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An Exposé: How Bank Foreclosure Fraud Transformed Leah R

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1 An Exposé: How Bank Foreclosure Fraud Transformed Leah R
An Exposé: How Bank Foreclosure Fraud Transformed Leah R. Krier December 1, 2011

2 Exposé Disclosure of facts not otherwise known, which bring to light the realities of something shameful

3 Hello – I’m Spencer C. Young
Personal: Age: 55 Married to Maria Young for 24 yrs. Sons: Michael (Duke ‘08); Kevin (Duke ‘11) & Ryan (MD ’11) Engaged to Leah Krier for 3 yrs. Son: Jackson (Age 3) Career: Banking & Corp. Finance (22 yrs.) Morgan Stanley – Created IQ® JPMorgan – Founded CMBS Citicorp Dun & Bradstreet Total Deal Experience = $30 Billion Real Estate Investor (25 yrs.) Education: Cornell University MBA – Finance (‘80) Bachelor of Science (‘78) Affiliations: Mensa – Lifetime member Intertel “ This is a cautionary tale about the devastating impact BANK FORECLOSURE FRAUD can have on people’s lives ”

4 The Astonishing Change In Persona of Leah R. Krier
Visual – It’s hard to believe the cover pictures are of the same person Emotional – And it’s also difficult to fathom someone’s emotions could change in the span of 24 hours, saying: “I love you and need you” on one day, and the . . . Next Day: “I hate you and I never want to see you again” This is akin to Yin & Yang riding an emotional roller coaster into the water . . . The Cause - This dizzying and dichotomous change in personality manifested after the culmination of . . . The Worst Bank Foreclosure Fraud in U.S. History

5 Overview The Fiancée From Hell
This Exposé reveals Leah Krier’s mind-boggling behavioral changes after being victimized in a bank foreclosure fraud, which are deeply disturbing on MANY levels, and include: Perjury – Leah now admits to lying in court filings Kidnapping – Leah has deprived her young son of a loving father Fraud – Leah filed a bogus child custody action 1,000 miles out of state, fabricating claims of domestic violence, propagating slanderous misrepresentations and orchestrating a fraudulent child support claim Grand Larceny – Leah has engaged in the brazen theft of an automobile, jewelry, furniture, appliances, paintings, electronics, etc. ($150,000 +) Bizarre Behavior – Leah’s abandonment, promiscuity & viciousness has been embodiment of evil, hence her depiction as . . . The Fiancée From Hell

6 Bank Foreclosure Fraud
The unlawful taking of real property and wrongful eviction of individuals from their home

7 The Catalyst To Leah’s Meltdown Was Arguably The Worst Bank Foreclosure Fraud in U.S. History
Real Estate: Two residences & 4 commercial properties in North Carolina & New York valued at $22 million & financed by $9 million in mortgage debt (41% leverage) Bank Lenders: Morgan Stanley, Wachovia (acquired by Wells Farg0) & Paragon Borrowers: Spencer C. Young & his affiliated corporations Credit History: Pre-fraud, Mr. Young’s FICO score was 800+ i.e., “Excellent”; personal & corporate loans were NEVER late & NEVER delinquent Legal Representation: Represented for years by top NC Law firms (Womble Carlyle / Kennedy Covington / Shanahan), yet suddenly no NC attorney would represent – ergo, the foreclosures were UNCONTESTED Eviction: Although his NC condo mortgage had been PAID-IN-FULL, Mr. Young was assaulted & evicted by SWAT team, rendering his fiancée (Leah Krier), then two-year-old, Jackson and him homeless. (Click here for more.) . . . And yet there is so much more to this scandal (click here for an overview).

8 Perjury The willful act of lying, whether spoken or in writing, concerning matters material to a legal proceeding

9 Leah Has Admitted To Having Lied In Sworn Statements In Court Papers
Hover cursor on icon & click play button for audio of Leah’s Confession On March 11, 2011 Leah Krier filed an entirely fraudulent Domestic Violence Complaint against Spencer Young. Her sworn statement said Mr. Young had: “committed acts of domestic violence” & she was “placed in fear of imminent serious bodily injury” with “reason for law enforcement to consider him a threat.” When Leah’s bogus complaint was filed, Mr. Young had been in another state 600 miles from her for over a year. Leah now admits her filed complaint was a FRAUD by saying: “I never once said you physically abused me, because you didn’t. I will never say that. I’m not gonna lie.” [Listen to audio] Sadly, Leah even LIES ABOUT HER LYING and in this instance she’s committed a felony crime of perjury, which has caused Mr. Young substantial pain, suffering & damages. Click here for more of Leah’s Big Fat Lies The corrupt cop Leah has been having an affair with Conclusion: Leah Krier is a profound LIAR – NOTHING she says can be believed.

10 Kidnapping Includes child abduction where a parent effectively “steals” a child and retains custody against the will of the other parent

11 Leah Abducted Jackson And Has Held Him Hostage & Endangers His Welfare
Prior to our foreclosure fraud victimization, Leah often waxed eloquent about the importance of a son having a father, and under no circumstances would she ever stand in the way of that – her actions now exhibit and connote profound hypocrisy. Cruelty – Leah kidnapped Jackson in February 2010, and has held him hostage from Mr. Young ever since then Reckless Endangerment – Leah often endangers Jackson’s welfare during her frequent travels as a full-time flight attendant, leaving him with strangers for up to a week at a time, as reported by the Durham Police (Click here and refer to point # 2). Deprived a Son of His Father – Leah has robbed a now 3-year-old boy of a loving father, who (for 21 months) had cared for him virtually every day of his life since birth while Leah worked. Jackson Spencer Young “I want my Daddy !!!” Conclusion: Leah Krier is a heartless hypocrite & a recklessly unfit mother

12 Fraud Intentional deception made for personal gain or to otherwise harm another

13 Leah Krier Was Party To An Outrageous Paternity & Custody Fraud
Jurisdiction Fraud – Leah went “jurisdiction shopping” in Kansas while her residency and home state was North Carolina, in violation of operative law, predicated on the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction & Enforcement Act. Constitutional Fraud – Leah undermined legal due process in seeking a venue for hearings she knew were impossible for Mr. Young to attend, or otherwise be represented at. Paternity Fraud – Leah knowingly filed a fraudulent paternity petition rife with patently false statements (click here), and has oddly refused to submit to DNA paternity testing. Financial Fraud – Leah filed for child support, despite being prepaid seven years in advance, and without having to prove paternity, nor account for over $150,000 of property stolen from Spencer Young Custody Fraud – Leah secretly sought and received full custody of Jackson Young predicated on a filed petition seeking joint custody and at a hearing Mr. Young could not attend. This ruling is NULL and VOID as the Judge had NO JURISDICTIONAL AUTHORITY. Note: Complaints have been filed against the presiding Judge and Attorney involved in this audacious fraud and their disbarment is being aggressively sought, with the assistance of the U.S. Dept. of Justice (Click here for details). What makes this audacious custody fraud so obvious is the chart comparing the attributes of Leah Krier with those of Spencer Young. Key Parameters Leah Krier Spencer Young Prior Parental Experience None Raised Three accomplished now adult sons. Education (extracurricular activities) High School (None) Cornell Univ. BS & MBA (Varsity Football) Cognitive IQ Below Average Top 1% Mensa & Intertel Criminal Record (Click here) Perjury, Larceny, Fraud, Kidnapping Child-care Availability Limited - works full time Comprehensive (24 / 7) Personal Integrity Prolific Liar Beyond Reproach Moral Values & Principles Lacking Well-Established Community Work Experience Commissioner of Basketball Youth Coaching Experience Coached Sons’ School Teams (Click Here) Conclusion: Leah Krier is a fraud & woefully lacking in character, skills & experience

14 A felony involving the wrongful acquisition of the property of another
Grand Larceny A felony involving the wrongful acquisition of the property of another

15 Conclusion: Leah Krier is a felon, a con artist & financial deadbeat
Leah Stole $150,000 Worth of Property & Also Engaged in Theft From Her Employer Here’s a list of items Leah has stolen or otherwise converted via fraud: Engagement ring – Owned by Spencer C. Young per State law Mercedes Benz S-320 – Location unknown Property Stolen From Storage Facilities: Leah reneged on $20,000 loan for her Credit Card Debt & Liposuction Click here for details on how Leah committed her grand larceny Leah also engaged in the theft of US Air beverage sales (Click here) Furniture Appliances Paintings TV & Electronics Musical Instruments Clothes & Personalties Conclusion: Leah Krier is a felon, a con artist & financial deadbeat

16 Bizarre Behavior Behavior strikingly different from accepted norms, or in stark contrast to what was previously exhibited

17 Leah’s Seemingly Bizarre Behavior Has Been Cruel & Diabolical
In addition to her perjury, kidnapping , fraud and grand larceny theft, Leah Krier has exhibited confounding behavior, beyond the pale in its underlying viciousness, for instance: Abandonment – Leah moved in with another man the day after Mr. Young was assaulted, duping him to wait for her at a hotel, while she secretly collected her evicted belongings. Smears – To somehow justify a child abduction she knows is wrong, Leah resorted to smearing Mr. Young’s psychological well-being, when in fact the converse is likely true. Dangerous Lies – Leah’s profound lying also included court filings suggesting Mr. Young possessed a gun, which put Mr. Young’s life at risk with corrupt police officers who had already tried to assassinate him in the wrongful and violent eviction (click here). Unfaithfulness – Although engaged, Leah had affairs with numerous other men, as reflected in the video titled: “My Dear Leah So Cruel ”. Added Insult – When this video was posted on YouTube, Mr. Young was contacted by people who know Leah well, who said she also had an ongoing affair with Major Charles Blackwell of the Orange County Sheriff, who headed up the violent eviction. This may explain why Leah & Jackson were out of town and Leah’s belongings were separated from Mr. Young’s when evicted . Click here to play video Conclusion: Leah Krier’s behavior suggest a cruel and diabolical nature

18 Thank You For Your Attention.
Concluding Thoughts So why bother going through Leah Krier’s vast shortcomings in such painstaking detail – “We get it, she’s a lousy person and you’ve gotten the shaft – so what?” This is more than about reinstating my reputation, maliciously sullied in the aftermath of perhaps the worst bank foreclosure fraud in U.S. history. For if banks are allowed to: Foreclose uncontested on mortgages that were NEVER in default & PAID-IN-FULL; Engage corrupt militaristic police SWAT teams to carryout violent evictions; & somehow Convince loved ones to turn against their “target”, as Leah Krier did with me . . . . . . Well then NO ONE IS SAFE. And I am doing something about this in a meaningful way as part of the Occupy Wall Street and Thrive movements, so countless others may benefit. Moreover, by exposing Leah Krier for what she has become, the groundwork is thus laid to rescue Jackson, so he may have a happy childhood and a fulfilled upbringing, as my three older sons experienced – for if Leah were allowed to raise Jackson, he’ll end up in prison. Thank You For Your Attention.

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