping Washrooms Fire escape Bottomless coffee Objectives Training – increase awareness and understanding Discussion – seek final input to enable completion of revised Branch Manual Networking - meet staff and volunteers with similar interests, shuffle, regular breaks Staff introduce

3 Overall Program Thanks APEGA Overview & Expectations of Branches
Manual – Ramez Hanna Alla (Calg), Randy Dobko (Edm), John Assels (Leth), Christine Tran (Ft Mac) Agenda – Ramez Hanna Alla (Calg), Kashif Dada (VR) APEGA Overview & Expectations of Branches Branch Administrative Framework Branch Programs Omissions – Geoscience (Calg), IEGs (Ft Mac), PtP Seminars (all rural), Regulatory Responsibilities

4 Friday Afternoon Overview
Intro – Mark Flint APEGA Overview Council Governance Relationship between Council, President & CEO Election Process Strategic Plan Business Plan Structure Expectations of Branches

5 Introduction Mark Flint, P.Eng., CEO

6 APEGA Overview: Governance
Presentation to APEGA Council - April 18 Gov/Org.Eff = Diversity in thought is good news Knowing how to achieve diversity in knowledge leads to org. eff. I have a perspective worth sharing: However, I’m certain I’m missing something Express opinions: Listen/enquire

7 Overview: Governance When I share first, others will follow
A person’s sense of loss is greater than that person’s sense of gain Structure 3 qualities in recruiting Impeccable integrity Deep knowledge in subject matter Connection to industry

8 Overview: Governance Internal Process
Accountability and stewardship in exchange for dues Balance between board culture and rigor of policies and procedures Board meeting Must be effective Speech Act leads to covenant which must be kept or doubt will creep in

9 Overview: Governance Responsibilities Role clarity – align the talent
Performance measurement Self assessment Bd chair must be the coach one-on-one Bd must give you growth or don’t bother Integrate across diversity

10 Overview: Governance Responsibilities In decreasing order
Vision, aspirational goals Where to play How to win Capabilities Operation Good governance involves knowing how deep for Council to dig into operational business while still meeting its fiduciary responsibilities Common wisdom would suggest the first two bullets are Council’s purview and the last three are staff’s

11 Overview: Governance Risk Management Succession Planning
Need policies, processes and tools Banking, events that flop What would have to change in the environment to take on more/less risk Succession Planning Develop board leaders and succession for the CEO Need to retain knowledge

12 Overview: Governance Emergent Face of NFP
Social entrepreneurs emit spirit, business acumen, energy, persistent ability to inspire “try one more time” kind of attitude that says your best will be your next effort/try

13 Overviews: Relationship between Council, President and CEO
Council is comprised of 19 members, 16 of which are elected by members and 3 of which are appointed by the GOA Exec Comm is comprised of Pres, Vice-Pres, Pres-elect, Past-Pres and CEO Exec Comm has the power to make decisions on Council’s behave between Council meetings but is advised not to do so often President chairs Council and Exec Comm CEO gets his marching orders from Council through the strategic plan and from the GOA through the provincial legislation (EGPA) CEO’s performance is evaluated by Council through delegation to the President. Given that Pres chairs Exec Comm and evaluates the CEO, it is wise for the CEO to take advice, if not direction, from the Pres also. CEO is single point of contact with staff. Council may not direct any other member of staff The CEO’s performance is seen to be APEGA’s overall performance

14 Overview: Relationship between Council, President and CEO
Roles Council Sets goals and in which areas the goals should be set, i.e. outcomes, by when, for what Often referred to as ends statements Sets the means limitation policies, i.e. the boundaries beyond which the CEO must not go, e.g. % expenses above budget, risk tolerance Sets staff-council relation policies Determines governance policies Evaluates CEO, i.e. organization performance CEO Determines how the goals are to be met, at what cost, by who and by when (for the sub-elements), i.e. business plan, project plans, budget, people planning, facilities, equipment

15 Overview: Election Process
Sept – Nominating Committee begins work Committee of Council, rejuvenating/replacing itself 30+ volunteers – wide backgrounds, well connected Evaluating list of current & past volunteers and current & past Councilors (Pres –elec & VP position) Enhanced by members that the committee members know Confirms interest in running 150 days before AGM (Mid Nov) - Nominating committee provides slate of no more than 7 acceptable candidates for 4 councilor positions and 3 for Pres-elect & VP Dec PEG – notice of candidates from committee plus notice encouraging write-in candidates (Members are encouraged to submit write-in throughout year to , so now is a great time. ) Jan – short video produced for all nominees to enable members to get to know them better Mid Feb – notice of opening of polls and instructions on how to get access code, mail ballots if needed 50 days before AGM (end Feb) – polls open Site is independent of APEGA, but we can monitor the rate of voting to determine whether corrective action is required Typically two reminders sent out 20 days before AGM (end March) – polls close At least 15 days before AGM – results posted AGM – successful candidates are introduced Also interested in recommendations for nominating committee members, so now is a great time.

16 Overview: Election Process

17 Overview: Election Process
No. Voters 2013% 2012% 2011% Branches Calgary 27,823 13.4 16.7 15.8 Edmonton 9,836 17.1 17.8 17.7 Fort McMurray 968 20.3 26.3 Lethbridge 289 19.7 20.0 20.7 Lakeland 90 21.1 16.5 14.4 Medicine Hat 166 12.7 16.8 17.9 Peace River 248 21.8 22.7 31.1 Red Deer 706 15.6 19.5 18.6 Vermilion River 142 16.9 17.6 22.0 Yellowhead 113 11.5 10.8 In Canada, outside AB 6,625 9.2 10.3 10.9 USA 1,549 8.5 10.1 10.5 Outside Canada/USA 818 9.8 13.0 12.4

18 Overview: Strategic Plan
Challenges* Assumptions Guiding Principles* Look forward to 2020 Priorities to 2016 Goals* Tactics

19 Overview: Strategic Plan
Challenges The Public The public wants greater transparency in regulatory processes and better factual information upon which to develop informed opinions. APEGA and its members need to instil a sense of confidence in the public that professional engineers and geoscientists are competent and acting in the public interest. Both of these conditions need to be met as a precursor to the public providing its social licence to operate.

20 Overview: Strategic Plan
Regulation APEGA regulates the practices of engineering and geoscience locally, but its members practice globally—both exporting services to other countries, and importing services to Alberta. APEGA must embrace—if not drive—a renewed self-regulatory model. The current model was developed under the assumption that Alberta engineers and geoscientists practice and hire locally; an assumption that does not fit today’s circumstances.

21 Overview: Strategic Plan
Our Association APEGA must determine how we can best serve the public interest as a provincial regulatory body in a global economy, given the resources available to us. We need to clearly demonstrate self-regulation as the most efficient and effective model for the practice of engineering and geoscience; the efficacy of self-regulation cannot be assumed to be self-evident.

22 Overview: Strategic Plan
To deliver on our mission APEGA must demonstrate effective performance of both regulatory and non-regulatory activities and achieve positive regulatory and non-regulatory outcomes. APEGA’s ability to uphold the public interest requires a partnership with the members and permit holders; we must therefore ensure that APEGA remains relevant to its membership.

23 Overview: Strategic Plan
Our Professions and Membership Our members and permit holders need to earn and maintain a social licence to operate that is granted by the public. Our members will be challenged to compete in a highly competitive global market. There is currently a shortage of qualified and licensed professionals that will continue over the next decade.

24 Overview: Strategic Plan
Our permit holders, Alberta industries and local and provincial governments need support in attracting our professions and in continual competency development. Given the looming labour force shortages, APEGA must expand its efforts to support the attraction, retention and advancement of a competent and diverse professional workforce.

25 Overview: Strategic Plan
Guiding Principles APEGA’s Guiding Principles are long-standing and have been used to help Council and the Strategic Planning Committee develop the Strategic Plan: Protection of the public safety is paramount in all that we do Developing public trust in our professions, by earning a social licence to practice Treatment of everyone fairly, and with dignity and respect Transparent processes that are fair, impartial, and accountable to the public and members Self-Regulation that benefits the public and the professions Skilled and ethical professional practice by all our Members Consultation with all stakeholders and members is sought, valued, and reflected Relevance and value is delivered to our Members and other stakeholders

26 Overview: Strategic Plan
Strategic Priority 1: Regulatory Influence and Leadership 2016 Goals Partnering with other regulators and professional groups to understand and adopt the best self-regulatory processes and practices for dealing with the challenges of regulating locally in a global market. An updated draft version of APEGA’s enabling legislation, developed in conjunction with the provincial government that is a global model for self-regulation in the public interest, and has the support of our stakeholders. APEGA is a trusted resource for government on policy and legislative initiatives related to the engineering and geoscience professions, and a convenor of independent, impartial counsel related in associated areas of public policy and public interest. APEGA’s processes are transparent and accountable, while ensuring the appropriate balance between public accountability and individual privacy.

27 Overview: Strategic Plan
Strategic Priority 2: Policy and Engagement 2016 Goals APEGA’s demonstration of new ideas and best practices has provided leadership in the creation of a national framework for licensure. APEGA understands that consultation and dialogue with an informed public is an important part of practising in the public interest, and of earning and maintaining a social licence to practice. APEGA has worked with the public, and its members and permit holders, to provide facts, trustworthy information, and resources relevant to our professions on specific issues of public interest.

28 Overview: Strategic Plan
Strategic Priority 3: Attraction, Retention and Advancement of Individuals in our Professions 2016 Goals Elimination of barriers that would prevent entry to the professions, ensuring that the professions are accessible to those who are competent and meet APEGA benchmark standards. APEGA’s professional registration processes are considered to be the most accessible, efficient and technically enabled by Canadian and internationally educated graduates APEGA’s advocacy for graduating more engineering and geoscience students from Alberta’s post-secondary institutions has succeeded; more positions exist for students who might be ready to meet APEGA’s standards of professionalism and competency when they graduate. APEGA, working with permit holders and employers, has helped develop workplace environments and policies that support the long-term retention and advancement of our members. APEGA has a targeted strategy to support the advancement of our professions.

29 Overview: Strategic Plan
Strategic Priority 4: Organizational Renewal and Continuity 2016 Goals Members are proud of APEGA’s reputation for professionalism and ethics. APEGA has a reputation for continually improving its processes and member relevance Branches are engaged in the overall goals of APEGA and play an important role in local stakeholder engagement and professional development. APEGA’s governance approach is robust, transparent and trusted, and recognized as such by the provincial government. APEGA has increased and renewed its volunteer base. Succession plans and talent management strategies are in place to ensure organizational renewal.

30 Overview: Business Plan
The Why It’s Your Money The What Legislation The Strategic Plan Council/President policies and direction The How CEO determines how the goals are to be met, at what cost, by who and by when (for the sub-elements), i.e. business plan, project plans, budget, people planning, facilities, equipment

31 APEGA Business Plan Produced annually and tied to a January to December Budget Year. Executive Summary. Theme for the year Strategic Priorities. Ties Business Plan to Strategic Plan through a Synchronization Matrix 2013 Business Plan Calendar. Produced yearly Tasks/Purpose/KPIs. Reviewed Quarterly by staff and tied to Council meetings Financial Plan. Reviewed Quarterly along with Tasks

32 Synchronization

33 Synchronization Core Business Transformational Regulatory
Member Services Council Business Transformational Legislative Renewal Process Reviews Canadian Framework for Licensure (CFL)

34 2013 In Detail Core Transformational Other
Registering new Professional Members plus permit holders Providing services to 69k members. Examples are: Professional Development Outreach – Science Olympics, EnGenious, Stakeholder Engagement PEG Serving the Public Interest and working at maintaining our Social License to Operate. Examples are: Professional Practice Board of Examiners Investigations/Compliance Stakeholder Engagement Transformational Review 3 Statutory Boards Review 3 Processes Consult or Concur on 20 of 24 CFL elements Other Growing the staff (70 in May 2012 – 118 by 2014) Edmonton APEGA Office Move/Consolidation Managing the $22.8 million budget

35 This Morning’s Session
Branch Administrative Framework By-laws Timetable Business Planning Budgeting Reporting Networking Meetings Volunteer Management Seeking Sponsorships Handling Media Use of APEGA’s Visual Identity Issuing Branch Bulletins Advertising of Elections Results and Summit Awards Winners

36 Framework: By-laws Issues Minor Revisions
Add Past Chair, Vice Chair, Outreach Coordinator, more specifics on other Members-at-large Past Chair – chair Nom Comm and act as VMC Vice Chair – fill in for Chair, typically step up into Chair position Chair to take responsibility for business plan and President’s Visit Add clarity on how Chair is to handle repeated absences of exec member Add non-resident to Exec, if approved by membership Add voting by MITs Add clarification to 4 general meetings Add clarity of constraints on investing funds Add clarity to not issuing charitable receipts Issues Timing of Branch AGMs – 30 days before APEGA AGM Major Overhaul Unconventional Too long, much could go in branch manual Keep Branch structure Resolve whether reporting to Council of CEO designate (governance issue)

37 Framework: Timetable Month Financial Business Life Member Dinner
Professional Member Induction Ceremony (PMIC) Teacher Awards National Engineering & Geosocience Month January Prepare financial statements and have approved by 2 members of Executive or independent auditor Head Office (HO) advises branch of inductees (full year) HO mails info to schools HO advises branch of contacts Finalize plans Seek nominations for new executive throughout year but ensure you have a slate ready for AGM Submit Branch Activity Report for Br. Chair Meeting in February and advise attendance at Council February Have financials approved by members at AGM Submit to HO Have new executive elected at AGM. Assign responsibilities to Members-at-large. Submit to HO Hold event in Feb or March Promote HO and branch promote activities March Hold during month at convenience of branch and other stakeholders Submit Branch Activity Report for Br. Chair Meeting in April and advise attendance at Council April By early April, advise of attendance at Annual Conference Receive nominations May Begin preparation of business plan Select winners & advise HO Branch Exec Orientation Submit Branch Activity Report for Br. Chair Meeting in June and advise attendance at Council June Start to prepare budget Finalize business plan Recognize winners

38 Framework: Timetable July Continue budget preparation August
July Continue budget preparation August Submit budget by Aug 15  Submit business plan by Aug 15 September Submit Branch Activity Report for Br. Chair Meeting in September and advise attendance at Council Confirm dates for President’s Visits if in November. October HO provides list  HO provides list Appoint rep Hold event in Oct or Nov  Hold event in Oct or Nov November Council approves budgets Confirm dates for AGM and/or President's Visit if in Jan, Feb or Mar. HO provides concepts for activities Submit Branch Activity Report for Br. Chair Meeting in November and advise attendance at Council Promote involvement in activities December Year end Throughout Submit request for advances as required Advise HO of activities to be undertaken and where

39 Framework: Business Planning
___________ Branch Brief Overview of Opportunities and Challenges: APEGA PRIORITY/BRANCH STRATEGY BRANCH ACTIONS BY WHEN BY WHO PROGRESS POLICY AND ENGAGEMENT ·    Engage the public on policy and education issues in which the professions can/should provide leadership under the direction of the CEO or designate o   When requested by the CEO, organize public forums or specific meetings ongoing Chair or Community Relations Coord ·     Enhance and promote the image of the professions in their communities under the direction of the CEO or designate o   Continue to provide advice and help organize the President’s visits under the direction of the Executive Group (see App 7 in manual) see App 7 in manual Chair with Member Relations Coord and Community Relations Coord o   Supporting charitable and other community-based events. Community Relations Coord ATTRACTION, RETENTION AND ADVANCEMENT OF INDIVIDUALS IN OUR PROFESSIONS ·         Engage children in K-12 by promoting math, science, technology and careers in engineering and geoscience in local schools with the support of APEGA’s Outreach and Product Services Department and Geoscience and Outreach Department. o   Work cooperatively with ASLA for in-class curriculum based presentations. Outreach Coord (rural) o   Organize Aboriginal mentoring, events during National Engineering and Geoscience Month, in-class career presentations, career fairs, judging science fairs and math competitions, science nights, science Olympics, job shadowing o   Select teacher award winners, recognize and present cheques

40 Framework: Business Planning
·         Continue our University Outreach program to 1st year engineering students that begins the discussion on the meaning of professionalism and ethics, APEGA and APEGA’s role and encourages students to sign up for the ASAP. o   Ensure that the universities and colleges allot a lecture in first year to a branch member to introduce students to APEGA and to encourage them to sign up as students. Use the “canned” presentation available and updated by the Outreach and Product Services Department Outreach Coord (excl YH, LL, VR) o   Organize mixers for students and members ·         Continue to support the APEGA Education Foundation. o   Continue to promote the golf tournament as fundraisers for AEF. Social Events Coord ·         Promote APEGA-developed standards to permit holders and individuals that help retain and advance individuals in the professions. o   Promote new Managing Transitions Resource Guideline to permit holders and members at events and casually Member Relations Coord or Women Group ·         Encourage mentoring of both MITs and PMems with the advice and support of the Professional Development Department o   Recruit, train, connect, and reward mentors and provide feedback on the program. PD Coord (rural) ·         Provide PD suited to local needs with the support of the Professional Development Department o   Lunches, dinners, PD days and evenings, webinars. o   Tours ·         Provide opportunities to network with members and the public o   Golf tournaments o   Curling bonspiels ·         Encourage those not licensed to register by promoting the value of licensure o   Employ the “What’s in it for You” brochure when asked by members the relevance of APEGA to them. All Exec ORGANIZATIONAL RENEWAL AND CONTINUITY ·     Coordinate branch activities o Prepare business plan, follow-up on activities and report on progress Aug 15/each br exec mtg/each Council Chair ·     Ensure adequate funding & oversight o Prepare budget and report to br exec on progress Aug 15/each br exec mtg Treasurer o organize audit Jan 31/ o encourage sponsorships Sponsor Coord ·         Provide two-way communications between branch members and Council under the direction of the CEO or designate. o   Start with those on the branch executive taking the role of champion for the professions in their organizations Member Relations Coord ·         Encourage members to participate in discussion of issues. ·         Manage volunteers with the advice and support of the Volunteer Management Coordinator. o  Combine with the role of the nominating committee Vice chair

41 Framework: Budgeting 2013 ________________BRANCH BUDGET Fill in only the greyed areas Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total Section I – Revenue/Expenses paid from Branch Bank Accounts Bank Balance - Start month Local Branch Revenues Event 1 * Event 2 * Other (eg bank interest) Local Branch Expenses Administration Exec Comm Network Travel & Acc Stationery & Printing Post, tele & courier Outreach (K-12) College (1st year) Mentoring Event 1 Event 2 Other (eg. Bank Expenses Net (Revenue – Expenses) APEGA Advance Bank Balance - End month * Event 1 description * Event 2 description Section II -Expenses paid by head office and allocated to branch Council (will vary by distance) Edm Calg GP (Attend? Y/N) Promotion - mailers ($1 ea.) (mark no. in the month) Annual Conference Gifts, Prizes & Awards (mark no. & description)

42 Framework: Reporting Branch K-12 UNIVERSITY PD SOCIAL EVENTS
PRESIDENTS VISIT UPCOMING Calgary PD Evening: Intellectual Property Law with Richard Stobbe and Neil Kathol, Field LLP - March 14, 2013 February 12, 2013 Visit from the President Upcoming Luncheon Energy Related Issues By Atco - April 18, 2013 Luncheon: Calgary Airport Development Program by Bob Schmitt, Calgary Airport Authority - March 21, 2013 Upcoming Luncheon Aboriginals and Engineering - May 23, 2013 PD Evening - TBD Central Alberta No Report Submitted Edmonton PD Evening: “Transformation Change: Lessons from the Field” by Dr. Marvin Washington, Associate Professor, University of Alberta Business School. - March 13, 2013 Luncheon: Practical Applications of 3D/4D Modelling, and Process Simulation in Construction” by Simon AbouRizk, PhD, P.Eng. - March 19, 2013 Upcoming Branch Executive Committee strategic planning retreat - April 26, 2013 Luncheon “The Boiling Frog Dilemma: Saving Canada from Economic Decline” by Todd Hirsch. - April 9, 2013 Upcoming Event: Private viewing of the “Rocky Mountain Express” at the Telus World of Science for APEGA members and family/guests. - May 2013 Upcoming Luncheon: “Writing Engineering Standards – Is it Worth the Effort?” by Hugh Krentz, P.Eng. - May 14, 2013 Fort McMurray Lakeland Science Olympics with 300 students from Gr February 27, 2013 President’s Visit took Place March 5, 2013 Branch AGM was held on March 27th with a new Branch Executive elected Lethbridge Outreach Committee was established at the March 19 Branch meeting Branch AGM was held on Feb. 26, 2013 and the Chair stayed the same Planning a 1/2 day workshop on "Negotiate anything - To be held in April or May Planning a luncheon for April/May to be conducted by Byron Buzunis, Urban Construction Manager - “Lessons learned on Bridge Drive Utilities Corridor Project” Medicine Hat Peace Region Engineering career panel discussion held at Grande Prairie Regional College on April 3, Six professional engineers attended, and around 30 engineering 1st year students. Upcoming Branch AGM - April 16, 2013 Upcoming Science Olympics - April 20, 2013 ASLA/APEGA Science Volunteer Recruitment Night - May 7, 2013 Upcoming Luncheon - “Centre for Research and Innovation” - date TBA Vermilion

43 Framework: Networking
Within branch exec Phone, , meeting, dropbox Between branch exec and branch members Phone, , branch bulletin, AGM Between branch execs Contact matrix, phone, , dropbox, Branch Chairs’ meeting Between branches execs and staff Contact matrix, phone, , dropbox, Branch Chairs’ meeting

44 Framework: Networking
Branch Contact Matrix 2013 Branch Chair Vice Chair Past Chair Secretary Treasurer Outreach PD Mentoring Guidelines Member Public Volunteer Calgary T.M. (Tina) Hoops, P.Eng. R. (Roghoyeh) Salmeh, P.Eng., PhD H.M. (Manfred) Czerwinski, P.Eng. Mr. A.O. (Ade) Okusanya, P.Eng., MBA J.M. (Jarrett) Dragani, E.I.T. Central W.L. (William) Thomas, P.Eng. S. (Sonny) Nagra, P.Eng. S. (Sean) Lockhart, P.Eng. N. (Niki) Burkinshaw, P.Eng. Edmonton R. (Bob) Rundle, P.Eng. A. (Aleksander) Pecuh, P.Eng. W (Michael) Oli, P.Eng., MBA, CMA M.N. (Nawaz) Panhwer, M.Eng., P.Eng. R.M. (Randy) Dobko, P.Eng. Fort McMurray M.P. (Malcolm) Edirisinghe, P.Eng. A.B.Q. (Aldous) Walters, P.Eng. A.S. (Aditya) Nookala, P.Eng. H. S. (Hariharan) Nair, P.Geol. A. (Alberto) Meza-Morales, P.Eng. J.C. (Jason) Vanderzwaag, P.Eng. Lakeland C. (Caitlyn) Kennedy, E.I.T. M.G. (Mason) Crandall, E.I.T. M. (Mitchell) Cardno, P.Eng. M. (Mansour) Osman, P.Eng. W. (Whitney) Miller A.B. (Adam) Cocks, P.Eng., A. (Abby) Ali, E.I.T. Lethbridge A. (Ahmed) Ali, P.Eng. J. (Jonathan) Assels, P.Eng. A. (Adam) St. Amant, M.I.T. J. (Jinsong) Qi, P.Eng. Medicine Hat S. (Spencer) Torrie, P.Eng. J. (James) Johansen, P.Eng. C. (Craig) Maunder, M.I.T. S. (Said) Yussuf, P.Eng. J. (John) Penrose, P.Eng., FEC G. (Gerard) Klotz, P.Eng. Peace Region R. (RaeAnne) Leach, P.Eng. K.A. (Kari) Anderson, P.Eng. T.D. (Tanis) Searle, P.Eng. D. (David) Lario, P.Eng. J. (John) Williams, P.Eng. A. (Azhar) Ahmed, E.I.T. Vermillion River J. (Justin) McCrea, P.Eng. J. (Jim) McCuaig, P.Eng. C. (Chris) Ketchum, P.Eng. D. (Dustin) Langridge, E.I.T. D. (Dustin) Wiltermuth, P.Eng. Yellowhead Staff Group

45 Meetings With Exec With Members Informal Formal (AGM)

46 Framework: Meetings Agenda – meeting with exec Call to Order
Declaration of Quorum (at least 4 members of exec) Approval of Agenda Approval of Previous Meetings Minutes Business Arising from Minutes New Business (align with APEGA’s priorities and/or the branch business plan and/or exec responsibilities) Next Meeting Adjournment

47 Framework: Meeting Agenda – formal Annual General Meeting with branch members (at least 30 days before APEGA’s AGM ( typically mid April)) Call to Order Declaration of Quorum (at least 10 voting members) Approval of Agenda Introduction of Head Table Approval of Minutes from Last AGM Business Arising from the Minutes Chair’s Report Nominating Committee Report Appointment of Exec Approval of merging of Secretary & Treasurer Positions (if required) Approval to admit non-resident member as member of exec (if required) Auditor’s Report Appointment of Auditor(s) for Next Year Appointment of Nominating Committee for Next Year Date for Next AGM Key Note Speaker (if stand alone event, not necessary if part of President’s Visit) Adjournment

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