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A Unique New Educational Resource For Public & Private Schools.

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1 A Unique New Educational Resource For Public & Private Schools

2 Americas largest hands-on standards-based learning experience for Middle School and High School students

3 Standards-Based Curriculum Aligned to the GLEs Applies and Integrates Math * Language Arts * Social Studies * Civics * Economics * Technology Applications Gets ALL Students Excited About Learning

4 The Best Programs in America to Support Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) Education in Middle and High School. Larry Zabar, V.P., New England Council

5 Increases Student Test Scores Teaches Personal Financial Literacy Improves Student Workforce Preparedness Increases Student School Attendance Rates

6 There are 24 Exchange Cities in the USA

7 Exchange City & EarthWorks Immersive Learning Model Cost-effective, comprehensive, turn-key curriculum and simulation Unique, memory-of-a-lifetime learning experiences Outstanding curriculum suitable for all students at a grade level Aligned with state frameworks & No Child Left Behind requirements Systemic career education and workforce development Staff development and training Exemplary parent involvement

8 Welcome to Our World – Exchange City

9 Exchange City - A Remarkable Learning Lab


11 Mayors Press Conference

12 How Exchange City Works Hand in Hand with Teachers Exchange City is best suited for 5 th through 9 th Graders 7 week (30 hr) in-school program taught by the students regular teachers in their regular classrooms. Optional 2 week (12 hr) in-school curriculum in preparation for visit. The one day or two day visit to Exchange City occurs as a field trip in the 6 th week of study. Students take on roles of employees, producers, consumers and citizens. In addition to their teachers, parent volunteers accompany each class of students and participate and/or observe all activities. Exchange City Annual Site Capacity – School Year Only 15,000 9-15 year-old Students, 1,000 Teachers & 20,000 Parents

13 The Target Audience At full capacity, more than 30,000 middle and high school students will visit Exchange City and EarthWorks annually. The City is customized to reflect local institutions and businesses. Every business in Exchange City uses computers and other digital equipment as an integral part of their operations. Public and private schools participate from across the United States. The Centers facilities are used throughout the year for camps, special events, workforce training, and teacher education programs.


15 Bank Offices

16 Checking Accounts for All

17 Immediate Documented Results and Improvements Exchange City and EarthWorks Enjoy High Degrees of Business and Industry Support and Participation. Why? Because They Work and Produce Concrete, Documented and Observable Results. Students from Every Demographic and Income Level Participate and Benefit through Corporate Scholarships and Sponsorships. No Other Program More Directly Connects the Business Community to Todays Crucial Educational Issues.


19 Production Studio

20 In Exchange City, Students… Create a job resume and a job application Have a job interview Get hired as an employee in a business Put together a business plan Produce and price real products and services Plan advertising Market real products and services Calculate payroll expenses Take on accounting services Make materials purchases

21 In Exchange City, Students… Fill out business loan applications Take out a business bank loan Write radio and newspaper advertisements Design business signs and logos Create business slogans Pay taxes Pay utilities Pay rent Repay bank loan (not every business succeeds) Make payroll



24 Analysis Brainstorming Categorization Cause and effect Classifying Collaboration Communication Comparing/contrasting Computation Creative thinking Creative writing Critical thinking Data collection Decision-making Drawing/art Editing Prioritizing Problem-solving Production Proof-reading Public speaking Reading Research Self-reliance Sequencing Social skills Speaking Teamwork Technical reading Technology Writing Flowchart construction Graphing Group discussion Identifying patterns Interpersonal relationships Interviewing Listening Math Measuring Negotiation Observation Organization Program Skills Used By Students

25 Abundance Accounting Advertising Balance Sheets Banks Banking Bartering Budgeting Business expenses Business loans Business planning Business operations Capital resources Checking accounts Citizenship Campaign Campaign management Cash Career Career exploration Check registers Compound interest Consumer Cost Credit Debit cards Demand Deposits Division of labor Earning Editorials Efficiency Elections Employee Endorsement Entrepreneur Entrepreneurship Exchange rate Federal grants Friendly letters Goods Government Gross pay Human resources Income Exchange City - Program Concepts

26 Interest Investing Job Job Application Laws Letters to the editor Loans Marketing Monetary value Money Money system Natural resources Needs Net pay Opportunity cost Overdrawn accounts Partnership Personal finance Price Producer Production Profit Public service announcements Public services Purchasing Quality Receipts Reconciliation References Résumé Sales Saving Scarcity Spending Services Stock market Stocks Stock market reports Supply Taxes Utilities Value Venture capital Wants Exchange City - Program Concepts

27 Volunteer Parents Actively Involved Throughout the Day

28 Timeline of Exchange City Student Experience Four Weeks (20 Hours) of Economic Concepts Wants & Needs – Supply & Demand – Scarcity & Abundance – Resources – Government (Laws) Government (Taxes) – Goods & Services – Production – Division of Labor – Producers/Consumers Opportunity Cost – Entrepreneurship – Bartering – Our Money System – Banking – Checking Accts Earners, Spenders & Savers Two Weeks (10 Hours) of Job Preparation Writing Laws – Deciding on Exchange City Laws – Employment /Applying for a Job – Resume Writing Career Interest Inventory – Select Exchange City Job – Apply for Job – Interview for Job Personal Finance – Paychecks – Debit Cards – Business Operations – Shop Groups – Business Name Employment Information Sheets – Loan Application – Utilities – Setting Prices – Advertising Tagline for Website – Business Sign Design – Radio and Newspaper Ads – Business Accounting Inventory FULL DAY SPENT AT EXCHANGE CITY IMMERSIVE LEARNING CENTER Two Weeks (10 Hours) of Follow-up Concepts and Extension Activities Reconciling Accounts – Investing – Stock Market Reports – Venture Capital – Business Expansion Career Exploration – Reflection #1 – Observations from the City – Citizen handbook – Reflection #2 – Exchange City Memories – Thank You Notes – Letters and Feedback to City Staff – Ongoing Work


30 Newspaper Offices

31 Other Prominent Uses of Technology The Exchange City Newspaper is Published Twice a Day Accounting Department All Exchange City Businesses Have One Exchange City Bank provides Checking Accounts & Business Loans TECHNOLOGY IS EVERYWHERE


33 Production Studio





38 Its All About the Results and the Students (Improvements in Achievement) BEFORE AFTER Students with on or above grade level achievement scores…. Students with below grade level achievement scores…… Low achieving students… 60 th Percentile 81 st Percentile 48.6 Percentile 72.7 Percentile 41.7 Percentile 71.6 Percentile While the Exchange City program has a dramatic improvement impact on all participants, the MOST exceptional impact (72% improvement) is on otherwise low achieving students.

39 Its All About the Results and the Students (Improvements on Government and Finance Questions) ALL CORRECT ANSWERS BEFORE AFTER Items Relating to Government, Social Studies, Civics and Legal Concepts…. Items Relating to Math and Bank Accounting Systems as well as Checking Accounts…. 25% 67% NONE 67%

40 A RISING TIDE LIFTS ALL BOATS Teachers consistently report major improvement in classroom activity and learning results from the elevation of the skill sets of the lower-achieving students. These skill sets rise to levels comparable or better than the prior baseline scores of the better performing students so that the entire group benefits overall.

41 Testing Outcomes Economic Concept Pre-Test Post-Test UnderstandingUnderstanding Scarcity 9% 80% Laws20% 60% Taxes30% 85% Goods & Services60% 95% Wants & Needs90% 90% Production Patterns40% 95% Division of Labor35% 95% Opportunity Cost0% 60% Personal Banking40% 90% Personal Checking20% 85% Check Writing20% 80% Account Reconciliation20% 85% Making Deposits 0% 65% Post-test scores increased significantly from the pre-test scores


43 Retail Sales Activity

44 ALL Exchange City Students are… Focused Intense Serious Learning Collaborating Thinking Applying their classroom-gained knowledge Experiencing the world were preparing them for Understanding the value of being in school Experiencing what it takes to get, and have a job


46 What Students Are Saying… I learned how to effectively run a business You got to be responsible for all your actions Without Exchange City, I would not know what an accountant does I learned what it is like to own a business I learned how to write a check, deposit money and run a big shop I enjoyed the responsibility of working as an attorney in City Hall I learned how to write checks and list every transaction in the register book I learned how to run a bank…now I have to get an education Getting my paycheck was cool I was Sales Associate at the Nature Shop. Selling was a blast Now I understand the process my parents go through paying bills It was hard to be calm during the job interview I learned that to pay off the loan is not as easy as it sounds Being president of the bank was complicated yet fun I really think the bank business is what I am most interested in My number one shop was the Broadcast center because I owned it Now I see how it feels to have a real job and to work as a team I liked counting the money that was going to pay back the bank loan Now I know why my mom is so tired after working

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