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Tips, Tricks and Tasty Tidbits IWLA Conference 2013

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1 Tips, Tricks and Tasty Tidbits IWLA Conference 2013
Stephanie Prine Spanish Teacher Spanish Club Advisor Dubuque Senior High School Dubuque, Iowa

2 Contact Information Stephanie Prine

3 Tips

4 Tips Many of these tips and tricks are really gimmicks that help build your classroom community. They build rapport between you and your students. Really, these are just some classroom management strategies.

5 Tips and Tricks ¡Listos, listos!-- ¡Sí estamos listos! (Noah Geisel)
¡Prrrrrrróximo!– r rolling contest first (Noah Geisel) Lávate las manos (Noah Geisel) Olé ¡Qué lástima! No me digas

6 Tips and Tricks Gimme an ooooo…..ahhhhh
Repeating vocab words with funny inflections: Surprise, question, feeling sick, tired, excited, British accent, etc.. Russian accent for incorrect grammar ie) You go to house white? Fake bad words Sacapuntas Caracas Bufanda Pick whatever words are funny to YOU Kids buy what YOU sell

7 Tips and Tricks Aplausos De golf Suaves Fuertes Lentos Con los pies
En un circulo De fuegos artificiales

8 Tips and Tricks Da tu compañero… 5 21 Un codo Una rodilla
Un 5 arriba y abajo Un puño con una explosión Etc…

9 Tricks

10 Tricks—Random Grammar Tips
Para mi, para ti Ven di sal haz ten ve pon se (Vin Disel has ten weapons) Or Di Haz Ve Pon Sal Se Ten Ven– To the tune of “She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain Move Ud. And Uds. Up in the chart so all the “yous” are together Yo Nosotros Vosotros Ud. El Ella Uds. Ellos Ellas

11 Tricks– El preterito Preterit Rhymes P-Snaps and Ripples
Fantastic Prezi for preterit grouping---by Sarah Ruiz

12 Tasty Tidbits

13 Tasty tidbits are what spice up your classroom!
Games are a great way to reinforce topics from class, particularly those that have to do with vocabulary and grammar Here’s a list of what we do to spice it up at Dubuque Senior Crazy Fly Swatter Game Go Fish Memory Habla la palabra Tic tac toe Ladders Chispas Cranio Toilet Charades Bluff Tira un seis Snail Game Examples of these can all be found under the IWLA tab at

14 More Tasty Tidbits Some awesome and super tasty tidbits from IWLAs past Verb Squares (Regina Schantz) Marcas (Lisa Sobotka) Roommate Game (Regina Schantz) Piggy Bank (Lisa Sobotka) Mastermind (Lisa Sobotka)

15 Are you on Pinterest? If not, get on it ASAP
There are TONS of amazing ideas to keep things extra spicy in your classroom!

16 Make your classroom “Pintresting”
This is my “low tech” pintrest board in my classroom. (Idea stolen from Jason Noble)

17 Questions? Things to share?

18 Contact Information Stephanie Prine

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