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2 Agenda Company overview. Solution Overview Sample Screenshots Question & Answer

3 Business Automation.. Software & ICT enabled service provider. Focused on Computer Telephony Integration. Communication Solution partner of Intel. Solution partner of Grameen Phone. Authorized reseller of Adobe. Serving more than 200 Companies.

4 Location Located at ICT park, Kawran Bazar. City Office at IDB Bhaban, as back- up support & troubleshooting center. Liaison Office at Singapore.

5 Working in ….. CTI applications. Software development. Web based applications. e-Governance solutions. System integration.

6 Success Stories 2 solutions have been awarded as Best IT project at BASIS Softexpo 2005. 2 solutions have been awarded as Best IT project at BASIS Softexpo 2004. Successful solution provider of first e- Governance project at Bangladesh.

7 Reference projects British American Tobacco – SMS Plus SMS Plus Unilever Bangladesh Ltd. - SMS Plus Abdul Monem Ltd. – SMS Plus Kollol Group – SMS Plus AB Bank – Phonebanking; SMS banking Standard Chartered Bank - CB Insight, Loan Locator Board of Investment - e-Governance solution

8 Valued selected clients British American Tobacco Bangladesh Unilever Bangladesh Limited The World Bank Group Standard Chartered Bank Board of Investment Banglalink BTTB Investment Corporation of Bangladesh Reckitt Benckiser Bangladesh Limited AB Bank Abdul Monem Ltd.

9 For more information… Please logon to:

10 Solution Overview SMS Plus Mobilizing your organization through SMS

11 Distribution chain

12 Business requirements Least possible stock to reduce working capital cost. Balanced stock in the hand of distributors across the country. Monitoring secondary sales. Forecast the supply needs in the market. Monitoring stock flow to avoid unfairness.

13 Management challenges: Building a system to collect market data. A central automatic system to avoid mishandling. Capable of obtaining data across the country daily. Least communication & management cost for managing the system. Analytical report for monitoring, daily.

14 Constraints in data collection Infrastructure like PC, UPS, power, smooth OSs availability in the distributors end across the country. Connectivity issues like LAN, WAN, land phone, email or fax facilities to receive data. Expert human resource of distributors. Compilation of data coming in hybrid mode.

15 Road to overcome the constraints No need, as business does not need market data on urgent analysis. Wait for deployment of adequate hardware, connectivity, human resource in uncertain future when it may by available across the country. Exploring other possibilities NOW in improving business and profitability of the company.

16 SMS Plus Tool for direct data input in corporate database from anywhere. Messaging system for corporate to broadcast messages, from PC, among target groups like customer, employee, distributor through mobile. No manual process is required in sending or receiving messages; keeps all SMS logs. Option for integration; performs auto alert or push pull service.

17 Service scopes Direct data input in central database Push-Pull Service Party Balance Stock Query Sales Figure Query Message Broadcasting Alert Service Receipt confirmation Auto bounce of summery data More scope … as per clients needs

18 How does it work?

19 ROI - ? Build a system to overcome the constraints. Instant various reporting helps the management to oversee the latest update & take decisions. One time central infrastructure set up cost. Options to integrate with other back- office applications for more efficiency. Lower communication or management cost in fastest & reliable methodology.

20 Reference client Client: British American Tobacco Bangladesh Limited. Problem: Collection of the sales data is time consuming; costly and also depends on lots of factors. Solution: Daily data collection & reporting for decision making. Evaluation: Launched in Feb 2004, till today – smoothly running The data are available in next day for decision making. Has lowered the data collection cost. Gave a tool to make decision on their supply chain management.

21 Sample Screenshots

22 Workflow

23 To Grameenphone SMSC ToSMS Plus server Data receiving process



26 Outlook of the software

27 Template Manager

28 SEND SALES DATA FOR 21 st Aug05 To Grameenphone SMS server SEND SALES DATA FOR 21 st Aug05

29 Easy configuration..

30 Easy configuration..

31 Defaulter list

32 Date wise reports

33 Region wise reports

34 SKU / Product wise report

35 Export report in excel..

36 Export report in excel..

37 And more customized reports, output is Ms-Excel or integration with other software can be done as per users requirements. And more …

38 Thank You

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